10 Best Diet Pills For Women 2024: Thermogenic Weight Loss Aids?

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When it comes to losing weight, women have a unique challenge because the hormones in their bodies are designed to store more fat than men do. To help overcome this, many women use diet pills to help them lose weight or keep the weight off once they have reached their ideal goal.

There are a lot of diet pills on the market that are targeted towards women, and they don’t all work the same way. There are some that use different mechanisms of action than others, and they all offer different levels of efficiency.

10 Best Weight Loss Supplement Brands

We’ve reviewed the most popular brands of diet pills for women on the market and have put together a comprehensive ranking of each that should help you decide which diet pills are the right choice for your needs.


1. HERdiet Pink Pill

The Pink Pill from HERdiet is formulated using stimulants to increase your energy and your resting metabolic rate. It uses synthetic compounds to help achieve this, and the ingredients list is wrapped up in a proprietary blend.

Many other supplements, especially those that are stimulant-based, use natural compounds to boost your metabolism. This is a bit better for your health and the overall safety of the blend. Many of the Pink Pills ingredients, like synephrine, aren’t safe to use at the wrong dosages. This presents a big problem because you can’t control your dosage if you don’t know how much the pill contains.

Despite these concerns, this product does have rave reviews. If you have an otherwise healthy lifestyle and are carefully vigilant, it may be safe enough to try.

2. Shred Her

Shred her is another product that uses one of those infernal proprietary blends. They like to call their blend a “fat incinerating mix”, but the name is not the issue with these mystery formulas. There are a few good ingredients, like B vitamins, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract, but it also has other ingredients that are cause for concerns, like bitter orange extract (also known as synephrine).

The most respectable and high-quality diet pills no longer use synephrine because it has been shown to be unsafe, especially in higher doses. With the use of a proprietary blend, there is no way to know if the dose it includes is minuscule or off the charts.

3. Xtreme Slim

Xtreme Slim is a product that relies pretty heavily on one ingredient and forsakes the rest, even those that are of great value to the effectiveness of a diet pill. The product contains calcium as its primary ingredient and misses out on many of the herbal extracts that users have expected to see in a quality weight loss product.

While calcium does have its benefits, they are minor compared to the benefits other weight loss pills can offer.

4. Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber is an interesting take on weight loss supplements, and it relies more on limiting your intake than it does on burning existing fat more effectively. It is designed to help women feel full by increasing their daily fiber intake.

Unfortunately, having too much fiber in your diet does carry some side effects. Skinny Fiber accounts for this by including ingredients to assist the gastrointestinal tract to more efficiently deal with a high-fiber diet. This can be very helpful to eliminate bloating and gas that are often produced when you switch to a healthier diet.

Aside from stuffing you full of fiber, Skinny Fiber doesn’t have many other ingredients and doesn’t do much to help you burn fat. It relies entirely on helping you eat less.

5. NutriSuppz Garcinia Cambogia for Her

NurtiSuppz Garcinia Cambogia for Her is simple and has very few ingredients. It only contains chromium and garcinia cambogia. These two ingredients have a good number of supporters in the weight loss market, but they don’t have a lot of science behind them to prove their efficacy.

This product is really only a good choice if you are looking for something that can specifically add these ingredients to your diet without a lot of unwanted extras. In any other circumstance, there are better alternatives available.

6. Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women

The design concept behind Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women is built entirely around controlling hunger. The supplement contains only a few active ingredients, which are Rhodiola Rosea, Fimbriata, Caralluma, and Hoodia Gordonii. These ingredients are found in a lot of top-tier diet pills, but that’s mostly because most of the top products don’t rely on appetite suppression as their primary function. These ingredients are for decreasing your hunger, not fat burning.

If appetite suppression without increased metabolism or thermogenesis is actually exactly what you’re looking for, this is the product to do it.

7. Atrafen

Atrafen is a very popular diet pill that is manufactured by Nutratech. It helps its users achieve weight loss with a tiny list of ingredients that all work together in a very interesting way. While the ingredients included aren’t all highly efficient on their own and aren’t extremely popular ingredients on the market for this reason, they seem to be able to boost each other’s effectiveness when combined within the Atrafen formula.

