Top 20 Best Hair Growth Vitamins and Hair Loss Supplements in 2024

Reviewing the top 20 best hair growth vitamin supplements and hair loss treatments in 2024, plus a guide explaining the health benefits versus side effects of these solutions along with a FAQ to answer the most pressing questions about hair care health.

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Reviewing the Top Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Remedies of the Year

For both men and women, the ability to have a good head of hair is a priority for many. However, hair loss impacts millions of people around the world, usually starting by thinning in a specific area of the hair. While hair loss can impact the self-esteem of the person dealing with it, there are many solutions for consumers that aren’t ready to part with this symbol of youth.

With the innovations of the healthcare and beauty industry, supplements are available on the market that can help with this type of struggle. However, there are a few details that consumers need to know before they get into the types of products they may choose to use. While it is a the start of a new decade and hair care science, technology and research has never been stronger than it is today, there is a lot of misconception and even deception floating around the natural beauty market when it comes to taking care of your golden locks. The man bun is at an all time high, and women are still supporting the long hair don't care movement, but the truth about hair care seems to be all over the place with no direct answers or solutions in sight. Advanced Living's 2024 hair care health supplement guide hopes to change that and bring in some clarity about which vitamins promote growth and which treatments can slow or even stop hair loss from happening.

Before we jump into the top 20 best hair care health solutions in 2024, let's review who should consider buying hair growth supplements and using a natural hair loss prevention treatment.


Who Should Purchase Supplements for Hair Regrowth?

hair health supplement guide

When it comes to hair health, most consumers think that their shampoo and conditioner is enough to give their hair what it needs, and that is enough for some consumers. However, men and women that have thin, brittle, or lackluster hair may consider a vitamin that promotes growth and hair health. It could be as simple as changing the diet, but adding a supplement is substantially easier than trying to inspect the way that their diet is deprived of a specific nutrient.

For many people, their hair is a major part of their appearance, and the use of vitamin to fill in the gaps could be the easiest way to keep bases covered. Older men and women are usually the individuals that find it difficult to keep up with their hair texture and thickness, due to changing hormones. However, consumers of all ages can struggle with hair loss, due to hormonal change, stress, or even genetics.

Still, the use of a supplement is meant to promote hair growth, but it isn’t meant as a replacement for a hair loss treatment. With a supplement, consumers can create a healthy foundation for hair growth, but issues with hair loss may be better discussed with a doctor. If the consumer takes care of their hair loss with a product like finasteride or minoxidil, then they can still improve hair quality with a supplement.

How We Choose Supplements and Treatments to Recommend

best hair care supplements

To create our rankings of these top hair growth and hair health supplements, the key is to examine the science involved with each one. After reviewing scientific evidence of the efficacy of the formulas, the list was developed with the right vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients involved, as we chose remedies with a few key ingredients.

The list involves mention of many necessary ingredients, especially biotin. Biotin, after all, is known for its innate ability to thicken the hair and stimulate hair growth for a more lustrous texture. When included in these supplements, biotin isn’t just about the hair. It also has a beautifying effect on the nails, skin, and other cell growth, allowing remedies that offer it to improve the overall body at the same time.

Other ingredients that we looked for include B complex vitamins and trace minerals (zinc, iron, etc.), all of which have at least a study or two that show how they can help improve hair health. Once finding these ingredients and their supporting lab tests, we sifted through the supplements presently available on the market with the proper concentration of the ingredients.

While these active ingredients primarily determined the formulas that ranked higher, the formulas that had herbal ingredients like oyster extract, kelp, and ginkgo biloba also earned a place on the list. We also considered the purity of the remedies, as well as their clean design. Some of the supplements converted the remedies into gummies or chewable tablets, through these formulas that didn’t rank quite as high on the list.

Top 20 Best Supplements for Hair Loss and Regrowth

With these details in mind, consumers may want a few supplement suggestions. Here are some of the top supplements and vitamins on the market that help with hair quality.

Zhou Hairfluence

Zhou Hairfluence

Zhou is one of the leaders in the haircare industry for supporting healthy hair, and Hairfluence is designed to promote growth. This treatment includes many of the basic ingredients that the body already needs to be healthy, like biotin, B vitamins, and pantothenic acid. However, it also promotes strong hair with keratin and collagen, which are the proteins that makeup hair, which supports stronger hair follicles. All that consumers have to do is take two capsules a day.

