Pain Revealed: Reviewing the Revealed Films Documentary Series

Pain Revealed is a 9-part documentary film series by Revealed Films' Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Jeff Hays that features world-renowned experts sharing insights on pain management, control and relief.

Full Disclosure

Pain Revealed is an online documentary series airing July 23 to August 1.

The documentary series features interviews with pain relief specialists. These specialists emphasize alternative pain relief treatments instead of “prescription-focused Western medicine.”

What will you learn in Pain Revealed? Do alternative pain relief strategies really work? Find out everything you need to know about Pain Revealed today in our review.


What is Pain Revealed?

Pain Revealed is a documentary series available on-demand or as a live stream. The documentary series has been marketed online throughout this year during various online events.

In the latest July 2020 marketing campaign, the company is airing Pain Revealed from July 23 to August 1. You can sign up to watch the documentary series for free on those dates. Or, you can pay for on-demand access today.

Overall, Pain Revealed claims to share with you “the pain remedies used by doctors, scientists, researchers, and pro athletes.” You can live stream the docu-series or watch it on-demand today.

How to Watch Pain Revealed

There are two ways to watch Pain Revealed:

Livestream Option: Pain Revealed is airing online between Tuesday, July 23, and Thursday, August 1. All episodes launch online at 9 pm EST, with a new episode launching each day. Each episode stays online for 24 hours. You can watch the episodes for free as they air.

On-Demand: You can buy the entire Pain Revealed series and get instant access. Instead of waiting for all episodes to air, you get instant access to everything. You also get unaired episodes, transcripts, and more. You get permanent access to all episodes and materials.

What Will You Learn in Pain Revealed?

Pain Revealed shares alternative treatments for pain. The makers of the docu-series describe Western medicine as “prescription-focused.” Doctors use prescription drugs to treat symptoms – but not the root causes.

This dependence on prescription drugs has led to various issues. Prescription drugs have their own side effects. You can become addicted to prescription drugs. They’re costly, and many are not designed as long-term solutions.

In Pain Revealed, you’ll learn alternative ways to manage your pain. Over nine episodes, experts explain “life-changing” pain management advice, including natural therapies, supplements, foods, and exercises anyone can use to relieve pain.

You’ll discover pain management lessons from Chinese medicine. You’ll learn about acupuncture, neurology training, and other alternative therapies.

These alternative pain relief medications may sound unusual, although some have used them to relieve pain genuinely. Pain Revealed discusses how one former athlete overcame 2 ACL reconstructions, two hernia surgeries, and multiple concussions without traditional pain medication, for example.

The documentary series also discusses the evidence behind alternative pain relief therapies like essential oils.

Pain Revealed List of Episodes

Pain Revealed has nine episodes and one bonus episode. Each episode discusses a different aspect of pain relief.

Episode #1: The Pain Revelation

This episode introduces viewers to alternatives to western medicine. It discusses essential oils, for example, as an alternative therapy for pain relief, including how real people used essential oils to relieve pain and restore their lives. The episode features a French medical doctor exploring the world for alternative pain therapies.

Episode #2: The Entourage Effect

This episode features John Lieurance, DC, ND, RMA, who sought alternative pain relief therapies to help manage his career-ending injury. It also features another doctor named Regan Archibald, who re-examined his goal of practicing traditional Western medicine after discovering Chinese medicine. Viewers learn about the evidence behind acupuncture and other alternative pain relief therapies. It also discusses more modern therapies like stem cells for pain relief.

Episode #3: What the World Has Wrong with Pain

This episode features Cornell and Harvard-educated researchers explaining how stem cells can eradicate pain throughout your body. Traditional medicine recommends surgery for cartilage damage in the knees. This surgery can lead to a dependence on pain medication. Stem cell therapy is an alternative. Stem cell therapy may relieve pain by encouraging your body’s natural healing processes.

Episode #4: Just Breathe

In this episode, Danish freediver Stig Severinsen explains how he naturally optimized his health and performance, which ultimately allowed him to ignore the pain and hold his breath for over 20 minutes underwater. The episode also features a doctor with celebrity athlete clients, including the strategies he uses to relieve pain in these athletes without surgery or drugs.

Episode #5: The Multi-Billion Dollar Pain War

This episode features monk-like strategies for pain relief. It also highlights podcaster and biohacker Ben Greenfield, neurologist Sheldon Jordan, and other pain relief experts using acupuncture, stem cell injections, exosomes, and other strategies for pain relief.

Episode #6: Pain and Aging: How and Why

This episode features Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Vincent Giampapa, who explains the link between technology and pain. It also highlights essential oils for pain relief, including how to use essential oils for sore muscles, tension, swelling, and headaches. It tells you which essential oils to use for pain relief, including which the most scientific evidence backs essential oils. Viewers also learn how to heal back pain naturally using simple, natural therapies.

Episode #7: The Problem with Focusing on Pain

In this episode, Dr. Jason West and Dr. Warren Willey from the West Clinic explain how they treat pain in patients. It also features other natural healing experts who explain the exercises, therapies, nutritional strategies, and supplements (including CBD and IV therapies) they use to treat pain in patients.

