Best Green SuperFood Drinks 2018 – 11 Natural Energy Boosting Juices

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In case you haven’t noticed, powdered green superfood drinks have gained quite a bit of popularity recently.

There are many reasons why so many people are choosing to partake in the consumption of these superfood drinks. Weight loss is among them, and so is increasing the amount of energy you have in your reserves. Additionally, many have started looking for ways to boost their immune system and improve their mood, and green superfood drinks happen to be capable of doing so.

We all know that the best way to achieve the above-mentioned goals is through eating plenty of vegetables, just like our mom always told us at the dinner table. But if you live an on-the-go lifestyle, it might be somewhat hard getting 10 or more full servings of vegetables every day.

Top Green Superfood Drinks of 2018

Enter the green superfood powder drink. They are the perfect solution for your busy lifestyle.

1. Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food

We know that the name suggests that this product is “perfect”, but this isn’t exactly the case. However, if we had to choose a product on our list that comes close to perfect, this might just be it.

Garden of Life is well-known for creating supplements based on superfoods which give us all the vitamins and minerals we could possibly need for a healthy lifestyle, so it’s no wonder they know exactly what to do when it comes to green powder drinks. It’s hard to identify even a single superfood which isn’t included in their blend. These guys are truly crazy about their superfoods.

Garlic, chia seed sprouts, tart cherry, spinach extract, and ginger can all be identified in this green superfood blend. There isn’t much fiber or protein in their blend, but this wasn’t supposed to be part of this superfood drink. If your diet covers the remainder of your nutrients then you don’t have to worry about the fruits and veggies as long as you are using Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food.

2. Amazing Grass Green Superfood The Original

While Amazing Grass makes a ton of different superfood varieties of their green drink, we think that the original is by far the best one. Their idea comes in two parts. First, they use a blend of various green grasses to deliver the nutrients necessary for improving your overall health, and then they use special extracts that contain high amounts of antioxidants to reduce inflammation and other potential markers which can lead to chronic illnesses.

Adding up to nearly 6 grams per serving, the green grasses used in this blend are broccoli, spirulina, barley, alfalfa, spinach, and wheat grass.

While the green grass blend is pretty potent, the antioxidant blend isn’t as plentiful but it does still contain some powerful antioxidants like green tea extract, acerola cherry, and acai berry. The problem is that some other superfood green drinks on the market contain a much higher amount of different antioxidants which come from various fruit and vegetable combinations. Still, this is a very reputable product.

3. Peak Performance Delicious Green Superfood

There is a common stereotype which often follows green drinks, and it is that they don’t taste very good. Right off the bat, it’s obvious from the name of this product that Peak Performance wants to combat this stereotype.

This product is by far one of the strongest ones we have seen on the markets in nearly every category. It contains the green substances you would easily anticipate to be present in a green drink like wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and spirulina.

On the flip side of the blend, you’ll notice anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea, turmeric, grape skin, and blueberries. The only negative remark that we can make about this superfood drink is that it uses stevia and other natural flavorings, which unfortunately might not be welcomed by all users.

4. Organic LivFit Superfood Blend

Most green drinks have one single goal, but LivFit is a bit different. Their approach is adding greens to a more traditional protein-based supplement. Because of this, they aren’t the best green superfood drink out there, but it’s still a rather excellent product.

For those of you who are looking for a protein supplement that has extra vegetables and fruits in it, this blend is the perfect solution. Every serving, which consists of about 12 grams of this blend, is equally divided into proteins and antioxidants. The protein is derived from hemp and peas.

For a protein blend supplement that’s trying to offer a bit extra to its users this green drink is fine, but as a standalone superfood green drink it’s definitely lacking and there are certainly better options out there.

5. Parker Naturals Berry SuperFood

One of the most popular superfood blends on the market which is praised by many customers is Parker Naturals Berry SuperFood. However, after carefully scrutinizing the ingredients found in this green drink we have discovered that it’s a bit lackluster compared to its hype. The list of superfoods which are used as ingredients in this blend is rather short, which means that not all of the bases are being covered by this limited blend.

Furthermore, the superfoods which have been chosen to serve as antioxidants aren’t exactly the best choices out there. This blend also contains natural flavorings and is sweetened with monk fruit extract. If you are looking for something pure and less convoluted than other options, then this product is definitely not for you.

6. Detox Organics Chocolate Superfoods

This green superfood drink is the best tasting drink we have ever looked into. It is easily one of the most praised drinks of 2017, and it’s all due to its amazing taste.