Zhou Hairfluence is available on Amazon for $20.89, though consumers can save up to 15% on their purchase by subscribing to regular shipments.

Get Zhou Hairfluence On Amazon

New Nordic Hair Volume

New Nordic Hair Volume

New Nordic Hair Volume focuses on giving consumers the vitamins and minerals in a healthy dose that promotes hair growth. However, it also nourishes the strength and fullness of hair with biotin. The formula promotes normal hair growth and scalp support with apple extract, and consumers only need a take a single capsule a day to get the results.

To purchase New Nordic Hair Volume, visit Amazon, where it is available for $10.98.

Get New Nordic Hair Volume On Amazon

Naturenetics HairAnew

Naturenetics HairAnew

Naturenetics HairAnew offers a bottle of 60 capsules to center around hair growth, thanks to the use of biotin. However, it also delivers a wealth of other botanicals and ingredients to promote hair health as well, including B vitamins, pantothenic acid, kelp, ginkgo biloba, and bamboo extract. While these ingredients increase the healthy environment in the hair and scalp, they avoid diluting the formula so much that it wouldn’t be effective otherwise.

Amazon lists the Naturenetics HairAnew formula for $29.71. Right now, along with the offer of a subscription to the product that could take up to 15% off, there’s a coupon to give consumers even more savings.

Get Naturenetics HairAnew On Amazon

Tribe Nutra Hair Skin & Nails

Tribe Nutra Hair Skin & Nails

Tribe Nutra Hair Skin & Nails provides a full-beauty approach to their regimen. The treatment includes the necessary proteins that the skin and nails need to be strong and healthy while supporting the hair. This treatment is less about re-growing hair, but it provides the strength that consumers sometimes ignore in their hair to keep it looking healthy. The remedy has a full range of B vitamins, along with magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, and many herbal remedies as well.

The total cost of Tribe Nutra Hair Skin & Nails is $15.00, which supplies the user with a month-long supply of two-capsule doses on Amazon.

Get Tribe Nutra Hair Skin & Nails On Amazon

Sports Research High Potency Biotin

Sports Research High Potency Biotin

Sports Research High Potency Biotin supports the body with two key ingredients, coconut oil, and biotin. Biotin alone is available in a high concentration (10,000 mg per serving), which means that hair can regrow and gain strength, though it also nourishes the nails and skin with this protein. With one capsule a day, consumers will get the best absorption by consuming a meal with it.

Sports Research High Potency Biotin can be found on Amazon, where the total cost is $19.95 for 120 capsules. Consumers with an allergy to tree nuts may want to avoid this remedy, though it is created with a veggie soft gel capsule to appeal to vegans.

Get Sports Research High Potency Biotin On Amazon

Brock Beauty Hairfinity

Brock Beauty Hairfinity

The Hairfinity formula from Brock Beauty centers less around hair regrowth and more around taking care of the hair that one has. The treatment is fully vegan, and lab-certified, providing users with their own Capilsana Complex Proprietary Blend. While the issue with proprietary blends is the inability to know how big of a concentration consumer will find of the ingredients, it accounts for 960 mg per dose of pea protein, MSM, and horsetail herb extract. Consumers will also find a heaping dose of 2,500 mg of biotin in every two-capsule serving, strengthening the hair with the protein it needs.

Available on Amazon, consumers can purchase Hairfinity in multiple packages, starting at a 60-capsule bottle for $24.99. However, between the subscription discount of up to 15% and the ability to purchase up to 12 bottles in a single package at a reduced rate, consumers will likely save more money by stocking up while they can.

Get Brock Beauty Hairfinity On Amazon

Tress Luminous Hair Vitamins 4 in 1

Tress Luminous Hair Vitamins 4 in 1

Tress Luminous Hair Vitamins 4 in 1 gets its name from the four purposes that it is meant to be used for; renewal, re-nourishing, revitalizing, and re-growing. This remedy is filled with a long list of vitamins and minerals, which notably include biotin (500 mg). However, the formula seems to primarily rely on their Essential Renourish Activator proprietary blend, which offers unknown amounts of Atlantic kelp, pumpkin seed, nettle, saw palmetto, gotu kola, horsetail, and ginkgo biloba.

