Best Air Purifiers 2020

Top 23 Best Air Purifiers: 2020 Consumer Review Rating Guide

Poor air quality leads to poor health. You breathe constantly, which means your body is constantly exposed to airborne pollutions. Today, many people use air...
Sweet Freedom Detox

Sweet Freedom Detox: Reviewing the Sugar Craving Addiction Guide

Sweet Freedom Detox is an eBook by Cindy Corbin that teaches you how to end addictive sugar cravings and reclaim your health once and...
Keto Virtual Summit

Keto Virtual Summit: Reviewing the Online Masterclass Diet Course

Keto Virtual Summit is a free online event scheduled for June 25 to 27, 2020. During the event, 27 top weight loss and nutrition experts...
Fatty Liver Miracle

Fatty Liver Miracle: Reviewing Earl McKinney’s 5-Step Holistic Solution

Fatty Liver Miracle is an eBook that claims to holistically treat fatty liver disease and reverse its dreaded side effects in as little as...
Whole You Healing Detox

Whole You Healing Detox: Reviewing Danette May’s 3-Day Health Cleanse

The Whole You Healing Detox is a book that claims to teach readers how to completely cleanse and re-balance their body, mind, and emotions. The...
The GUT solution

The Gut Solution: Reviewing the 12 Ways To Repair Your Leaky...

The Gut Solution is a documentary series airing online in June 2020 at 8PM EST. The documentary series claims that it may help you better...
4 Your Health Review

4 Your Health: Reviewing the All In One On-Demand Health Program

4 Your Health is an all-in-one health platform featuring doctors, nurses, recipes, fitness classes, and more. You sign up for the platform, then access various...
The Parkinsons Protocol

Parkinson’s Disease Protocol: Reviewing Blue Heron Health & Jodi Knapp’s Guide

The Parkinson's Protocol is an eBook that claims to help readers to better manage symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Also known as The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol,...

7 Day Jumpstart: Reviewing Danette May’s Fitness Workouts and Meal Plans

7 Day Jumpstart is a book by popular wellness expert Danette May that highlights healthy anti-inflammatory recipes, fitness exercises, and other therapies to help...
Pelvic Floor Strong System

Pelvic Floor Strong System: Alex Miller’s Pelvic Muscle Bladder Health

The Pelvic Floor Strong System is a total core training system that claims to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor can weaken...