This doesn’t mean that it’s completely flawless, and you still get that subtle hint of wheatgrass, but we are willing to overlook it considering that each scoop is packed to the brim with vegetables like chlorella, kale, spirulina, broccoli, spinach, and barley. Did we mention that it tastes like CHOCOLATE?

This superfood green drink is 100 percent raw, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO, and soy free, and its cost is still cheaper than many of the other green drinks we have already listed. If you are interested in getting a little bit extra out of this drink, you can also try mixing it with milk.

The result is a super delicious milkshake type of a drink which delivers a ton of vegetables and fruits your body needs to function at 100 percent.

7. Natrogix Green Superfood Powder

There aren’t very many drinks out there that try to cover all possible bases and most that do fall short in some aspects. Natrogix is probably the closest you can possibly come to getting the best of everything. It has all sorts of robust and powerful ingredients which are designed to deliver everything you can possibly need to keep your nutrition in top shape.

The inclusion of psyllium husk, which consists of a full quarter of this blend by weight, ensures that your daily fiber intake is at a maximum, while the addition of lactobacillus acidophilus, a well-known probiotic, ensures that your digestive tract is also in the best health possible. The only drawback that we have discovered is that Natrogix decided to use stevia, which might or might not matter to you. Otherwise, this product is pretty close to perfect.

8. Nested Super Greens

Not all green superfood drink products are made equal. Some capitalize on one thing while others focus on other goals. Nested decided that probiotics are what they should focus on, and they did an excellent job in that department. As far as the vegetable content and fruit content go, they did a pretty good job here too, although it is a bit lacking on the fruits side.

The blend consists of the standard green ingredients that many other superfood drinks contain, but when it comes to probiotics, Nested packed this drink with a blend of 6 different bacteria cultures which are designed to drastically improve your gut health. The sweetener of choice in this drink is monk fruit extract. Additionally, a blend of fibers was used to keep the dietary fiber content pretty reasonable.

9. Orgain Organic Superfoods

If you are looking for a green drink that focuses heavily on vegetables, then Orgain Organic Superfoods is an excellent choice. It contains a variety of green grasses alongside sprouts and a whopping 7 grams of fiber. You can rest easy knowing that you received plenty of green vegetable micronutrients after drinking one of these superfood blends.

The department that Orgain Organic Superfoods lacks in is the fruits and berries. Furthermore, Orgain decided to use several natural flavorings in their blend, which might be a turn off for some.

Lastly, they did decide to incorporate a probiotic known as bacillus subtilis, which is pretty useful for your gut’s health, but we aren’t sure it’s enough to complete this green superfood drink.

10. Jarrow Formulas Green Defense

As we have witnessed so far in this list, the best green superfood drinks usually introduce a huge variety of different fruits and vegetables to cover as wide of a spectrum as possible when delivery the recommended dose of daily vegetable and fruit intake. The idea is that including such a wide group of foods will provide all the necessary nutrients needed for optimal health.

Jarrow Formulas had a different idea in mind when they made this superfood green drink. The variety of ingredients in this drink is much lower when compared to many other superfood drinks, but they also seem to be more targeted. All of the ingredients found in this drink are very well-known antioxidants and superfoods which offer huge benefits to your health. Additionally, there are also some pretty powerful herbal extracts used in the formula, like ginkgo biloba, which is very rarely found in other products.

Although their approach is somewhat different, maybe that’s exactly what your body needs to get the nutrients you are seeking on the go. The only way to find out is for you to try this product and decide on your own if it’s what you are looking for.

11. Hawaiian Spirulina Green Complete

While it might seem like this green drink is “complete”, as its name suggests, simply looking at the list of ingredients will quickly have you wondering what the makers of Hawaiian Spirulina Green Complete were thinking of. If you are looking for a supplement that can provide you with spirulina a little else, then you found the right stuff. Otherwise, we think you should avoid this drink at all costs.

Sure, there are some green ingredients, fruits, and even berries, but the amount of these ingredients is so small that we can’t possibly justify recommending this product for most users’ goals. There is even a probiotic present on the ingredients list, but unfortunately, its one that hasn’t been tested extensively and hasn’t been concluded to be very helpful for your overall gut health.

We rarely suggest that a product should be avoided overall, but this product is one that you should only try if you’re looking specifically for spirulina.