Only two capsules are needed daily, though the creators advise users to have a meal with this product’s use. On Amazon, these hair vitamins are listed for $29.95, which will provide users with a 60-capsule bottle.

Get Tress Luminous Hair Vitamins 4 in 1 On Amazon

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins

SugarBearHair was popularized with the attention of Instagram models, YouTubers, and social media influencers, but it actually provides a lot of nutrients. With herbal compounds missing, this formula only offers minerals and vitamins, though it adds sugar to make the capsules more flavorful, making it the equivalent of a picture filter for supplements. It offers biotin, like most other formulas on this list, but at 5,000 mcg. Still, the vegetarian capsules will likely attract the attention of consumers that follow this diet but need protein for healthy hair. This remedy seems to primarily target consumers that want healthier hair, rather than regrowth.

Consumers can find the SugarBearHair vitamin on Amazon at $29.98.

Get SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins On Amazon

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush focuses on promoting increased hair strength while putting the hair in “recovery” mode. While this formula includes many of the daily vitamins and minerals that consumers need, like vitamin A and Folate, it also includes a fairly low dose of Biotin at 150 mcg, compared with the other formulas on this list. Still, consumers should be able to get some support from the Proprietary Hair Stimulating Blend, which includes nettle, pumpkin, gotu kola, L-lysine hydrochloride, and kelp. This blend also includes keratin, but it is hard to see the impact that this treatment might have on hair regrowth without knowing how much keratin the user gets.

The Ultrax Labs Hair Rush remedy is available on Amazon for $59.98, which will give consumers enough of the product to last through a whole month.

Get Ultrax Labs Hair Rush On Amazon

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies

The Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies focuses on supporting the current health of their hair, skin, and nails, but without promoting the regrowth of hair. The formula includes biotin at a concentration of 2,500 mcg per serving, as well as 100 mg of collagen, which is naturally found in the skin and bones.

When purchased through Amazon, consumers can get this formula for just $7.00, which supplies them with 80 gummies. Considering that the daily dose is just two gummies a day, consumers will be able to take themselves through over a month at less than a quarter a day.

Get Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies On Amazon



Finasteride has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for its ability to treat hair loss. The formula is incredibly strong and was originally developed for the purpose of treating enlarged prostates but was discovered as a way to help with hair loss as well. Only available as a prescription, there are some men that find themselves with mild to moderate side effects.

Generally, finasteride is not covered by Medicare and insurance plans for hair loss, but it may be covered as BPH.

Rogaine Foam (5% Minoxidil)

Rogaine Foam (5% Minoxidil)

The Rogaine Foam formula offers a compound called minoxidil, and it was originally developed to treat an entirely separate condition. Still, as researchers created, they found that the remedy helped with hair regrowth as well. It is one of the most popular names on the market for hair regrowth, and it is known for its ability to specifically treat the balding spots on the top of the head, which is also known as vertex balding.

While Rogaine is approved by the FDA, it is available without a prescription and can be found on Amazon for $47.94, providing users with a three-month supply. A four-month supply is also available, though it is presently out of stock.

Get Rogaine Foam On Amazon



Folexin is a relatively natural solution, potentially fighting the genetic, environmental, and hormonal causes of hair loss with nutritional support. Much like the ingredients in the supplements, this formula includes biotin to promote hair strength and nails, though it isn’t pure biotin, so its effects aren’t quite the same. The formula also uses an ingredient called Fo-Ti that has been known to nourish gray hair in Chinese culture. Other natural ingredients to create a healthy texture as well.

The formula can be found on the official website for $24.95, though there are several package options available to reduce the cost per bottle.

Get Folexin On Amazon

Hair Growth Support + by Nuzena

Hair Growth Support + by Nuzena

While Nuzena is relatively new, Hair Growth Support + uses natural support to remedy both hair thinning and hair loss. The company uses scientific research to back up their benefits, but the website clarifies that the formula cannot treat or cure any medical condition involving balding.

The official website has the Hair Growth Support + remedy available for $35.00, though consumers can use the ViaBill program to pay for the treatment with monthly payments of $9.00 until the cost is covered. There are also multi-packs available if consumers want to save on the cost per bottle.

