The GUT solution

The Gut Solution: Reviewing the 12 Ways To Repair Your Leaky...

The Gut Solution is a documentary series airing online in June 2020 at 8PM EST. The documentary series claims that it may help you better...
4 Your Health Review

4 Your Health: Reviewing the All In One On-Demand Health Program

4 Your Health is an all-in-one health platform featuring doctors, nurses, recipes, fitness classes, and more. You sign up for the platform, then access various...
The Parkinsons Protocol

Parkinson’s Disease Protocol: Reviewing Blue Heron Health & Jodi Knapp’s Guide

The Parkinson's Protocol is an eBook that claims to help readers to better manage symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Also known as The Parkinson’s Disease Protocol,...

7 Day Jumpstart: Reviewing Danette May’s Fitness Workouts and Meal Plans

7 Day Jumpstart is a book by popular wellness expert Danette May that highlights healthy anti-inflammatory recipes, fitness exercises, and other therapies to help...
Pelvic Floor Strong System

Pelvic Floor Strong System: Alex Miller’s Pelvic Muscle Bladder Health

The Pelvic Floor Strong System is a total core training system that claims to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor can weaken...
Returning to the gym

Returning to the Gym After the COVID-19 Coronavirus: Tips & Guide

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic forced gyms around the world to close. Now, gyms are reopening with new safety measures. Gym life won’t be the same...

Mindvalley WildFit: Reviewing the No-Diet, No-Exercise Health Program

WildFit claims to improve your health and fitness with no changes to diet or exercise. You can sign up for WildFit online for $699. The...
Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough: Reviewing the Targeted Spinal Release Program

Back Pain Breakthrough is a guide that shows consumers how to alleviate back pain using stretching and other physical movements. You can only buy Back...

Back In Action: Reviewing Kimberly Clark’s Back Pain Relief Program

Back In Action is a health and wellness system that claims to relieve back pain by using one simple sleep stretch to do right...
Fasting Transformation Summit Review

Fasting Transformation Summit: Reviewing Dr. David Jockers Event

Fasting Transformation Summit is an upcoming online event scheduled for May 11-17, 2020. The online event will explain the benefits of intermittent fasting, including how...