The Truth About Green Powder Superfoods

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to green powdered superfood drinks. In an attempt to give you some more knowledge about these wondrous cocktails, we have compiled a list of “truths” that can provide a bit more knowledge about what superfood drinks really do for you and your body.

1. Green Foods Can Significantly Increase Your Energy

Having enough energy to get through your busy day is something that many men and women are struggling with all around the globe. We simply run out of energy and become exhausted way too quickly.

Fortunately for us, the micronutrients which are found in green foods can easily supply the energy that we need to function correctly. Furthermore, the green foods found in the drinks listed above are easily absorbable by our system. Even fractions of micronutrients gained from these green drinks can make a huge difference in our energy levels, and the main reason for this is because our diets are completely out of tune.

We have converted into a nation that consumes more fast food and protein than any other food easily accessible to us. This is a key reason why we are always lacking in energy reserves.

2. Fat Soluble Nutrients

The main reason why green foods are so low in calories is that they don’t contain many carbohydrates, protein, or fat in them.

Snacking on nutrients that are vital for our health and bypassing extra calories is pretty awesome, but we also have to remember that there are two different kinds of nutrients out there: those that are water soluble and those that are fat soluble. Green foods usually have nutrients that are soluble in both water and fat, but the problem arises when we don’t consume fat alongside some of these greens.

This results in us missing out on some key vitamins like K, A, and E. So the solution is to look for amphipathic compounds. These compounds are bipolar and are able to bind to both fat and water, which means using these in your green drink is a win-win situation.

Phosphatidylcholine and lecithin are the two most common amphipathic compounds which are frequently used in green drink powders. Look for them on the ingredient list so that you can take advantage of their ability to bind with water and fat.

Alternatively, you could also add something like coconut oil when you drink your green powder drink to boost your nutrient absorption.

3. Spirulina Helps With Hunger Control

It turns out spirulina is actually very similar in composition to chlorella, although there is one big difference between the two: spirulina is packed full of protein. It is estimated that by weight, 60% of spirulina is actually protein, which effectively makes it the most protein-rich food on our planet.

Even though there has been some research which points to spirulina as a heavy metal detoxifier, this research hasn’t been verified and has only been conducted on mice, so similar effects can’t be guaranteed on humans.

However, one thing is certain, and those who consume spirulina often are known to experience fat loss. Spirulina is very capable of increasing your satiety because of its high content of protein and its excellent nutritional value, which makes it a fantastic morning snack that can boost your energy levels to help you get through the day.

4. Barley Grass Can Lower Cholesterol

A very common component that’s often used in green powder drinks is barley grass. It has a fantastic ability to improve the way you metabolize fat, which effectively reduce your cholesterol levels.

Partaking in regular barley grass consumption benefits you in two different ways. First, it improves your overall cardiovascular health since barley grass is capable of lowering your cholesterols levels, which means there is less of a chance for cholesterol to oxidize and turn into plaque that can clog your arteries and put your heart health on the line.

Second, barley grass is also a very powerful antioxidant, and this means it’s capable of fighting oxidation in your body before cholesterol is even involved to begin with. Additionally, this same antioxidant-like property also helps you look younger and reduce the wrinkles which appear on your skin over time.

5. Alfalfa Heals Your Gut

Just like some of the other grasses used in green drinks, alfalfa packs a ton of powerful nutrients in it that can improve your health drastically. Additionally, it is capable of helping your digestive tract heal. When you consume alfalfa, it actually increases the number of enzymes that your body can produce, which are responsible for digesting food.

These enzymes go through the food we eat much quicker and help us get nutrients and energy effectively out of everything we consume. Add in the other unique nutrients that alfalfa contains like vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, and it’s easy to see why so many turn to alfalfa when attempting to slow down aging and increase their longevity.

6. Green Powders Have No Alkalizing Benefits

Even though many green powders have been sold due to claims of alkalizing benefits, the reality is there isn’t much to benefit from as you think.

The number one reason that these alkalizing benefits are pretty bogus is that the alkaline ingredients that we consume don’t necessarily translate into a property that will stay alkaline once we absorb it. A study was performed on various athletes with intent to increase the pH levels in the subjects’ blood through the means of taking alkaline supplements in order to increase physical performance.

The conclusion of the study showed that performance improvements weren’t significant at all. The primary reason that there wasn’t much of an improvement is that our pH levels are very closely regulated by our bodies and they aren’t something that our body will allow to be changed easily by taking a supplement each day.

