How Does Advanced Living Do Product Research?

The world of health is the most fascinating element of life itself. Without well-being and healthy energy levels, advanced living can be a tall task to tackle when enough stressors are stacked up against you. Staying up to beat with the latest trends in technology or scientific studies is not easy in an era of medical innovation and longevity insight. New, steady streams of wellness-centric products and programs are becoming available every week now.

Advanced Living applies the find, formulate and figure it out follow through rotation process when it comes to conducting investigative, consumer-minded, answer top questions first approach research that forms reviews of various health supplements and wellness products in a wholesome way.

By following trending news daily or keeping tabs on the latest updates in the health industry, Advanced Living's biggest priority is to provide well-researched background context and supporting materials for understanding the news, review or guide at-hand optimally.

Why does Advanced Living Review Supplements?

The word supplement means to enhance, or be an extra option to something that completes it when added to the whole. In the case of health supplements, only a $50 billion dollar annual industry, taking dietary nutritional products is almost a way of life in the 2020 decade and beyond. Because the word natural, organic, fresh, pure and the bunch are overly used to where it seems nothing is the opposite of those, Advanced Living wants to review all sides of the research to give a big picture to small path to better understanding the product, program or health-enhancing gadget we seek out to write informative articles for all to see.

By finding select supplements to research, review and even recommend (full disclosure – we receive rewards for purchases made from links found on this website), the goal is to stay ahead of the trendy, high in demand components of ‘advanced living'. To remain trustworthy with full transparency, be authentic, genuine and honest, assume any link clicked on this website could result in a small commission earned. This does not effect the way the find and formulate phases of the Advanced Living research team's process, as the goal is to always remain unbiased and neutral just stating the facts as presented from the official company websites and major retail platforms where the product may be offered as well.

The world of health supplementation is moving fast in 2020 and beyond, with so many options to choose from its not only hard to know WHAT to take, but WHO to buy from or HOW a product is sourced, manufactured and shipped to you. Most of the nutritional supplements or diet programs we detail will try to be specific on ingredients analysis and give a breakdown of the claimed benefits as well as the dosage amount per serving. There will also always be an effort to include any and all relevant medical studies and supporting scientific literature that is in association with any outright claims made.

Advanced Living reviews supplements for one primary reason. Wellness Enhancement. WE. If we are interested you may be interested, if you are interested we may be interested. Getting in front of the new supplement discoveries or trending health products is a specialty we love to strive for in the new 2020 decade. Advanced Living stands for wholebody wellness enhancement; between diet (food, meals, nutrients), fitness (exercise, workout) and supplements (extra optimal options), it is one of the major three pillars of health today.

While nutritional food consumption and healthy physical activity doing heart pumping, body stretching, productive movements are as vital as any piece of the pie, supplementation is all about using high-quality ingredients from reputable sources and offers.

Advanced Living hopes to key on the right products for the right purpose, help by doing the research upfront and helping formulate an easy to read flow process that assists in your research process.

By taking the time to accurately aggregate and discard the waste to craft a complete, curated collective amount of information gathered from the most credible sources found online is why we write content that helps tie the macro and micro of the topic or product at hand into a “know more than you did” approach when visiting the Advanced Living domain.

In order to accelerate the optimization of our human health universe as the Advanced Living goal is said to be, earning, funding, raising or referring is fundamental to the well-being of the foundational infrastructure we are trying to attract. To run and support a website, servers, and dedicated team of driven researchers, editors and publishers, there must be additional means to make it work to keep quality as the priority but have integrity, transparency and user-safety with open visibility on how we may generate a reward if clickthroughed on a link contained within the review. There is an emphasis on only working with companies and product providers directly, not relying on third party vendors or middlemen. This ensures all money back guarantees are in tact as well as knowing the product is a real version of it versus a knockoff product.

Advanced Living will always put the best effort into researching every major question pertaining to the item, good or service being reviewed. From researching all quality aspects of a brand's integrity, user feedback, full ingredients listing and label accuracy, independent third party lab test results with verifiable certificate of analysis visible or meeting industry standards, Advanced Living wants to go beyond the me too reviews of just hype filled claims of fluff puffery and highlight the unique features and showcase the primary benefits versus just giving the price and availability only. Every review will outline the pricing and cost per product option as well as decipher whether or not free trial options are in the picture (which are often dangerous or risky to enter into a monthly autobilling shipment process). As mentioned, there will also be great attention to detail when it comes to analyzing supplement facts and every single one of the ingredients found in the product's formula. This is arguably the most important element to Advanced Living's supplement review research process, given that this is what will have the great potential impact on actually positively influencing your health and wellness for the better.

In closing for now, the motto don't trust, verify comes to mind in regards to why Advanced Living picks and chooses trending health and wellness topics of interest to review. Whether you prescribe to either of these sayings, there is only one way to be healthy; skate to where the puck is going or out with the old and in with the new.

Either one, both, but never neither, Advanced Living is your 2020 health and wellness awareness guide that has high hopes of helping you optimize your health universe as a human body and beautiful being.

For more information about our research process, make sure to read the about page along with the how we rank and be sure to see our full affiliate disclosure and reach out directly with any questions on our contact form.

Advanced Living media publication will follow the gameplan of focusing on core aspects of living an advanced lifestyle:

  • health supplements (ingredients, dosage, company reputation, testing proof)
  • wellness guides (what is and how to tutorials)
  • trending news stories and headlines (current events, medical discoveries)
  • best ranked and top rated products for each popular category of nutraceuticals
  • diet programs, meal plans and food recipes
  • fitness training, coaching programs, workout exercises
  • cannabis, CBD, hemp, marijuana and the green rush medicinal era
  • survival, emergency preparedness, medical alert and home defense systems
  • business, wealth, financial investing and even cryptocurrency (bitcoin)
  • personal development tips and self growth biohacking tricks
  • mental awareness, emotional well-being, hormonal balance
  • handy, useful gadgets and high-tech items such as wearable devices and fitness trackers
  • apps that promote fasting, drinking water, sleep, activity, nutritional eating regimens etc
  • and most importantly, you. User-first, consumer-driven, helpful and informative peer reviews

From work to play, wealth to health, family to survival, gadgets to wearable technology, Advanced Living wants to research, review and recommend all things designed to enhance, supplement and advance your life.