What We Crave: Reviewing the Emotional Eating Summit Event

What We Crave is an Emotional Eating Summit event where a community of healthy eating advocates review the nature of uncontrollable craving urges with host Errin Smith and 35 wellness experts online.

Full Disclosure

What We Crave is an online event that tackles the issue of emotional eating.

The 9-part summit was filmed earlier in 2020. Today, you can buy access to the What We Crave summit online through, where packages are priced between $80 and $150.

Over the summit, viewers learn how to control cravings, prevent emotional eating, and change their relationship with food, helping you lose weight at any age.


What is the What We Crave Summit?

What We Crave was an online summit that took place earlier in 2020. During the summit, dozens of experts discussed food cravings, emotional eating, and how people can get control.

Over the 9-part summit, experts provided actionable advice on emotional eating and food cravings. The webinar is described as “a life-changing program” designed to give viewers “answers you haven’t found…until now”.

Some of the topics covered during the 9-part What We Crave summit included:

  • Actionable ways to make healthier, more sustainable changes to your diet
  • How to change the way you think about food, weight, cravings, and mood
  • The hidden toxins that sabotage your willpower and increase food cravings
  • How to release trapped emotions and eliminate cravings overnight
  • How to escape anxiety with a 7-minute process
  • How to eliminate your drive to eat with 4-step process once per day

The What We Crave Summit is hosted by Errin Smith. It features experts from across the health and wellness space, including medical doctors, certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and weight loss experts.

Notable names involved in the What We Crave Summit include Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Dan Pompa, Angi Fletcher, Drew Manning, Ashleigh DiLello, Rachele Brooke Smith, and Dane Johnson, among others.

The What We Crave summit is available online for $79 to $149, depending on the package you choose. You get instant digital access to the 9-part program along with various bonus guides and videos.

What Will You Learn During the What We Crave Summit?

What We Crave is a 9-part health and wellness summit focusing on emotional eating and food cravings. Over the 9-part summit, viewers learn how to manage food cravings, avoid temptation, and get control of emotional eating.

Here’s how the official website describes the What We Crave summit:

“Stress eating, emotional eating, eating disorder, and food addictions– it’s everywhere. We are slaves to our cravings. Not because we lack will power but because no one is talking about the real answers that have been hidden from us. Until now. What We Crave is intended to be a bright light that shines some serious truth on this epidemic of eating so that all of us can say … “I get it now.” So that we can break up with the shame, break up with the patterns, break up with the pain, for good.”

With that in mind, some of the specific topics covered during the What We Crave summit include:

How to Create Lasting Change with Eating Habits: The goal of the What We Crave summit is to explain that it’s possible to create lasting change – and easier than you think to control food cravings. Over the summit, experts discuss what causes emotional eating, how to identify emotional eating, and what you can do starting today to control food cravings.

How to Make Significant Differences with Emotional Eating: Experts explain how to get control over the choices you make, how often you eat, your mood and attitude towards eating, and what you think about food.

Weight Loss: By getting control of your emotional eating, you can control food cravings, avoid unhealthy eating habits, and lose weight, among other benefits.

The Root Cause of Food Cravings: Sure, you can take fiber supplements or appetite suppressants to temporarily relieve emotional eating. However, What We Crave claims to uncover and solve the root causes of eating – including stress, anxiety, built-up toxins, chemical imbalances, and emotional trauma, among other deep-hidden issues.

Overall, Errin Smith and the What We Crave team describe the summit as “more than a video series”. Instead, it’s a movement:

“What We Crave is more than a video series, it’s a movement of like minded individuals who are determined to gain back control of their health and band together to help others do the same. Our mission is to replace depression with hope, anxiety with joy and restore health to body and mind. Join us. And…Together we will beat this.”

Who’s Behind What We Crave?

What We Crave is hosted by Errin Smith and features dozens of health and wellness experts, weight loss specialists, and emotional eating experts.

Here’s how the What We Crave website introduces the team:

“You’ll hear from doctors, therapists, psychologists, researchers, trainers, and other health professionals as well as victims and survivors alike and many others who tackle the gamut of subjects that play into this unspoken crisis of health.”

Major names involved in the What We Crave summit include:

  • Dr. Zach Bush
  • Dr. Dan Pompa
  • Angi Fletcher
  • Drew Manning
  • Rachele Brooke Smith
  • Tricia Nelson

Together, these experts – and other specialists – highlight strategies you can implement to control food cravings today.

What’s Included with What We Crave?

What We Crave comes with two packages, including a Silver Package ($79) and a Gold Package ($149). Both packages give you complete access to the 9-part What We Crave video summit, although the Gold Package comes with various bonus guides and products.

Both the Silver Package and Gold Package are digital purchases. You buy the packages online, then get immediate access to either package. There are no physical products, printed guides, or other tangible items included with your purchase.

