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Using a supplement called Tongkat ali could help improve the regulation of hormones and mood; however, research is fresh.

Tongkat Ali is a traditional herb that's been a component of ancient Southeast Asian medicine for centuries.

It is often used to treat illnesses, such as Erectile dysfunction, fevers, and bacteria-related infections.

Research suggests that tongkat Ali can increase male fertility, ease stress, and enhance body composition, although research in this area is sporadic.

In 2021, the European Food Safety Authority issued an advisory stating that tongkat ali had the potential to cause DNA damage.

This article examines Tongkat Ali, including its advantages, potential adverse reactions, and dosage.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat, the long jack, or Tongkat, is a supplement to herbal medicine made from the roots of the green tree Eurycoma longifolia. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia.

It's used as a traditional medical practice across Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and various other Asian nations to combat infections, malaria as well as male infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali's health advantages are likely to be due to the various chemicals found within the plants.

Tongkat ali is a particular type of ali that includes flavonoids, alkaloids, and a variety of other compounds that function as antioxidants. Antioxidants are the substances that fight cell damage caused by free radicals. They can aid your body in various ways, too.

Tongkat Ali is generally consumed in pills that include extracts of this herb or herbal drinks.


Tongkat ali is an herbal remedy derived from the Southeast Asian Eurycoma longifolia shrub. It is a potent source of substances and is utilized to treat a range of conditions, including male infertility and infections.

Potential health benefits

The majority of the health benefits associated with tongkat ali aren't well-studied; however, certain studies suggest it could help treat male infertility, enhance mood, and increase muscle size.

It could increase testosterone levels and increase the fertility of males.

Tongkat Ali's capacity to increase testosterone in males who have insufficient levels of this main sexual hormone is well-known and documented.

Low testosterone may be caused by aging treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, and some drugs, as well as injury or infections of the testicles, as well as specific conditions, including chronic alcoholism and obstructive sleep apnea.

The effects of low testosterone levels include a lack of testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, and, in some instances, infertility. Since the ingredients in tongkatali can boost testosterone levels, it is possible to help treat these problems.

A one-month study conducted on older men aged 76 with low testosterone showed that 200 mg of Tongkat Ali extract daily significantly raised levels of testosterone to levels that were normal in more than 90% of the participants.

Additionally, studies conducted on both mammals and humans have shown that Tongkat Ali can stimulate sexual arousal and can increase erectile dysfunction among men.

Tongkat Ali can enhance sperm motility and concentration, increasing male fertility.

A study conducted on 75 male couples suffering from infertility discovered ingestion of 200mg Tongkat Ali extract every day significantly improved the sperm count and motility after three months. The treatment was able to help more than 14 percent of the couples get pregnant.

Similarly, a 12-week study of 108 men between the ages of 30 and 55 found that 300 mg of the tongkat ali extract every day increased the volume of sperm and motility in a mean of 18 percent and 44% respectively.

Based on these studies, tongkat ali effectively treats the problem of infertility and low testosterone in certain men, however more research is required.

May relieve stress

Tongkat ali can reduce stress hormones in your body, reduce anxiety, and boost mood.

A study from 1999 first revealed the potential role of this remedy for treating problems with mood and discovered that tongkat ali extracts were similar to the standard anti-anxiety medicine in reducing the effects of anxiety on mice.

Similar results have also been observed in humans; however, studies are still limited.

A one-month study conducted on 63 participants who had moderate stress showed that taking 200 mg of Tongkat Ali extract daily reduced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone present in saliva, by a whopping 16% compared to those given a placebo.

Participants also reported less anger, stress, and tension after taking Tongkat Ali.

While these findings are encouraging more human studies are required.

Improves body composition

Tongkat Ali is commonly believed to improve the performance of athletes and boost the size of muscles.

It's because it's made up of quassinoids, which are compounds that make up eurycomaoside and eurycolactone. eurocomanone. They can assist your body to use energy more effectively, reduce fatigue, and boost endurance.

The supplement can be an ergogenic aid. An ergogenic chemical can boost physical performance and increase the body's composition.

A short, 5-week study of 14 men who participated in a strength training program discovered that those who consumed 100 mg of tongkat Ali extract daily experienced significantly higher levels of lean mass than people who were taking a placebo.

