Roman: Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis & Subscription Service?

For a long time, matters of erectile dysfunction are issues of older men. However, the number of young men experiencing the condition is growing, and most are not willing to get the adequate healthcare. This border on the stigma that comes with having erectile dysfunction.

What Is Roman Subscription Service?

Roman is an online medical service platform that diagnoses and offers a medical prescription for ED through a confidential service. The application is the brainchild of Zachariah Reitano, a software developer with a history of erectile dysfunction. His experience with ED led him to develop the first application that tackles men's health issues while educating on the matter of ED and making it less shameful.

How Roman Works For Erectile Dysfunction

The first step within the app is for the screening of whether you have ED or not. That will involve a confidential online diagnosis process with the site's licensed pharmacists. The stage will include the user giving a background of their medical history and answering questions on their symptoms and other health-related conditions.

With this information, the physician does a review of your symptoms and prescribe the drugs on offer on the app. Any user can be prescribed ED medication that will range from oral inhibitors which include Viagra and other generics of its kind. Each dose will vary depending on the drug and patient condition.

However, each dose will cost $2 to $62. If you are conditions is not suitable for telehealth services, the doctors might recommend additional lab tests before any treatment request happens. As of now only residents of New York, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and Washington. Additionally, the packaging is done discreetly before the free shipping by the Roman Pharmacy Network can happen.

Is Roman The Answer?

The firm has received press attention over the past, and much of it comes from the fact that the concept is unique. The online pharmacy relies on the shame surrounding seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. With their platform, they have created a safe channel for young men to seek services they are not willing to try at the physician. And with some men struggling with the condition the app could be more prominent in the future.

Additionally, Roman is helping more men become aware of their health conditions. It is common knowledge that most men would not consider going to see the doctor as a matter of their sexuality. Statistics also show fewer men than women would visit the hospital over a two-year period. That makes it a sad case especially if the condition goes unchecked due to the shame of seeing the doctor. As a result, Get Roman is acting as a confidential doctor where it encourages users to acknowledge their symptoms and seek medical attention.

Roman Cons

Unfortunately, the Get Roman health app is not all it promises to want to solve. For starters, the service does not accept health insurance. That means every payment has to be from your wallet. Additionally, the prices are a little bit exaggerated for a reasonably new application. The consultation and prescription can drive the price to $63 a pill, and this is expensive for most of the population. Most of these would go to the fancy packaging involved rater than the cost of the actual medication.

Also, Roman is facing stiff competition from well-established telehealth services that have more advanced features like video consultations with doctors. Although Roman does have a private messaging platform for queries, it does not fulfill the feeling of a more personalized experience. Some already do deal in drug delivery although Roman is unique since it's the first app dispensing Viagra to users.

Roman Verdict

While Roman does not aim to replace doctors entirely, their services intend to provide a sort of telemedicine platform. On the other hand, their medical field in men health is still unexplored, and Roman has the potential to take over this opportunity. Furthermore, they can disrupt the ED drug market by offering a safer online alternative to ED medication. All-in-all, applications such as Roman do not put an end to hospitals and doctors. Your physician is a vital aspect of excellent personal health care. Instead, these services are out to complement and improve the quality of our ailing healthcare sector.

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