Capillus Laser Caps: FDA Cleared Hair Regrowing Therapy Hat?

Balding or hair loss has always been a shameful experience for most men. Whether young or old, the experience of hair loss can have an impact on your confidence and in large, your lifestyle. However, some innovations can help fight hair loss and even regrow your hair to become more robust.

What Is Capillus Laser Caps?

Capillus is a laser therapy system that uses low-level laser frequency to energize hair follicles and help them grow. The device looks like the typical hat or cap but has an inside helmet of laser lights. The laser diodes emit light which is absorbed by the hair skin and converted to ATP energy. The ATP energy is then utilized to promote cellular functions within the hair follicles cells. As a result, the cap enhances better quality hair growth and reverses hair loss within users.

What To Expect With Capillus Laser Caps

With the full Capillus package you should expect a laser cap, a carrying bag, AC adaptor and a rechargeable battery. The cap acts as a laser helmet, and the user gets to wear it for a period, and the energy of the low-level laser promotes hair growth through the follicles. The concept behind the cap is the use of many laser lights with the same wavelength, much like the laser pointer light from the local department store. Currently, there are three kinds of caps: Capillus82, Capillus 272 Pro and Capillus 202. Each has a different number of laser diodes for various levels of results. The laser caps will retail at a price rate of $899, $1,999 and $2,999 respectively through the product's main web page.

On the other hand, the Ac adaptor allows for the recharging of the cap whenever you are in motion. You can easily plug in your cap adaptor to wall plugs and go on with your laser session. The rechargeable battery is essential whenever you are on the move or not near a power source.

Capillus Laser Caps FDA Cleared Hair Regrowing Therapy Hat Pros

As an innovative item, Capillus promises to offer excellent results for its users. A significant benefit the cap promises is to reduce hair thinning. The cap emits a red laser light which will promote healthy hair follicles. The light also promises to treat pattern baldness or in scientific terms androgenic alopecia. That is the main aim of the cap, and they expect it to become popular among men experiencing the condition.

Also, the Capillus cap aims to improve the general health of your hair rather than only prevent hair loss. That means the cap will require regular use to sustain a healthy looking scalp. Apart from that, the laser helmet cap is an excellent complement to other hair loss treatments.

Capillus Laser Caps Cons

Although Capillus is presenting a practical hair-loss solution, it does not accommodate all hair loss kinds. The laser cap works mainly for those with a genetic hair loss condition. If you experience pattern hair loss, the cap is also an excellent option to treat your disease.

Additionally, people with dark skins are not an ideal candidate for the cap. That is primarily due to the skin melanin which is more prominent in more people of color. It is worth noting that darker skin acts make it harder for the laser light to penetrate the skin and accelerate hair growth, making the cap less efficient.

Is Capillus Laser Caps Effective?

Although Capillus promises exponential hair growth, much of it is hype. No detailed research ascertains that the laser cap could regrow hair in a bald person. The claim to offer a 51% increase in hair growth was based on research by a third party organization on shaved scalps. That makes it more suspicious since the cap claims to focus on bald instead of a shaved head.

Additionally, the product is only FDA cleared, meaning there is still research needed for the product to prove if it can deliver the expected results. And based on user reviews, I doubt the cap could live to the expectation. Furthermore, there are similar FDA approved lasers devices which offer much better results at a lower price and fewer laser lights. In conclusion, I would ascertain that most of the testimonials are overblown and this makes the device a rather lousy investment for those experiencing hair loss.

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