Supplements Revealed: Watch the Documentary Film Movie Trailer Now

Supplements Revealed is a brand new 9-part documentary film that details a once-in-a-lifetime movie plot on everything you need to know about the health and wellness supplementation industry.

Full Disclosure

Supplements Revealed is a 9-part documentary series launched online by Revealed Films.

The series teaches anyone how to get relief from their health problems and feel better naturally with no prescription drugs or side effects.

“Discover shocking facts about supplements (good and bad) that are being kept hidden from you by Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and even by the supplement industry itself – straight from the world’s leading experts on supplements,” explains the trailer introducing Supplements Revealed.

You can view a trailer for Supplements Revealed on the official website. The first episode of Supplements Revealed is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 18, at 9pm EST.

Let’s take a closer look at what Supplements Revealed is, what you’ll learn, and what the company is trying to inform you about the hidden dangers lurking in the $50 billion dollar annual industry that the dietary supplement business has grown into over the years.

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What is Supplements Revealed?

Supplements Revealed is a series of 9 informational movies discussing the truth about nutritional supplements. Specifically, the creators of Supplements Revealed claim that supplements can provide “relief from your health problems and [help] to feel better naturally – with no prescription drugs or side effects.”

The series has a conspiratorial tone, suggesting that “Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and even the supplement industry itself” has hidden the truth from you.

The series also argues that it’s hard to find reliable information about supplements online. So many websites are trying to sell you supplements no matter what, for example, and are willing to advertise any health benefits to do so.

Now, Revealed Films wants to reveal the truth about supplements. To do that, they interview the world’s leading experts on supplements.

The movie is led by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, CEO of Revealed Films. Gentempo, a chiropractor, describes the movie as “the most thorough collection of commentary, debate and research on supplements that has ever been compiled.” He also claims it’s one of the most important documentary projects he has ever completed:

“Supplements Revealed is one of the most important documentary projects I have ever done. Why? Because by training, I am a healthcare provider. My career has been dedicated to helping the patients who trust me to find solutions to maximize their health potential.”

Why Trust Supplements Revealed?

Lots of websites promise to give you the truth about supplements, only to turn around and sell you another diet pill. What makes Supplements Revealed different? Why should you trust this company?

Well, one major difference is that Supplements Revealed does not own a supplement company or sell its own supplements, which means they can present unbiased information without worrying about conflicts of interest.

As the official Supplements Revealed website explains:

“We do not own a supplement company or sell our own supplements, so we can present an unbiased exploration into the subject without a vested interest in the outcome.”

However, every episode of Supplements Revealed seems extremely supportive of nutritional supplements. The episodes feature interviews with people who claim to have cured various diseases with supplements, for example. It also features people who claim supplements and natural medicine are the future, and that modern medicine isn’t necessarily the cure.

As far as we can tell, Supplements Revealed does not feature interviews with anyone arguing against supplementation on the trailer but will likely feature someone fighting for that cause. It's highly likely given the nature of the Supplements Revealed film not to present both sides of the equation. It's safe to say it’s certainly an unbiased documentary series as the credibility of the health supplement movie makers is one that is not hard to validate due to their forward-facing narrative and all star line up of cast contributors all speaking to their individual insights and personal experience inside the nutritional supplement industry.

What Will You Learn in Supplements Revealed?

Across the nine episodes, Supplements Revealed will answer all types of supplement-related questions, including:

  • Am I taking the right supplements for me?
  • Am I getting good value with the supplements I’m buying?
  • Can supplements really replace my prescription medication?
  • Is there a better manufacturer or brand that I don’t know about?
  • Can I get high quality supplements while still saving money?
  • Can I trust Amazon ratings for supplements?
  • How do supplements really work in my body?
  • Do I need to take supplements constantly, or can I take occasional breaks?
  • Can I get what I need just from my diet?
  • Is the money I spend on supplements paying off?
  • Are there supplement marketers gaming the system for personal profit?
  • Is CBD a good supplement? Or is it just another fad in the supplement space?
  • Can I trust what supplement marketers tell me?

