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Alanine: Powerful Amino Acid Benefits & Side Effects Information


Building protein is one of the most vital functions in your body. A non-essential amino acid known as alanine is actually responsible for helping your body build significant proteins. When it comes to metabolism in the blood, alanine is one of the most imperative nutrients. As it becomes synthesized, it is absorbed into our liver and then becomes converted. Glucose production and blood sugar management would be nearly impossible if it wasn’t for this compound.

One of the major reasons why many use alanine supplements is to treat hypoglycemia to reduce the damage that can be caused by low blood sugar levels and insulin shock. The function of this supplement is nearly immediate. It works quickly to attempt to release glucose into your bloodstream, which improves your health pretty fast.

It is also capable of reducing your chances of developing kidney stones and improving your overall immune system functionality. Because of its multiple applications, alanine has quickly become one of the go-to supplements in orthomolecular medicine when treatment is necessary.

There are many reasons why your body might be short on alanine, but the main one is usually bad nutrition, like a low protein diet. The environment which you live in can also add to the lack of alanine in the body. Even stress can affect it. Add all of these factors into play and it’s pretty likely that you are alanine deficient.

Alanine Benefits

Alanine is known for its ability to interact and play a major role in many functions in the body. One of the biggest reasons why this supplement is frequently used is because it has the ability to improve muscle growth as well as increase your body’s overall metabolism.

Alanine works really fast after being absorbed into your liver and becoming converted. Your body can perform at a much higher level because the energy derived from alanine is readily available as soon as you take it. Because of this, alanine is widely used amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts to achieve many personal performance goals.

Many toxins which can end up in your body can actually be chemically neutralized by alanine. This means it’s a powerful weapon which can improve your immune system. This same toxin neutralization can also help to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, thus improving your health drastically. Additionally, those who have low blood sugar levels can also greatly benefit from alanine since it can aid in glucose production by helping other amino acids.

According to various studies, the chances of developing an enlarged prostate can also be reduced through the use of alanine. This condition can cause severe pain and problems during urination, so those who might be suffering from it should definitely give alanine supplements a chance. Another use for alanine is to reduce the gland tissue of your prostate, which in turn can help treat prostate cancer. This has actually been done pretty regularly by many doctors.

Because of its many abilities, alanine has been used by many doctors as orthomolecular medication to prevent and treat many different illnesses and conditions. The previously mentioned ability to influence blood sugar levels and ability to reduce prostate gland tissue size makes it a perfect candidate for preventing prostate cancer, not just treating it.

The studies that show alanine’s excellent ability to improve your immune system point out that alanine is able to do so by reducing inflammation in your body. Furthermore, its presence in the body reacts in a positive way with so many different functions that ultimately it becomes a great stabilizer across the whole human body.

It turns out the secretion of insulin in the pancreas also has a relationship with alanine presence in the body, as verified by research done in 2002. Alanine has a positive impact on diabetes because it can increase the excretion and production of glucose as long as it is allowed to react with alanine.

This basically improves the metabolism of glucose which leads to the ability to eliminate most of the symptoms related to diabetes. The end result is that alanine is able to reduce many complications which can lead to secondary conditions due to diabetes. Overall, this can greatly improve the quality of life for diabetic patients.

Another study was able to prove that alanine has other positive effects on the human body. Alanine leads to an improvement in your fitness abilities, especially if it is added to exercise. It can also improve your ability to deter cardiovascular health problems. This was concluded after 400 individuals were given alanine supplements and placebos to test this theory. The group which was taking alanine supplements was able to show much lower fat levels in their blood and they also showed a better response when asked to exercise.

Another way to increase your muscle growth rapidly is by adding protein supplements to your diet whenever you are ready to hit the gym, which is what many athletes do if they want to gain muscle mass quickly. The protein dissolves in their bloodstream quickly and is able to repair muscles swiftly. The thing is that alanine can provide the same results just as easily and safely. So there is no reason to supplement with protein if you prefer alanine.

Possible Alanine Side Effects

The number one concern for supplementing with alanine is its ability to cause fatigue, faintness, and prolonged muscle atrophy. However, these side effects only occur if an incorrect dosage of the supplement is observed. As long as you ensure that the amount of alanine that you take is within proper limits, these side effects should not be an issue.

Alanine has very strong hydrophilic properties. This means that it can be easily cycled and washed away with water. Because of this, it is not suggested to cook foods for a long amount of time or soak them in water if they are high in alanine content. The most common sources of alanine are proteins like fish and beef. These proteins are recommended for consumption in order to get your daily dose of alanine.

Recommended Dosage

If your weight is between 100 lbs to 200 lbs, then the recommended daily dosage of beta-alanine is 2 to 5 grams. If your weight is over 200 lbs, you should start at 6 grams and only increase it if you do not see any results. Do not take more than 7 grams of alanine per day. It is also suggested to split your daily dosage into many smaller doses per day to avoid experiencing paresthesia, a tingly or burning sensation, which is possible if you take a large dose of beta-alanine.

Alanine Summary

Alanine brings tons of different benefits to the table. In many cases, it is a better alternative to protein supplements when wanting to improve your muscle growth because it also offers other benefits like improving your immune system, reducing the possibility of developing kidney stones, reducing the risk of developing heart disease, treating enlarged prostate glands, and even preventing prostate cancer.

If you are able to give your body all of these improved benefits while gaining the muscles that you want, then why consider taking a different protein supplement that isn’t capable of all of this?

If you are a diabetic, alanine can also help you with some diabetes-related problems. Secondary conditions which are related to diabetes can be drastically reduced through the use of alanine supplementation.

We always suggest that you talk to your doctor whenever you plan to take any supplements. Alanine is in the same boat. While it offers many different benefits, it might not be the best choice for you depending on your medical history. Your doctor will be able to determine if there are any risks for you which can be associated with alanine supplementation.


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