metaboost connection

MetaBoost Connection: Reviewing Meredith Shirk’s Fat Flush Belly Blaster

Fitness training company Svelte has released a new diet and fitness program called the MetaBoost Connection. The program can be used on your digital...
The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Plan: Reviewing Kimberly Clark’s 30-Day Challenge

The Mediterranean Diet is a 30-day challenge promoted online and purchasable on the official product website. Diets surrounding The Mediterranean Diet have existed for many...
slim cycle

Slim Cycle: Reviewing the Fitness Exercise Bike Research

Slim Cycle is an “As Seen On TV” exercise bike with resistance bands. The bike claims to be a two-in-one fitness tool, allowing you to...
best n95 anti-pollution face mask for coronavirus

Top 10 Best Face Masks of 2020: Anti-Pollution Clean Air Breathing...

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the world. Many people are protecting themselves by buying N95 face masks. Coronaviruses tend to spread via...
korehealth fitness company

KoreHealth: KorePulse, KoreSphere, KoreScale, KoreTense, KoreSurge, KoreForce

KoreHealth is a health and fitness company offering smart scales, vibrating massage balls, home gym workout resistance bands and exercise straps. The goal of KoreHealth...
pentagon fit

PentagonFit : Reviewing the SmartWatch Fitness Tracker Research

PentagonFit is a fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate to help you better lose weight. The product is similar to other popular devices...

PowerFit PowerLegs: Reviewing the Foot Vibration and Leg Massage System

PowerLegs by PowerFit is a powerful leg and foot workout machine that works by combining vibrating massage therapy with patented acupressure head oscillation that...

PowerFit Elite: Reviewing the Whole Body Vibration Machine Workout

Get a Slim and Firm Physique With A Single Accessory? PowerFit Elite is a trending whole body vibration machine that features fitness expert Johanna Sambucini...

Airofit Respiratory Trainer System: Reviewing the Research

Respiratory health is a major key to general wellness. A healthy respiratory system can help all organs and parts of the body to get...
pandemic preparedness survival life

Survival Life Pandemic Preparedness: Reviewing the Research

When a major pandemic hits the world, it is always natural for consumers to panic. But once the initial panic passes, questions persist. How...