The only downside to this product is that you can’t be sure exactly how much of each ingredient it contains, and for compounds like caffeine this can be a problem. If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients or you are taking some of your daily dose elsewhere, you should be careful when using this product.

8. Skinny Gal

In contrast to the product above, Skinny Gal contains more ingredients and they are all more popular weight loss ingredients on their own. It includes green coffee bean extract, white kidney bean extract, raspberry ketone, garcinia cambogia, African mango, and a few others. It doesn’t include every ingredient under the sun with no real design, which is a good thing, but it also uses a proprietary blend, so you have no way of knowing exactly how much of each ingredient is included.

9. Evlution Trans4orm

Evlution is a company that has many top of the line weight loss supplements, and Trans4orm is one of the best products they have to offer.

The Tran4orm blend is suited very well for women because is combines amino acids and B vitamins with herbal extracts that have been proven to be effective for weight loss, like green tea extract and huperzine A. This combination has a great dose of nutrients that can help boost your metabolism for accelerated results. It also contains a 175 mg dose of caffeine, which combines very well with the green tea extract to boost the effects of both and increase fat burning potential.

10. BeLive Fusion Burn

BeLive Fusion Burn is different from many other products because of the range of weight loss ingredients it contains, including several stimulants. The innovative ingredients it contains include conjugated linoleic acid, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, and BioPerine to increase bioavailability and improve the absorption of other ingredients. This combination makes Fusion Burn one of the best products currently available on the market.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills

Women are statistically more likely to have trouble losing weight than men, and a quality diet pill can go a long way to help you achieve better results. Weight loss pills that are designed for women specifically can target the specific challenges that women face when trying to lose weight without any extraneous ingredients that aren’t useful for their needs.

Because women have lower muscle mass, they can’t burn fat as quickly as men can while they are in a resting state. Because they have lower testosterone than men, it is also more difficult for them to add muscle mass or to perform high-intensity exercises. These two challenges compound the difficulty of losing weight.

Supplements can help to tweak your body’s metabolism or lower your appetite so that you take in fewer calories. Other diet pills can increase your body’s ability to burn fat rather than glucose or other energy sources. All of these weight loss supplement mechanisms work in one way or another to increase your body’s ability to lose weight.


Out of all of the ingredients commonly used in women’s diet pill, the most popular is probably garcinia cambogia. There have been a number of clinical trials on weight loss that were fairly large and showed garcinia cambogia to have some promising results.

The Journal of Obesity published an analysis that showed garcinia cambogia has a small but statistically significant ability to boost weight loss in the short-term. This isn’t any real surprise, and it’s a good result. Weight loss supplements are designed to assist in natural weight loss, not provide a drastic miracle cure.

It’s a bit of a mystery exactly how garcinia cambogia works to help increase your weight loss. Many researchers theorize that garcinia cambogia can cause your cells’ mitochondria to become more active, thus burning more fat due to the increased energy they produce as the powerhouse of the cell. There are other researchers that believe that it decreases your appetite by affecting certain chemical processes in your brain.

More research is needed to determine which of these theories is true or if there is another possible cause for the effects. Knowing exactly how garcinia cambogia works is an important step towards utilizing it more efficiently and being able to combine it with other ingredients that can increase its effect.

Caffeine is another surprisingly effective ingredient for weight loss. It’s a stimulant-based compound and has some strong evidence backing its abilities. Researchers from the City University of New York in Brooklyn performed a review study that found caffeine consumption to be helpful to people who have lost as an assistive measure to maintain their health overall.

People who have recently lost weight and regularly consume caffeine are shown to be at lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Researchers from the Netherlands’ Maastricht University recognize caffeine as a possible thermogenic supplement, which means that it has the ability to program the body’s resting temperature to be a bit higher, which increases fat oxidation.

Green tea extract is another weight loss supplement that has promising thermogenic properties. Green tea has been popular for ages for its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and it has recently also become popular for its ability to help you burn fat. This is especially true when it is combined with caffeine.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study performed at the University of Geneva which showed that even just one dose of green tea extract can increase your energy expenditure and fat oxidation for a 24 hour period. These results were proven to be physical and not mental, as the control group that was given a placebo did not show these results.