They also shed more fat than the participants in the control group.

Additionally, a five-week study of 25 active adults found that taking 400 mg of the tongkat ali extract each day significantly increased muscle strength in comparison to placebo

A small study on cyclists showed that drinking a drink with tongkat Ali during training did not enhance the cyclists' performance or strength in any way, unlike drinking water in its pure form.

The contradictory findings suggest that tongkat Ali could produce ergogenic effects depending on the dosage and duration of treatment. However, further studies are needed.


Studies have shown that tongkat Ali can boost testosterone levels and aid in treating infertility among men, ease stress, and increase the size of muscles. But, more thorough research is required.

Potential adverse reactions and dosage

According to a report for 2021 from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods and Food Allergens, excessive dosage (2,000 mg/kg weight) from the water-based extract of dried ground tongkat Ali could cause DNA damage to the Duodenum and stomach tissues. Since tongkat Ali could cause DNA damage, the panel found that there is no guarantee of safety for any aspect of its use, which hasn't been confirmed.

The handful of studies that have examined the use of tongkat Ali in humans haven't reported any adverse negative effects.

A review published in 2016 that contained toxicology studies showed that mice didn't experience changes in their livers or kidney function when orally administered 200 mg/kg tongkat, the extract of Ali, which is alcohol-based, or 300 mg/kg of an extract based on water.

The same study revealed that the lethal dose of oral medication for mice was between 1,500 and 2,000 mg/kg for alcohol-based tongkat Ali extract and more than 3,500 mg/kg for the extract based on water.

A 2012 study of 109 males between 30 and 55 found that taking 300 milligrams of the tongkat ali extract each day over 12 weeks was as secure as taking the placebo.

Recently, in Egypt, a 12-week controlled clinical trial that was randomized was conducted on males with moderate to mild Erectile dysfunction. This study was conducted to test the efficacy of Tongkat Ali when used in conjunction with maca roots, a non-toxic treatment for men who have low sex drives. The findings from this clinical study are not yet published.

Other studies suggest that taking as much as 1.2 grams of tongkat Ali extract every day is healthy for adults, but the amount isn't employed in studies. Additionally, no studies examine its long-term usage, leaving it unclear if it is legal for longer time periods.

Furthermore, a 2006 study that examined the mercury levels in 100 tongkat ali supplements from Malaysia discovered that 26% of them had levels above the limit recommended by experts.

Drinking excessive amounts of mercury may cause mercury poisoning, which is characterized by mood swings as well as memory issues and motor skill problems.

Additionally, the consequences of tongkat ali on infants or breastfeeding women are not being studied. So, whether this remedy can be used safely in these groups is unknown.


Tongkat Ali is safe for doses of 200 to 400 mg daily for most healthy adults. However, excessive doses have the potential to damage gastrointestinal DNA. It's not clear if tongkatali is safe for nursing or pregnant women. Certain supplements could include mercury.

Do you have tongkat Ali?

Certain studies suggest that tongkat Ali could help reduce anxiety and help improve body composition, but the research isn't extensive.

It can also be used to treat low testosterone, weak sexual libido, as well as male infertility.

Although tongkat Ali does not seem to cause adverse reactions at doses of up to 400 mg daily, research on the subject is not extensive, and the studies that are available concentrate on short-term use.

It's unclear if taking supplements for longer durations is beneficial and secure.

If you're considering using tongkat ali, you should consult your physician to ensure you are safe.

Keep in mind that certain supplements could be contaminated by mercury. Furthermore, they're not controlled and could contain more or less tongkat ali than stated on the product's label. Make sure you choose a reliable brand that a third party has evaluated.

Additionally, breastfeeding and pregnant women should not consume tongkat ali due to the absence of research in this particular area. Also, people who suffer from medical conditions or are taking medication should consult their physician before taking tongkat the ali.


Tongkat Ali may increase testosterone levels, help combat anxiety, and boost the body's composition, but studies are limited. Talk to your doctor before taking this supplement.

The most important thing is the bottom line

Tongkat longjack, also known as ali, is an herbal supplement believed to boost testosterone levels, male fertility and stress, performance in athletics, and the size of muscles.

However, research is still limited.

If you're interested in experimenting with tongkat Ali, speak to your physician and search for a trusted brand in the stores or online.

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