More research was done regarding the benefits of alkaline diets and, as it turns out, the main culprit behind their success is actually the increased amount of fruits and veggies in your diet. Funny how there is all this hype about alkalizing your blood, but it’s actually the veggies and fruits that are doing all the work.

7. Real Veggies Are Still Important

We need to get one thing out of the way that many people think is okay when it comes to green drinks. Simply drinking these green powder drinks and never eating veggies or fruit again is not a good idea. Green powder drinks are not the real thing and they won’t be able to fully substitute real vegetables and fruit.

Even if you use the best ingredients possible to create the green powder we all like to drink, veggies and fruit have to be heavily processed, which results in loss of water, nutrients, and fibers which are all still very beneficial to our diets. A better idea would be to also eat veggies and fruit alongside drinking green powder drinks.

8. Not A Meal Replacement

If you think that you can survive on green powdered drinks alone, you are completely wrong, and if you try it there will be detrimental health issues that will occur. None of these supplements contain a high number of calories, which you need to live and survive. Using green powder drinks as meal replacements can develop highly dangerous habits which can cause serious harm to your body.

Yes, green drinks can help you get some of the major nutrients that are necessary to maintain proper health, but eliminating carbohydrates, fats, and protein will drastically affect your body. All of these are needed for proper growth and to repair any damages that might occur as you live your life. Your immune system, muscles, and even your organs can start to fail if you don’t maintain proper intake of foods which are rich in calories, fat, and protein.

9. Possible Low Amounts Of Vegetables

The ingredients which are present in green food supplements might not be enough to cover all the ingredients that you may need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even if some of the green powders bolster huge amounts of vegetables and fruit, this can often be somewhat misleading.

The main reason why is that companies don’t have to report the exact amount of each ingredient which is being used in the green powders that they sell. In fact, some companies are misleading on purpose to try and make you think that they use more ingredients than are present in their green powder by including very small amounts of ingredients which don’t actually have any beneficial effects on your body.

The only way to get around this is to do some research on your own and determine how much of an actual ingredient there is in specific green powders. And if there is no information out there about the specific green powder, then turning to testimonials and feedback is your best bet.

10. Probiotics In Green Powders Produce Health Benefits

As you have probably noticed, quite a few of the green powders we listed above include probiotics. This is a huge benefit and using them inside of green drinks boosts your health to a whole new level.

Essentially, these probiotics are like fuel for your gut. Constantly feeding your digestive tract with probiotics ensures that the gut flora is in pristine condition, which directly reflects on your overall wellbeing.

11. Some Probiotics Might Be Dead

There is a tiny problem with including probiotics in green powders. In order for probiotics to have a positive effect on your gut, they have to be alive. Since most people don’t realize that this is a huge part of how probiotics function, they often don’t treat their green powders with the care and ensure they are handled in a similar matter that you would handle probiotic supplements. The result is lots of dead probiotics that are pretty much useless.

Our suggestion is to ensure you know how to handle probiotic rich green powders. Alternatively, you can simply purchase additional probiotic supplements and take them alongside your green powders.

12. Recovery Interference From Green Powders

Sadly, it isn’t very uncommon for green powders to interfere with recovery and muscle growth. The primary reason is antioxidants which sort of act like a double-edged sword. You might think that using antioxidants to reduce inflammation is a good thing, and in most cases, it is.

However, if this is done too quickly after a workout it might not let your body experience the levels of oxidative stress that you usually go through after working out. This causes you to omit sending a signal which promotes increased strength development, heightened endurance, and increased speed.

Think of it this way: remember the “no pain, no gain” saying? Well, if your body doesn’t experience oxidative stress, there is no reason for it to grow and ensure that its ready next time you work out.

13. Phytonutrients Are Abundant In Green Foods

Unlike classic foods which contain plenty of proteins, carbohydrate, fats, calories, and enzymes, green foods are a lot more than that. They are full to the brim with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, carotenoids, and amino acids, which are all needed for optimal health. All of these ingredients are known by many researchers as phytonutrients and don’t really have a recommended daily intake amount.

Although there haven’t been any studies done to determine the recommended daily intake of these phytonutrients, researchers have shown that they can decrease the likelihood of disease related to your heart, as well as many types of cancers and even autoimmune conditions.

Basically, all of the ingredients found in green foods have powerful properties which isolate them from other ingredients. However, when combined together the effectiveness of these phytonutrients is much higher than in their independent state.

