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Tretap – Refreshing Antioxidant-Rich Maple Syrup Sparkling Water?


There are few things more enjoyable than having a delicious and refreshing beverage on hand at some point in the day. Of course, the trouble for most individuals is that most beverages tend to be rich in sugar, which may cause energy spikes and dips, poor health, and it can lead to low-quality health as well. Rather than put oneself at risk, the reasonable solution is to add an alternative beverage to one’s lifestyle.

With that, this review would like to introduce a new beverage brand on the market called TreTap, which is made with all-organic ingredients soured from maple trees in Vermont.

What is TreTrap?

TreTap is a way to hydrate and boost one’s body in a healthy manner. Dissimilar from most other beverages on the market, this one is low in sugar and it is made with high-quality and trustworthy ingredients as well. There are number of flavor options available so that individuals can add a beverage that satisfies their taste buds as well.

According to the brand, this beverage is not only a replacement option for those who consume traditional sweet beverages, but it may soon overcome coconut water as well.

Why Choose TreTap?

There are many great reasons for adding this beverage line to one’s lifestyle. Those who consume TreTap can do so feeling confident that they are making a sound decision for their health. Here are the main features of the beverages so that individuals know what to expect:

Around 0-5 Calories Per Can

First, this is a canned beverage and one call is a serving. There are approximately anywhere from 0-5 calories per can, making this a delicious and reasonable beverage to consume. Individuals certainly do not need to worry that they are ruining their figure with this type of product on hand.

Low in Sugar

Second, the beverage is low in sugar. According to the brand, there are anywhere from 0-6 grams of sugar per can, which is quite low compared to other brands on the market. The low sugar content makes it easier for individuals to avoid the terrible crash that comes from sugar consumption, while still providing a bit of sweetness to one’s day.

54 Antioxidants

Third – there are, astoundingly, 54 antioxidants per serving as well. The antioxidants work to improve one’s health in numerous ways, such as boosting energy levels, enhancing focus, and generating better bodily performance. These qualities certainly suggest that this beverage is a great addition to anyone’s lifestyle.

In addition to the above qualities, the beverage is Kosher certified, it is locally harvested, it provides natural hydration, and when served chilled, individuals have the best experience. Those who are interested in receiving more insight as to the product can do so through the brand’s website by vising its review page. The reviews concerning the beverage are quite positive as well.

TreTap Review Summary

Overall, those who are interested in trying a new and unique beverage line that uses all-natural maple syrup sourced from Vermont may want to add TreTap to their lifestyle. The line features four different flavors, including cranberry, blueberry, cucumber, and traditional maple. To learn more about this brand and its beverages, just visit the brand’s website today.

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