Episode #8: Powerful Relief Hiding in Plain Sight

Some of the best pain relief therapies are already available. In episode 8 of Pain Revealed, viewers discover powerful treatments that naturally treat herniated discs and pinched nerves. While conventional doctors recommend joint replacement surgery and cartilage replacement, this episode examines alternative strategies with fewer side effects.

Episode #9: The Root Cause of Pain

In this final episode, viewers learn drug-free solutions to pain relief, how to activate the body’s self-healing mechanism, and how fasting can relieve pain quickly, among other natural pain relief strategies.

Pain Revealed Bonuses

By buying Pain Revealed today, you get access to various bonuses, including two unaired episodes and several PDF guides.

These bonuses are only available to those who buy Pain Revealed – not those who live stream the episodes as they air.

Episode #10: Unaired 10th Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, viewers discover how stem cells can heal the root cause of pain. It features Shiroko Sokitch, a medical doctor who once worked as a surgeon – but now practices acupuncture.

Episode #11: Unaired 11th Bonus Episode

In this episode, host Patrick Gentempo brings viewers on a tour of his stem cell research facility. The episode also features over a dozen experts whose interviews didn’t fit into the nine original episodes.

The Hidden Interviews

The documentary company claims that for every minute of Pain Revealed aired, many more hours of footage is cut. Viewers get access to this bonus footage in The Hidden Interviews, which features three bonus DVDs and dozens of hours of additional pain relief footage.

Exclusive Post-Event Webcast Recording

Dr. Patrick Gentempo answers questions from viewers in this interview recorded after the webcast. Viewers discover answers to the most commonly asked questions and most popular subjects.

$500 Real-World Health Treatment Certificate

Pain Revealed gives you a $500 gift certificate towards treatment at a network of stem cell specialists. You can use this certificate to find a stem cell specialist near you. Pain Revealed buyers can also purportedly “skip the waiting list and jump to the front of the line,” getting up to two consultation fees waived.

2019 Stem Cell Research Compilation

This book highlights the best research on stem cells. The company claims to have removed the fake news, arguments, and controversy around stem cell therapy, getting right to the science instead. The book discusses the latest studies, research, and findings from the world of stem cells.

Anti-Inflammation Diet Cookbook

Buyers get access to a cookbook of recipes that purportedly soothe inflammation. Certain foods are rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. By incorporating more of these foods into your diet, you can purportedly minimize inflammation and control your pain – all with tasty food.

Essential Oils Pain Guide

The Essential Oils Pain Guide explains how to use essential oils for pain relief, including the research supporting the use of essential oils. It also explains how to use essential oils to relieve pain – whether topically, by diffuser, or by ingestion.

Pain Supplement Buyers Guide

The Pain Supplement Buyers Guide lists supplements that target the root cause of your pain – not just the symptoms of your pain.

Emily Lark’s Complete Back to Health eBook

This eBook explains how to permanently eliminate pain throughout your body – particularly on your back.

Dr. Dan Pompas’ Beyond Fasting

Pain Revealed recommends fasting as an alternative pain relief therapy. Fasting is backed by significant research linking it with various benefits and encouraging your body’s natural healing processes. This book explains how to maximize healing with fasting.

Dr. Patrick Gentempos’ 5 Module Healthy Philosophy Course

This course includes five complete modules with videos and workbooks, walking you through from where you are now to a happier, healthier life. Dr. Patrick Gentempo explains his pain relief philosophy and how it works.

Pain Revealed Pricing

Pain Revealed is free to attend if you stream the episodes daily. If you want bonus content, however, and on-demand access to all episodes, then you’ll need to buy one of three packages:

Silver Package: $97

  • Online access to 9 episodes (video, audio, and transcripts)
  • $500 bonus health certificate for stem cell treatment

Gold Package: $197

  • Online access to 9 episodes (video, audio, and transcripts)
  • $500 bonus health certificate for stem cell treatment
  • CD and DVD versions of 9 episodes
  • Bound book with transcripts of 9 episodes
  • Bonus 10th and 11th episodes

Platinum Package: $197

  • Everything included with the Gold Package
  • Eight additional bonuses (as listed above)

Pain Revealed Refund Policy

Pain Revealed has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can request a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase. It’s unclear if you need to return any of the physical products (like CDs, DVDs, or books) to qualify for the refund.

Who’s Behind Pain Revealed?

Pain Revealed was created by a filmmaking company called Revealed Films. That Utah-based company has launched several other docu-series emphasizing alternative therapies, including Supplements, Revealed.

Revealed Films has very poor reviews online. The company has an ‘F’ rating from the Better Business Bureau, for example, because of multiple 1-star customer reviews. Customers complain they ordered products through the company and never received them, among other issues.

Host Dr. Patrick Gentempo leads pain Revealed. Dr. Gentempo describes himself as a “philosopher entrepreneur.” He is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

You can contact Revealed Films via the following:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone: (833) 738-3456
  • Mailing Address: 1776 Park Ave #4-217, Park City, UT 84060

Final Word

Pain Revealed is a documentary series available online for $100 to $200. Or, you can stream the documentary series for free every night from July 23 to August 1, with a new episode airing every day.

The documentary series features pain relief experts discussing alternative relief strategies. Instead of advocating for prescription-focused Western medicine, these experts discuss the effectiveness of essential oils, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies.

To learn more about Pain Revealed and how it works, visit online today at

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