As we mentioned before, the caffeine that is naturally found in green tea can actually boost the effects of the other compounds it contains, and vice versa. This is why you will often find caffeine and green tea extract together in many of the best available products. Together, they make each other more efficient at burning fat and increasing your overall thermogenesis.

Green coffee bean extract is another weight loss supplement that is similar to green tea, and many consider it a bit like green tea’s cousin in terms of uses and effectiveness. There isn’t as much research currently available of green coffee bean extract, but the little research that is out there shows very promising results.

There were 5 separate studies that all looked into the effect green coffee bean extract had of weight loss, and they all conclusively agreed that it can cause a significant boost in weight loss over a short period of time. The authors who performed the review of these 5 studies stated that there are some methodology issues with the way the studies were performed, but they still agreed that the results were very good.

Green coffee bean extract may have a similar relationship with caffeine as that of green tea extract, but it is difficult to know this for sure because coffee beans contain a good amount of caffeine on their own.

Side Effects

Most of the negative side effects that are experienced when taking weight loss pills are due to the use of a product that tries to use chemical compounds that aren’t safe for your body. The pills that use this method seek to raise your resting metabolic rate to a level that would completely replace the need to exercise and increase your energy output in the process. Unfortunately, this sort of miracle pill is a myth and these products are very dangerous for you to use.

The most important ingredient you should avoid that is still being used in a good number of products is synephrine, which is the active ingredient of bitter orange extract. There have been many reports of serious health issues experienced by patients using products that contain synephrine, and since these reports, any product that is truly high-quality has removed the ingredient from their formula. Synephrine was originally used as a replacement for ephedra after there were reports of it being unsafe for use in diet products, and it turned out to be just as dangerous.

One article published in Food and Chemical Toxicology outlined the results of a study that was focused on determining the possible effects of synephrine. The reviewers discovered a collection of different case studies which showed synephrine to be a possible cause of heart beats with abnormal patterns. They attempted to figure out why this might be the case, but cannot as of yet uncover the true reason that synephrine may have this effect. All that can be known for sure is that it should not be considered a safe ingredient for diet pills.

There are also some mild gastrointestinal side effects involved when taking garcinia cambogia, which were seen to occur at a higher rate than in the control groups. Because the mechanism of action that causes garcinia cambogia to be effective is not clearly known, neither is the cause for these side effects. It is most likely that the ingredient is just a bit difficult for some users to easily digest.

This should only be an issue if you have a sensitive stomach, but if you do notice any GI distress when taking pills that contain garcinia cambogia, you may want to switch to a product that uses different ingredients.

Recommended Dosage

Every diet pill contains its own formula and utilizes different amounts of the active ingredients included. Because of this, it is best to follow the dosage instructions for the specific product you are taking.

That being said, you should be aware of the compounds that are in your diet pills and be careful not to overdose on them by doubling up from other sources. For example, if you are taking a weight loss supplement that contains caffeine, you should be careful not to drink so much coffee or soda that you end up getting too much of it in your system.

As long as you are careful not to double up on stimulants and you are using a top-quality product from a trusted source, you should be perfectly safe. Don’t forget to avoid products that use proprietary formulas whenever possible.

The 10 Best Diet Pills For Women 2024 Review Summary

There are a number of methods that women can use to lose weight, and using diet pills to boost your success is only one of many options.

Different diet pill ingredients achieve their results in different ways. While some products like garcinia cambogia may help you to lose weight by decreasing your appetite, others like green tea extract and green coffee bean extract can achieve this by increasing your body’s resting metabolic rate and thermogenesis so that you burn more fat overall, even when you are resting.

Regardless of the method that you decide to use, any diet pill that is worth its salt can help to boost your weight loss regimen a bit above the results you can achieve with diet and exercise alone.

As always, be sure to check with your doctor before taking any new medication or supplement. They will be able to tell you if you have an individual reason that a certain product may not be safe for use.

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