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8 Best Beard Oil Brands 2018: Improve Growth, Shape & Style


If you think that maintaining your beard today is a difficult task, imagine doing so without all the different cosmetic products that are available for your convenience. Back in the day, beard care products simply didn’t exist.

Today there are hundreds of different products that you can utilize to make your beard an artful creation. There are many different retailers that sell these beard products with different scents and formulas which are specifically designed to target all sorts of beard types.

Herein lies the problem. With so many exceptional products dedicated to your beard, how can you make a good decision to ensure your beard looks as good as you do? Fortunately for you, we are here to help.

Top Beard Oil Brands To Improve Growth, Shape & Style

Here is our list of the best beard oils on the market. See which one is the perfect choice for you.

Bearded Bastard

Don’t be fooled by their name, Bearded Bastard is an amazing product with a variety of different application types. They have many choices that you can make to ensure your beard is scented the right way and looks just the way you want it to. They have a formula for practically every type of a beard out there.

Each of their beard oils is unique in one way or another, but we have noticed a few commonly used oils. Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and argan oil seem to be the oils used as a base for most of their products.

This combination of base oils is pretty ingenious. It allows Bearded Bastard to give you the benefits that each of these oils can bring to the table. Jojoba is known for its ability to moisturize and keep your skin from becoming dry underneath your bear, grape seed oil and sweet almond oil offer amazing antioxidant properties that will ensure that your free radical balance is in check, and the argan oil is very well-known for its ability to fight acne. Combing all of these delivers a truly exceptional product.

Mountaineer Brand

There are many different scents that we all enjoy, but if you are looking for that truly masculine, deep, and rich scent that will separate you from the others then Mountaineer Brand is probably your best bet. Their primary base oils are grape seed and almond oils. Both of these are able to completely protect your precious beard from the severe and harsh conditions of the elements. Furthermore, there has been some research done on grape seed oil which speculates that it has the ability improve hair growth. This research is only limited to rats, but perhaps it extends to humans, as well.

One thing that many forget to mention is that sweet almond oil also has a unique ability to reduce the visible scarring which occurs due to past acne development. Luckily, sweet almond oil is a base for Mountaineer Brand, as well.

Although this product delivers many benefits and unique properties, it is lacking in one department: acne. If you have frequent breakouts or many ingrown hairs, Mountaineer Brand doesn’t actually contain many ingredients which can fight this problem successfully.

V76 By Vaughn

Chris Vaughn is known as one of the most famous celebrity barbers in the world. He has worked with famous people like Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, and Tom Brady. He also happens to be who designed this fantastic product. V76 beard oil has a very specific application purpose. It was manufactured to be used on short, very thick, and close-cropped facial hair.

The biggest difference between the formula of this oil and other oils on the market is that the base is made from very pure, top of the line, exotic oils.

The carrier oils used in the mixture are canola and olive oils, but the addition of various unique and exceptional herbal extracts and ingredients that are somewhat extraordinary is what separates this product from the rest.

The only question we have to ask is “do all of these exquisite ingredients actually work?” Well, that entirely depends on how much faith you have in Chris Vaughn.

Another clear difference between V76 and most traditional bear oils is the scent. While other oils generally offer more of a musky and masculine smell, V76 has a rather light and somewhat floral scent to it. It’s very clean and exotic.

Beard Czar

Ah, a product made for a Czar, surely its super effective. If simple and straight is your definition of effective, then yes, this bear oil is on the right track. Beard Czar is made from 100 percent pure and natural argan oil from Morocco. This oil has been a key element in cosmetics and cooking for many centuries.

The best thing that argan oil has to offer is its uncanny ability to combat acne and pimples. Furthermore, the same properties that make it an excellent acne combatant also make it a perfect emollient for rough, irritated, and dry skin. So you can definitely expect well-moisturized and soft skin after using this beard product.

If you are looking to avoid all that extra jazz and use simple yet effective beard oil that really works, then Beard Czar is a great choice. However, if you are seeking a bit more in the fragrance department or maybe some special properties to get your hair under control, this might not be the product for you.

