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Top 10 Best Multivitamins for Kids in 2020

One study finds that nearly one-third of the children in the United States take vitamins. The study further points out that those who are...
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Probio-Lite: Reviewing Golden After 50’s Easy Acid Reflux Fix

Probio-Lite is a nutritional supplement that claims to reduce acid reflux using probiotics. The supplement is being heavily marketed online through websites like, where...
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Top 20 Best CBD Oils in 2020: Hemp Cannabidiol Product Guide

As the cannabis and cannabis oil-infused hemp-derived product market continues to expand, consumers are often confused at the sheer variety and quantity of different...

Coronavirus Supplements: Wellness Safety Tips for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to sweep across the world, some people are turning to supplements. There’s no evidence that supplements can treat coronavirus symptoms...

Most Popular Supplement Scams: Avoid Common Fraud Practices

The supplement industry is home to some amazing companies. It’s also home to plenty of bad companies. Bad supplement companies illegally advertise health benefits. They...

FDA Regulation for Dietary Supplements and Nutrition Products

Although the supplement industry has exploded in popularity in the last decade, not all supplements are created equal. The prevalence of scams, faulty products,...

ScalpMED: Reviewing the Hair Regrowth Treatment Research

ScalpMED is a hair growth system for men and women that claims to improve the health of your hair, helping it regrow. Millions of men...

LCR Health TeloGenesis Supplement: Reviewing the Research

TeloGenesis is a nutritional supplement that claims to provide advanced support for your cells. TeloGenesis is made by a company called LCR Health, which describes...
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Sculpt Nation Burn Fat Burner: Reviewing the Research

Sculpt Nation just launched a new marketing campaign for its Burn fat burning supplements, including Burn Fat Burner and Burn PM. Burn Fat Burner is...
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Truvani Immuno-C Organic Vitamin C: Reviewing the Research

The immune system serves one of the most important functions in the complex organ that is the human body. Immune function can mean the...