Get Nuzena Hair Growth Support + On Amazon

Nizoral A-D Shampoo

Nizoral A-D Shampoo

The Nizoral A-D Shampoo is a topical remedy, which primarily helps to treat dandruff. However, hair loss can be caused by the same fungus that creates dandruff, which is why this product is on the list. The active ingredient in this treatment is ketoconazole, which fights inflammation in the scalp to create a healthier environment for hair regrowth.

Consumers can purchase Nizoral A-D Shampoo on Amazon, though it is sold by third-party sellers through the product page.

Get Nizoral A-D Shampoo On Amazon

TruePure Biotin Serum

TruePure Biotin Serum

TruePure Biotin Serum is another topical treatment on this list, though it has a history of improving the condition of the hair. The treatment promotes stronger hair follicles, using red clover, caffeine, and other ingredients to activate the hair’s health. Though the remedy includes biotin, it isn’t pure, and it is meant to focus on thinning or balding hair.

This serum can be found on Amazon for $24.75, though there’s presently a coupon that consumers can apply on the order to save on their investment.

Get TruePure Biotin Serum On Amazon

PureBiology RevivaHair

PureBiology RevivaHair

PureBiology RevivaHair is a shampoo that specifically targets two things; “growth-stimulating & anti-hair loss.” With natural oils and extracts, consumers get the benefit of two separate proprietary complexes to support the health and thickness of hair. To get the desired benefits, the user needs to massage the shampoo into wet hair and scalp, leaving it to soak into the follicles and hair for about a minute before rinsing it out. It could take up to three months of daily use to truly see effects, though maintenance only requires two to three applications a week.

PureBiology RevivaHair is available on Amazon for $14.90, and consumers that act quickly may end up with access to a lightning deal for this price. Typically, the website offers the formula for $27.95.

Get PureBiology RevivaHair On Amazon

HairMax Prisma 9 LaserComb

HairMax Prisma 9 LaserComb

The HairMax Prisma 9 LaserComb is unique on this list, as it isn’t actually a supplement. Rather than using biotin and botanical ingredients, this device uses laser lights to stimulate the hair follicles to increase hair growth. The product doesn’t have much scientific evidence to support its effectiveness, but it is less invasive than swallowing capsules to promote growth.

This device is available on Amazon for $199.00, so it is a little pricier than the other options. However, it also doesn’t need to be refilled or replenished, reducing the long-term cost.

Get HairMax Prisma 9 LaserComb On Amazon

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge uses caffeine as the active ingredient in their topical treatment, stimulating the hair follicles with this energizing ingredient. Along with caffeine, this formula includes ketoconazole and saw palmetto as well, reducing the possibility of dandruff and the production of DHT.

The treatment promises to increase hair thickness and scalp vitality from the first time that it is used, though it needs to be left in the hair and scalp for up to two minutes before they rinse it out. It should be used five times a week to get the desired results.

The total cost of Ultrax Labs Hair Surge on Amazon is $59.95.

Get Ultrax Labs Hair Surge On Amazon

Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy

Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy

While there are multiple shampoos on this list, Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy is the only conditioner on this list. This serum promotes hair growth and includes the use of both biotin and niacin, along with many other ingredients that are known for reducing hair loss. As it is a topical formula, the treatment will only work for as much as it can absorb into the hair.

Consumers can purchase this conditioner on Amazon for $24.58.

Get Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy On Amazon

That concludes our top rankings list of the best 20 hair care supplements for promoting new hair growth and preventing hair loss. Now let's examine the benefits of using products designed to help hair grow naturally and slow down the process of losing it as we age.

What are the Benefits of Using Hair Care Health Supplements?

hair loss

Choosing the right supplement can help consumers to deliver the vitamins and nutrients to their hair to ensure that it is strong, healthy, and grows faster. The primary goal of many of these supplements is to promote growth in the hair and to change the hair’s strength. However, the other ingredients involved can offer benefits to the rest of the body as well.

Biotin is the biggest ingredient found in many of these remedies, and for good reason. According to a review article by D.H. Rushton at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, a lack of biotin in the body tends to be linked directly with hair loss. Theoretically, introducing the body to a new supply of biotin could help to promote thicker and stronger hair, since it would reduce the deficiency. There are even multiple studies to support this idea, but it isn’t enough to be proven.

