Bowflex Max Total: 2020 Fitness Workout Exercise Machine [Review]

The Bowflex Max Total allows consumers to get in all of their cardio while watching workout videos on the built-in tablet. The machinery is available through the official Bowflex website, and consumers can request assistance for its setup.

What is the Bowflex Max Total?

Getting in shape requires a strong commitment, but the changes in diet are only half the battle. Consumers may be able to shed a few pounds, but, toning the muscles requires some commitment. While going to the gym or on a run can help, having equipment readily available in the home can help consumers get in a workout whenever they need it.

The Bowflex Max Total offers a combination of both a stepper and an elliptical machine to create a unique approach that keeps consumers interested in their routine. The user can choose one of the regular workouts that are already programmed into the device, or they can create a regimen of their own that caters more specifically to their preferences.

As the user works out, they’ll be able to track their workouts in real-time and will qualify for rewards. Plus, the Bluetooth-enabled tablet lets the user playback their favorite movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. This wireless connection can also connect smart devices, including heart rate monitors.

Consumers don’t just get the Bowflex Max Total equipment with their order. They will also receive:

  • A free subscription to Bowflex JRNY for a year
  • Virtual coaching
  • Individualized workouts

The machine offers 20 different levels of resistance to match the user at any fitness level, regardless of whether they are just starting or highly experienced. The machine allows consumers to work out their upper and lower body at the same time, activating more muscles than with a bike, treadmill, or stair stepper alone.

Purchasing the Bowflex Max Total

The total cost of the Bowflex Max Total is $2,799.00, according to the official website. Right now, the website has a promotion that states that users can apply the promo code GIFT19  to receive both free shipping and free 552 dumbbells with their purchase. Consumers that may not be prepared to set up this product in their home can pay an additional $169.00 for someone from Bowflex to come and do it for them.

To protect their equipment, consumers have their choice of a protection plan. Still, the purchase comes with a 90-day warranty for labor and a three-year warranty for the frame and parts.

If there are any additional questions about the Bowflex Max Total, consumers can speak with the customer service team by calling 800-618-8853.

Pros of the Bowflex Max Total

There are many benefits to purchasing the Bowflex Max Total, starting with the reduced time needed to get in a good workout. The elliptical features a low-impact motion, allowing consumers to get a total body workout in as little as 14 minutes or less.

The friendly virtual coaching is another plus, Consumers will have guidance with every workout, supporting them through their fitness goals.

Consumers will also find that the simultaneous workout with the arms and legs at the same time, which creates a more intense workout. While this could be a con, the low-impact design makes the workout easier on the joints without sacrificing its effectiveness, making it more of an advantage.

Cons of the Bowflex Max Total

The main con about this product is the price, however, there’s an option on the website to make payment plans so anyone can make the purchase. Plus, since this is a low-impact machine, consumers that want to burn more calories will have to work out for longer.

Bowflex Max Total Conclusion

Determining whether the Bowflex Max Total is a good purchase for a consumer will depend on the goals of the user. If the customer needs low-impact workouts to accommodate injuries, but still wants an all-in-one routine for their cardio workout, then the Bowflex Max Total is a good fit. However, if the consumer wants a lower price and prefers to have the accountability of attending a gym, then the product may not meet their needs.


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