In addition to great beard oil, this company also makes supplements which are designed to promote facial hair growth. While these might be beneficial for some who need a bit of extra volume, there actually isn’t any real evidence of this supplement being effective, so be careful.

Honest Amish

If there was one product that could deliver absolutely everything your beard could possibly need, it would be Honest Amish. This company doesn’t just produce oil for your beard, this stuff is packed with exceptional vitamins and naturally hydrating fats. They chose to use stuff like avocado oil and pumpkin seed oil. There is even apricot kernel oil used in this formula.

Of course, there are also some base oils being used as well, like jojoba and argan oils. The reason for using both of these is no secret; they are amazing moisturizers and beard oils that don’t use them are definitely missing out.

Including a few essential oils gives Honest Amish that light yet very crisp scent which has become exceptionally popular among many who use beard oils. It is truly a unique product.

Besides the standard oil that Honest Amish offers, there is also a scent-free version. This oil is packed to the brim with exotic oils which add a lot more complexity and richness to the oil while creating a texture which is super unique and can’t be compared to any other oil on the market.

Without a doubt, Honest Amish is one of the top picks for anyone seeking to improve the condition of their facial hair and improve the way they look at the same time.

Detroit Grooming

If sweet almond oil is what you seek, then this beard oil is for you. Detroit Grooming is made in well-known Detroit, Michigan, and delivers a super masculine scent which is often described as somewhat woodsy.

As we have mentioned earlier, almond oil is the perfect choice for those who have seen some acne action and have been left with a few scars here and there. Additionally, this oil is an excellent moisturizer, so Detroit Grooming is a great choice for those of you who have itchy or dry skin underneath your beard.

Yes, it’s not as filled to the brim with various ingredients that are designed to protect you from everything under the sun, but the sweet almond oil does have some pretty powerful antioxidant properties which should be more than enough to ensure your beard is resistant to the elements.

Leven Rose

If you have dedicated years to your beard and have one of the longest beards on the block, then Leven Rose is probably a pretty good choice for you. This oil uses two of the best-known ingredients for facial hair, argan oil, and jojoba oil. The combination of these two oils will ensure that your skin is silky smooth and fully moisturized. Additionally, these two oils will also make your beard seem thick and add a shine like no other.

Some people can’t stand the fragrance that certain beard oils deliver, and if you are one of them then the original Leven Rose is the best choice for you since it contains no additional fragrances. On the flip side, if you seek a unique scent that can deliver a fragrance like no other then there is another option for you to use which contains a few essential oils and rose hips.

Dollar Beard Club

Dollar Beard Club has a pretty simple motto: cheap yet effective. The three base oils used in this beard oil are argan oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. These are all common oils so the price isn’t going to be an issue when using them as the base. The addition of essential oils from cedar wood and fir needles adds a woodsy scent that definitely offers a masculine scent.

Again, using the argan oil ensures that acne is under control when you use this beard oil. Jojoba oil is responsible for providing most of the moisturizing which is perfect for that dry and rough skin that some of you have under your beard. If you have thick, coarse hair, then this beard oil is a great choice.

There is one small drawback to Dollar Bear Club’s beard oil and it only applied to the version of this oil which is known as sandalwood. There is a possibility that it may make your skin sensitive to sunlight, which can result in some redness and possible blistering. This only occurs if you have an allergy to sandalwood, in which case you should stay away from all sandalwood-based products.

Best Beard Oil Brands Summary

There is an oil out there to accommodate any beard. While most beard products contain classic and frequent go-to oils which have been used for years, some have decided to add extracts and ingredients which further improve the quality of the beard oil. However, in some situations the addition of these extra ingredients might produce scents or fragrances which are undesired or unwanted, so choosing the right type of beard oil is vital.

Furthermore, since every person is different and we all have certain sensitivities, use these beard oils with caution. You might be sensitive to certain ingredients or oils which are used in these formulas. The effects could be drastic, especially since you are using these products on your face. If you experience any redness or severe breakouts once you start using any of these oils, you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible to eliminate potential allergies.


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