If you have ever wondered the answers to these questions, then Supplements Revealed may be the right documentary series for you.

The documentary series also promises to address specific health concerns. You’ll learn how supplements can treat foggy brain, joint pain, tiredness, chronic illness, low testosterone, muscle soreness, decreasing sport or physical performance, muscle fatigue, digestive problems, and more.

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Supplements Revealed List of Episodes

We already know basic details behind each of the nine episodes in Supplements Revealed. Here’s an overview of what to expect with each episode:

Supplements Revealed Episode 1

The first episode of Supplements Revealed will feature Steven Gundry (former cardiologist, professor, and author), who talks about reversing auto-immune disorders, reducing patient dependence on medication, and canceling joint replacement surgeries. It also features Jayson Calton (PhD in Biomedical Science and Human Nutrition), who describes how environmental toxins are draining us of micronutrients, and that we need supplements to support our health. There’s also Bryan Haycock (Exercise Physiologist), who describes how the supplement industry is better-regulated than many people realize. The episode concludes with an interview with Mira Calton of Calton Nutrition, who describes how stress depletes micronutrients and fatty acids.

Supplements Revealed Episode 2

The second episode features Evan Demarco (Director of Market Development at KD Pharma Group), Ann Shippy (Functional Medicine Physician and former Chemical Engineer with a PhD in Biomedical Science and Human Nutrition), and Carli Stein (Founder and CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals). The three experts talk about autoimmune disorders, including how the FDA might target autoimmune supplements in the future.

Supplements Revealed Episode 3

Episode 3 of Supplements Revealed features Kellyann Petrucci, best known as the creator of the Bone Broth Diet, who believes bone broth supplements provide minerals and collagen that many people lack. The episode also features Shawn Wells, who talks about how proprietary blends are a form of “profiteering” for supplement companies because they allow companies to add 1000mg of the cheapest ingredient and 1mg of the active ingredient without changing the label. There’s also Tim Skwiat (MEd, Pn2, CSCS, and Director of Scientific Affairs at Biotrust), who targets outlandish claims made by supplement companies, especially with regards to proprietary formulas. The episode concludes with Ben Cote, Director of Brand & Connectivity and Neurohacker Collective, who describes the importance of returning the body “to a state where you upregulate your system so that you are working at a higher resilience.”

Supplements Revealed Episode 4

The fourth episode of Supplements Revealed features Dr. Edward Group, who was always taught that natural medicine was “witchcraft” and junk science and that pharmaceuticals were superior; today, he’s a leader of the natural health movements and claims supplements allow you to “become in charge of your own body” while allowing the body to heal itself. The episode also features Robert Craven (CEO of MEGA Food), Jane Barlow Christensen (Master Herbalist and owner of Barlow Herbal), and Trevor Cates (a Naturopathic Doctor and founder of The Spa Dr).

Supplements Revealed Episode 5

The fifth episode of Supplements Revealed features Chris Shade (founder of Quicksilver Scientific), Greg Horn (CEO of Specialty Nutrition Consulting), Buck Rizvi (Founder and CEO of RealDose Nutrition), and Tina Anderson (CEO and Co-Founder of Just Thrive Probiotic). All four discuss the benefits of supplements at targeting various diseases within the human body.

Supplements Revealed Episode 6

Episode 6 includes Tyler Lebaron (Founder of Molecular Hydrogen Institute), Patrick Sullivan Jr. (Chief Edutainment Officer and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Health), Loren Israelsen (President of the United Natural Products Alliance), and Trina Felber (Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics).

Supplements Revealed Episode 7

Episode 7 includes a discussion from microbiologist Kiran Krishnan, who describes that germs aren’t always bad because “our bodies are designed to work in tandem with important healthy bacteria” and that “the more barriers that we put up between us and the microbial world, the more we suffer eventually.” The episode also includes Jonathan Hunsaker (Founder of Organixx) and Jonathan Lizotte (Founder of Designs for Health Inc.).

Supplements Revealed Episode 8

Episode 8 features James Lavalle (RPh, CCN), an integrative medicine experts who sees “all of healthcare…moving towards the value of lifestyle, dietary supplements, nutrients.” The episode also includes interviews with Grace Liu (PharmaD, AFMCP, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and former pharmacist) and Dr. Anna Cabeca (MD, OB-GYN).