Here’s how the packages break down:

Silver Package ($79)

  • 9 videos from the What We Crave summit (online access)
  • 9 audio files from the What We Crave summit (mp3 downloads)
  • Bonus episodes (online access)

Gold Package ($149)

  • Everything in the Silver Package
  • Ashleigh DiLello Food Freedom Revolution Course
  • Shawn Wells Top 10 Supplements Guide
  • Webcast Recording House (online access)
  • Tricia Nelson Don’t Eat the House
  • Mindy Pelz Quickstart Ketobiotic Course
  • Barton Scott Mineral Deficiency Guide
  • Florence Christopher’s EFT Script and Instructional Video
  • Dr. Dan Pompa Toxic Top Ten
  • Dr. Dan Pompa Cellular Healing Diet
  • Tara Garrison’s 7-Day Total Body Plan
  • Discover Your Weight Loss Blockers
  • Postpartum Weight Loss

As you can see, these bonus guides tackle a range of health issues and wellness topics, ranging from postpartum issues to supplement recommendations and more. All of these files are delivered digitally: they mostly consist of PDF files, online videos, or digital guides.

As part of a recent promotion, those who purchase the Gold Package receive 1 live group coaching session with Bobbi Vogel. You can join a webinar with Bobbi Vogel and other Gold Package purchasers, during which Bobbi will provide personalized coaching advice to help you avoid emotional eating and cravings.

Bonus Guides and Courses

By buying the $149 What We Crave package, you get access to a range of bonus courses and products, all of which are delivered digitally immediately after your purchase. Here’s a brief overview of each digital product included with What We Crave:

Ashleigh DiLello Food Freedom Revolution Course: This course explains how you can get your freedom from food. It’s a 30-day course that explains daily strategies to manage stress and anxiety, thereby controlling food cravings. Instead of requiring you to meet a rigid set of rules, Ashleigh recommends long-term strategies that tackle the root causes of emotional eating.

Shawn Wells Top 10 Supplements Guide: The Top 10 Supplements Guide is a list of the best supplements for weight loss, food cravings, and other targeted health and wellness goals. Shawn Wells claims to use these supplements daily – and now recommends these supplements to others.

Josh Trent’s The Morning 21: What should you do every morning to control food cravings and help lose weight? In this guide, Josh Trent explains six science-based morning practices that are “guaranteed” to boost your energy and help you lose weight in just 21 minutes each morning. The book also explains Josh’s 7-day guided B.R.E.A.T.H.E. system, which teaches you how to breathe differently to build immunity.

Tricia Nelson’s Don’t Eat The House: In this guide, Tricia outlines her stress-eating survival kit for when you’re stuck at home. Many people feel the need to snack constantly when at home. Tricia explains how to combat that behavior, how to avoid tempting foods at home, and how to avoid eating out of boredom. Tricia’s strategies involve creating a feeling of calmness and strategy no matter how chaotic things get around the house.

Mindy Pelz’s Quick Start Ketobiotic Course: In this course, Mindy explains how the ketogenic lifestyle can give you limitless energy. The keto diet is no secret, but Mindy explains keto diet strategies specifically for women. These unique strategies are designed to give women better energy, a faster metabolism, and better mental clarity, among other benefits. Mindy explains her ‘Ketobiotic Reset’ program for women, where you eat and fast according to where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Barton Scott Mineral Deficiency Guide: Many of us are deficient in minerals without knowing it. This mineral deficiency can lead to immune issues, lack of energy, poor appetite control, bad sleep, and other issues. In this guide, Barton explains which minerals you may need more of, including why specific minerals can help you sleep better and lead to other benefits throughout your life.

Florence Christopher’s EFT Script & Instructional Video: In this video, Florence explains how to eliminate sugar and carb cravings, relieve food possession, feel in complete control around food, and boost your energy, among other benefits. Florence is a big advocate of eliminating sugar from your diet to enjoy all of these benefits, and she explains her strategies for a sugar-free lifestyle.

Dr. Dan Pompa’s The Top 10 Toxic Exposures In Your Life And What To Do About Them: In this guide, Dr. Dan Pompa explains the top 10 most common sources of toxic exposure that are around you every day, including the strategies you can use to avoid these toxins.

Dr. Pompa Cellular Healing Diet: Dr. Pompa’s 90-Day Menu Plan & Grocery List explains her shopping list for her cellular healing diet, including the foods you can eat to boost cellular energy, encourage your cells’ natural healing processes, detoxify the body, and enjoy other benefits.

Tara Garrison’s 7-Day Total Body Training Plan: In this guide, coach Tara Garrison, CPT, explains how she went from an out-of-shape mom to ripped within just four years. Tara left her fancy gym and stopped going to classes, choosing a more simplified workout routine instead. Today, she’s a personal trainer and helps other people experience their own fitness journeys.

Brittany Watkins’ The 7 Weight Loss Blockers: In this guide, Brittany Watkins explains seven things that are blocking your weight loss goals. Brittany claims most of these blockers are psychological, and they cause psychological addictions to food, programming your brain to overeat and making it impossible to stick to any diet.

Lizzy Swick Postpartum Weight Loss: Many women struggle to lose weight after giving birth. In this guide, Lizzy Swick, MS, RDN uses her experience as a Clinical Nutritionist to explain how postpartum health works with weight loss. The guide explains a step-by-step plan for helping women lose weight after giving birth.

Final Word

What We Crave is a 9-part video series featuring weight loss advice, food craving information, and actionable tips for avoiding emotional eating. By following the guide today, you can avoid stress eating, change your relationship with food, and lose weight, among other benefits.

The What We Crave summit took place earlier in 2020. Today, you can buy access to the summit for $79 to $149. Depending on your package, viewers get access to a range of bonus guides, training tools, and courses.

To learn more about the What We Crave summit and how it works, visit online today at

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