High-quality hair supplements often supply the body with other nutrients that it needs on a regular basis or other functions. To prevent hair loss, many supplements increase the amount of iron in the user’s diet, though this substance also helps consumers to reduce their risk of anemia and help to support necessary iron levels in the body for healthy blood cells. B vitamins are also a crucial nutrient to the metabolism and energy levels, though they are found in high abundance in these supplements because individuals with hair loss tend to have a deficiency in B vitamins as well.

These types of formulas often support hair health with zinc, copper, and pantothenic acid, but these ingredients are linked to more than just hair health. Zinc is needed in the body to promote a healthier immune system, though it is even linked to treating the common cold and improving memory retention. Copper, while also linked to the body’s immunity, promotes better collagen production for a more youthful appearance while reducing inflammation. Also known as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid is considered to be “one of the most important vitamins for human life,” according to, as it supports blood cell creation and helps convert the foods consumers eat into energy.

Side Effects of Using Hair Supplements

side effects hair loss

Though there are many ways that these types of supplements help with both hair health and the body overall, there are still some risks associated with it. Mostly, the ingredients involved aren’t typically attached to harmful effects, even with high concentrations. Biotin, even with 200 mg a day in the body, doesn’t cause health issues, and the same can be said of pantothenic acid.

Zinc and iron, despite being necessary minerals for the body, are attached to some potential health risks. High amounts of iron can negatively impact consumers with hemochromatosis, which is a condition that causes iron to collect in the body and cause damage to other tissues.

In some consumers, these hair growth supplements have reported headaches, stomach cramps, and skin breakouts. However, these effects are more commonly associated with the herbal ingredients involved, and it is hard to identify which ones cause this effect. Consumers should make sure they find formulas without botanicals that they may have an allergy to or that they know causes them any of these difficulties.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing a supplement, most of these details should help consumers to find the right formulas. However, here’s a few questions that consumers may want to know the answers to before they find a new product.

Q: Are non-biotin hair growth products still effective?

A: Biotin is practically a staple of hair growth vitamin supplements, which is because of how effective and supportive it can be. All of the supplements on this list contain some sort of biotin if they are focused on regrowth. It is possible to make a home care solution, but the supplements on this list will likely have greater effectiveness.

Q: Are there health supplements that work for nail and hair growth?

A: Surprisingly, the majority of hair growth vitamins promote nail growth and even skin health with the same ingredients that nourish the hair. Brittle, fragile nails often need the same nourishment that hair does, so the vitamins can help improve these issues.

Q: Which vitamin is best to promote hair growth?

A: Everyone’s struggle with hair loss is different, and there’s no remedy that services everyone at the same time. Still, remedies that are high in biotin are often the best options, and there are no known side effects of its use. Biotin also promotes the production of keratin, which is a protein that is found in its greatest abundance in hair and nails. There is also alot of attention on silica and sulfur being great for growing a healthy head of hair.

Q: What is the best vitamin for consumers dealing with hair loss?

A: Much like the answer for hair growth, consumers should seek out remedies that have a high concentration of biotin.

Q: Can vitamins improve the rate at which the hair grows?

A: There is little evidence to suggest that hair will grow faster with the use of vitamins, but there are a few reasons behind this lack of evidence. Hair growth is difficult to measure in the first place, and the change will likely be quite small. Since hair tends to grow a little differently from person to person, the ability to prove how quickly hair will grow with these supplements is next to impossible.

Q: How long do vitamins and supplements take to show results in the hair?

A: It should take a few days for the effects to reach their maximum levels in the body, but the condition of the hair can take a little longer. The effects start at the roots, so consumers that want to see a faster effect on the rest of the hair may want to choose shampoos and oils to help.

Q: Why is biotin important to hair care health?

A: Biotin is known primarily for its ability to support the structure of hair and nails. With a deficiency in biotin, consumers have a weak structure in their hair and nails, and most women who struggle with hair loss also have low biotin levels. While the mechanism behind it is unclear, the effect is obvious.

Hair Care Health Supplement Guide Summary

There are many vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy, full, and strong hair, but having deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to hair thinning and loss. Taking a supplement can improve the health of hair for better thickness and better scalp health. The evidence supporting these supplements may be circumstantial right now, but the supplements above can create the hair quality needed to retain confidence and feel like your best self. For more intense treatments, consumers may want to choose one of the medications above that have been approved by the FDA.

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