14. 10 Servings Of Veggies Eliminates The Need For Green Powders

So we know that green powders are designed to help you get all the nutrients that you usually get from eating veggies and fruit, but does that mean that if you already eat plenty of veggies you don’t have to take green powders? Yes, this is true.

If you eat plenty of veggies, once you get to your 10 serving per day, any other amount of green foods will be redundant and you won’t benefit from them nearly as much as you did from the first 10 servings. So feel free to skip the green powder if you already ate all the veggies you needed for the day.

15. Boosts Your Immune Function With Chlorella

One of the ingredients which are frequently used in green powders is chlorella. This alga is an amazing detoxifier because of its small size and huge surface area. This allows it to easily attach itself to heavy metals and other toxic elements which can be found in your body. As you continue taking chlorella in green drinks, it slowly removed these toxic elements from your body a small amount at a time.

Research which was conducted on mice showed that chlorella can actually prevent poisoning due to lead ingestion. Fortunately for us, these studies have not been conducted on a human level. However, there has been some research which verifies that chlorella can improve the function of our immune system after only 8 weeks of supplementing with it. That’s more than enough of a reason to partake in consuming green drinks which contain chlorella.

16. Boost Your Metabolism With Kelp

Yet another super common ingredient which is frequently used in green powder, kelp is also very beneficial to our bodies. It turns out kelp is actually an excellent source of natural iodine. Iodine affects our metabolism in a positive way and ensures that our thyroid is working as intended.

A study in Russia was done to determine the effects of kelp extract on patients. The conclusion was a 10-pound reduction in fat throughout a 12-week period. It turns out that the kelp extract had successfully increased the patients’ resting metabolic rate.

17. Wheatgrass Can Suppress Your Appetite

Wheatgrass is very popular when it comes to trying to improve your health, although just like with any ingredient, some of its positive effects are slightly exaggerated.  Don’t let that stop you from consuming green drinks that contain wheatgrass though, as it turns out there is at least one benefit we can take advantage of when it comes to wheatgrass.

Chlorophyll is a chemical that gives plants their green color and wheatgrass has a ridiculous amount of chlorophyll in it. Studies have proven that chlorophyll is actually capable of increasing the feeling of being full. It also has the ability to help your body quickly recover from infections. So, consuming wheatgrass can definitely keep you feel less hungry and ensure that you cut back on your sick days in the long run.

18. Green Powders Are Convenient

It’s difficult to avoid one of the simplest reasons why people turn to green powders; they are very easy to intake. Which one is easier, drinking a glass of water or eating 10 servings of veggies in one go?

There is no need to plan anything ahead of time or even lift a skillet. Simply grab your green powder, mix it with some water, and drink it.

19. Fat Loss With The Help Of Green Powders

Studies have been done to determine the effects that vegetable consumption has on fat loss. The studies concluded that simply ensuring the consumption micronutrients and other frequently missed nutrients which reduce hunger and fight cravings results in losing fat. There isn’t much to it, eating veggies will ultimately result in fat loss.

20. Green Powders And Heavy Metals

Green powders aren’t bulletproof, and you should always keep your eye out for blends or formulas that are of poor quality. Regrettably, some supplements have been known to become contaminated with heavy metals. There have been cases of lead, arsenic, and cadmium contamination, so be very vigilant with whichever green powder you choose.

21. Side Effects Of Herbal Extracts Are Possible

As blends and formulas in green powders evolve, we start seeing a more frequent use of herbal extracts as ingredients in some of these powders. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but should be looked at with plenty of care.

While most herbal extracts are safe and often are capable of offering additional benefits for green powder users, if used incorrectly they can also be dangerous. For example, herbal extracts can interfere drastically with your medications if you don’t pay close attention. There is even a potential for deadly complications. Always be mindful of the herbal extracts which are being used in your green powders.

The Best Green SuperFood Drinks 2018 Conclusion

There are many different reasons why you might want to start using green superfood drinks, but you always have to keep in mind that there are possible side effects which can occur in any product. Every person is unique in their own way, which means that all ingredients affect us in different ways as well.

While most ingredients which are found in these green powders are harmless, we still strongly suggest that you take everything into consideration and even talk to your doctor if you are planning on taking any of these products.

Also, keep in mind that even though green drinks are extremely convenient and they do deliver an astounding amount of nutrients to their consumers, they aren’t a replacement for the real thing. Veggies and fruits will always be the number one go-to if you are looking to get the most benefits out of the nutrients which they contain.

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