About Advanced Living

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Advanced Living is about optimizing our human health universe. All of us only have one life cycle opportunity this time around, might as well make the best use of it.

Advanced Living recognizes, acknowledges and understands man as a measurement of all things. Advanced Living is all about curating the creative essence, embodying the luminescence of life and showcasing the quintessence of being.

AdvancedLiving.com exists for the anti-anti-aging culture.

We age, get over and after it already. Time's-a-tickin.

The word “anti” means to be against, opposed to something; in this case AGING. Advanced Living is ALL about AGING gracefully into your golden years without fears.

The word “advanced” means ‘to be ahead in development or progress, NEW and NOT YET generally accepted'… yet.

The word “living” means the pursuit of a lifestyle of a specified type (aka Advanced).

Advanced Living stands up for the truth about aging optimally.

From the organic origins of our baseline beliefs to concrete concepts, the beautiful act of maturing masterfully, wising up wonderfully and getting older gracefully, aka aging, should be celebrated, not criticized. We take the question of “why do we age” and embrace, own and accept its natural nature as a whole. From father time, to mother nature, you and us – to understand the dynamics this is the secret to living an advanced lifestyle.

At AdvancedLiving.com, quality is the ultimate priority. Where the fountain of youth is not a magical elixir, yet a golden formulaic recipe where it takes the sum of the whole to work versus ‘treating' isolated individual parts.

Whole Body, Holy Health

While none of the health research, supplement analysis and wellness enhancement guides found on AdvancedLiving.com should ever be taken as professional advice under any circumstances; Advanced Living operates on three core components when it comes to outlining, overviewing and optimizing how to be harmonious with your body, mind and spiritual soul system:

  1. trust

Respect is earned, not given. Trust is an ongoing, reliable, unbreakable bond our platform and team does not take lightly in maintaining a valued relationship with our readership. In order to win over all natural health enthusiasts and wellness enhancement advocates, trustworthiness is at the top of the charts for what we strive to accomplish.

2. transparency

The world's culture is moving fast; from fads to trends to market demands, we now live in a world where authenticity is a luxury. Integrity and honesty is what we strive to live by in everything we produce and publish as a Live Healthier team. In addition, this website will contain referral links that we may earn commissions on. This does not change how the research and review process works. All possible recommendations are vetted to establish credibility and rapport, then build a relationship based on reputation and quality of goods, products, services and programs. Any proceeds that may be received generally go back into advancing the Advanced Living wellness movement further by supporting the team and site growth.

3. timeliness

It is not easy to stay up to date with all of the advancements in medical studies, innovative new discoveries or changes in relevant scientific literature that may have profound implications and potential impacts on man's optimal livelihood.

Timing can mean everything in life. Be in the moment, catch the wave, ride the trend, grow in demand, shoot the shot of all shots; whatever it is, it's all always special. More attention needs shared and more awareness needs spread on the right things in life. Staying ahead of the curve will get on your last nerve if you do it all the time. It will run you rampant in an age where notifications, inboxes and refresh buttons frequent our daily (hourly) lives. Saving time via automation is a form of modern medicine in a high-tech globally-connected world. Advanced Living aims to do that alpha alchemist style. The alpha + alchemist way is all about the best transformation you can actively do, be and have.

To say ‘everything we do is for you' may sound cliche, but the takeaway is we in this together.

If there was a forth “T” about Advanced Living's media portal philosophy, it would most certainly be about the #TEAM. The Advanced Living team feeds fuel into the mission of spreading whole body health and wellness via news, reviews and guides.

Advanced Living and Lifestyle Enhancement

In 2020 and beyond, advanced living will become synonymous with lifestyle enhancement.

While lifestyle and enhancement may differ in opinion to you, in plain English it means – improving the value and quality in the way which you live.

  • One thing we all know for certain; change is inevitable.
  • finding the cutting, bleeding, leading-edge of health trends is not an easy equation to calculate, solve and then follow up on.
  • timing is of the essence; staying locked-in with focus fortitude, having discipline due diligence to do the research, analyzing the insights to form good intel all take time.

In an age of short attention spans and headline-depth understandings, obtaining knowledge of what it actually takes to be healthy and Live Healthier in an era dominated by off-pocket opinions, blind-belief biases and contradicting data points is not as simple as it should be. The Internet is an amazing blessing, but not everything found online is real just in case you needed a friendly reminder.

Through honest investigations and unprejudiced knit-picking, the Advanced Living research team's health guides and wellness reviews will help lead to light and liberty when it comes to aging as we seek the most popular supplements, high-demand product categories and trending topics of impactful interest.

After all, it’s only our health on the line. What could be more important than your well-being?

Advanced Living: Making Art from Wherever You Start

No matter where you're starting point is; whether surviving, striving or thriving, we must research from outside of the box first before we begin to color in the lines and shade in the truth. Remove the fabricated fluff, hush the hypothetical hype and stay in context of actionable analysis that provides intelligent insights about what’s moving and shaking inside the natural health and wellness world.

Active men and women all over the globe are seeking the truth about innovative lifestyle tips, hacks and guides but only have very few credible resources to gain truthful direction about wholesome optimization of you, your well-being and body.

Advanced Living focuses and fine tunes on the following:

  • longevity rejuvenation and regeneration
  • healing energy
  • trending topics
  • superfoods and supplementation
  • nutrition, food, meal plans, dieting and fasting
  • detoxification and cleansing
  • breathing and breathe-work (nostril breathing vs mouth breathing)
  • wellness enhancement programs and health products
  • fitness, stretching exercises and workouts

It's safe to say, it's time to flip the script on aging and what it means to live an advanced life. Welcome to Advanced Living, your home for health is thy wealth with a touch of style that will make you smile.

The story of how we started following an Advanced Living lifestyle is releasing soon. Be sure to follow, comment and subscribe to receive updates about the new Advanced Living foundation to experiencing a higher quality of life and ultimately a pathway towards peak performance and prosperity.

Advanced Living’s team page, editorial page, advertising disclosure and policy disclaimers can all be found here. The Advanced Living social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all actively maintained and monitored.  You can also reach out to us regarding any topical health subject or give us a news, supplement or review tip.

In closing, welcome to Advanced Living's wavy world of wealthy wellness. Remember, what happens in the body stays in the body, it's time to start applying the ‘out with the old, in with the new' approach towards living a healthy, advanced lifestyle.