Supplements Revealed Episode 9

The final episode of Supplements Revealed, Episode 9, features Dr. Terry Wahls, who previously worked as a physician at a university in Iowa. Dr. Wahls treated her own MS “and went from being wheelchair-bound to living an active, productive and healthy life” with careful supplementation. The episode also includes Ben Greenfield (Fitness and Nutrition Expert) and Tom Aarts (Owner of Nutrition Capital Network).

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Who Created Supplements Revealed?

Supplements Revealed was created by a film production company called Revealed Films.

Key figures of the company include Dr. Patrick Gentempo, an entrepreneur and chiropractor who left a successful diagnostic technology business in 2011 to pursue filmmaking.

There’s also Jeff Hays, a filmmaker and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of filmmaking experience. He has previously worked with Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank, while his documentaries have been short-listed for Academy Awards. His best-known health documentaries have included Bought, Doctored, and Undoctored.

Revealed Films, Inc. is based in Park City, Utah. In addition to Revealed Films' Supplement Revealed documentary, the company has also released Vaccines Revealed in 2016 as well as Money Revealed in 2019. Now, the Supplements Revealed 2020 is their latest project set to put a much needed spotlight on the health supplementation sector.

When Will Supplements Revealed Air?

The first episode of Supplements Revealed is scheduled to be released on February 18 at 9pm EST.

The first episode will be available online for 24 hours before being replaced by the second episode. All nine episodes will be released over a nine-day period starting February 18.

How to Watch Supplements Revealed

Supplements Revealed is available for free online through

Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you’ll receive links to view the documentary series as it airs.

You can watch a five-minute trailer preview that gives a good glimpse as to what to expect the film will be about and the sincere approach it takes to revealing the supplement industry's hidden truths.

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What’s the Catch? Why is Supplements Revealed Free?

How is Supplements Revealed free? After entering your name and email address, you will receive marketing information from the company.

You can also sign up to receive SMS messages to receive notifications pertaining to the release of Supplements Revealed movie, although it’s not required.

It’s unclear how Supplements Revealed will share information with third parties – if at all. You can view the full Revealed Films privacy policy here.

FAQs About Supplements Revealed

Q: When does Supplements Revealed air?

A: The first episode of Supplements Revealed is scheduled to air on February 18 at 9pm EST. Each episode will be up for 24 hours before being replaced by the next episode.

Q: How much does Supplements Revealed cost?

A: As far as we can tell, Supplements Revealed is free to anyone – just enter your name and email address to receive a link to the documentary series.

Q: Who created Supplements Revealed?

A: Supplements Revealed was created by a Park City, Utah-based filmmaking group called Revealed Films, Inc.

Q: Will supplements cure my illness or disease?

A: Supplements Revealed suggests that certain supplements can cure certain illnesses or diseases. However, it’s illegal for supplement makers to advertise this information.

Q: Which symptoms will I learn to treat with Supplements Revealed?

A: Supplements Revealed specifically mentions all of the following symptoms as things that could be treated with the right supplements: foggy brain, joint pain, tiredness, chronic illness, low testosterone, muscle soreness, decreasing sport or physical performance, muscle fatigue, and digestive problems.

Q: Is Supplements Revealed unbiased?

A: Yes, No, Not really? Which one is it? Supplements Revealed claims to offer an unbiased look at the supplement space. However, if virtually every expert interviewed in the series argues in favor of supplements over modern medicine and pharmaceuticals – which side will the documentary fall on? This will make for an entertaining movie about the health supplement industry that everyone should be locked in on come February 18th.

Final Word

Supplements Revealed is a nine-part documentary series created by Revealed Films. The series will answer common questions about supplements, including how they work, which supplements are best, and why you can’t trust certain groups to tell you the truth about supplements.

The first episode of Supplements Revealed is scheduled to be released on February 18, 2020.

You can sign up to watch Supplements Revealed for free just by entering your name and email address into the online form at

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