Survive in a World Without Antibiotics Book by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

The How to Survive in a World Without Antibiotics book by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, an alternative doctor, claims The Golden Age of Antibiotics is over and the rise of MRSA Superbugs are here.

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A How to Guide on Choosing Health Over Another Medicine

The new “How to Survive in a World Without Antibiotics”, found at MRSA Hotline website, provides users with a comprehensive guide to living a health lifestyle using wellness techniques and alternative remedies to mitigate illness and maximize quality of life.

A growing number of consumers all over the world have become disenchanted with the traditional pharmaceutical industry. While medical advancements have been tremendously helpful in giving some patients marked improvements to their health and wellness, over-prescription and unnecessary medication often comes with a number of prices. Users might be able to improve their blood pressure using certain pills, but these drugs could easily come with several side effects that offset any benefits provided in the first place.

Because of this growing dissatisfaction with the traditional industry of medicine, consumers everywhere are looking for new ways to either minimize or eliminate entirely their need for prescription drugs and antibiotics. “Survive in a World Without Antibiotics,” an instructional guide written by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, teaches readers how to eliminate their need for prescription medications by capitalizing on alternative remedies, treatments, and solutions.

In an era where emergency preparedness items like survival kits, first aid kits, face masks, and long term food storage are trending, one can never be sure who to trust or how much planning is necessary in times of immediate need a chaotic crisis.

Let's review Professor Keith Scott-Mumby's How To Survive In A World Without Antibiotics book and see what the doctor has to say about the “golden age” of antibiotics being over and why the rise of superbugs like MRSA pose a real threat, but what you can do about this emerging health risk.

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The Antibiotic Problem

Around the world, deadly disease, new bacteria, and other organisms are constantly challenging the effectiveness of antibiotics. New, seemingly antibiotic-resistant diseases have consumers concerned about the health of themselves and their families. Starting with the invention of penicillin, the medical world has been characterized as the “golden age of antibiotics.” Some fear, however, that the industry's over-reliance on effective antibiotics will ultimately be its greatest failure, rather than its greatest success. Because some consumers have come to rely so heavily on antibiotics to treat diseases they encounter, healthcare infrastructures seem dreadfully unprepared to combat diseases that have become resistant to this cure-all approach to health.

MRSA, for example, is a horrible staph infection that can be deadly, and recent records show that the infection kills more people now than AIDS. The disease can be spread incredibly easily; users only have to inhale the same air as someone who has the infection to contract it themselves. And MRSA is resistant to most forms of antibiotics.

MRSA isn’t the only condition with this type of drug resistance. A new strain of tuberculosis is making its rounds in many parts of the world, this time manifesting in the form of a strain that is MDR (multiple-drug resistant). There’s also a new type of pneumonia that accounts for 40% of the 100,000 hospitalizations associated with pneumonia, and it too is resistant to the use of penicillin. A deadly bacterium called vibrio vulnificus is killing people on beaches, where it can seep into the bloodstream through just a small cut and wreak havoc on the bodies of the unlucky hosts that contract it.

With the growing number of conditions, illnesses, and diseases that could be classified as antibiotic-resistant, guides like “How to Survive in a World Without Antibiotics” could not come at a more crucial time. Part of the reason that many of these antibiotic drugs aren’t used anymore is due to their actual overuse in the first place. Consumers are often taking antibiotics in ways that they might not normally even consider.

Farmers that own, raise, and care for livestock that consumers end up purchasing and then eating often use antibiotics to help their animals grow to be larger and meatier. Some estimates show that around 70% of livestock are given some kind of antibiotic. Although the purpose of giving these antibiotics as stated by the meat industry is to keep the animals healthy, many reports point out the cruel and unhygienic conditions in which the animals are raised as a strange hypocrisy. By continuously feeding livestock these antibiotics, consumers end up digesting them as well, leading them to build up a tolerance to antibiotics that they don’t even know they are being exposed to.

Most people don’t want to use prescription medications at all, often trying to remedy their own and family's health issues with the use of natural ingredients and longtime habits. When consumers use natural remedies and supplements, they don’t build up a tolerance at all, which allows the consumers to continually get the effects that they are trying to achieve.

What is Survive in a World Without Antibiotics?

This essential book publication, written by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, covers all the details that consumers need to know about helping themselves remain healthy without the use of harmful antibiotics. From using soapy water to making salves to store-bought and homemade remedies to common illnesses, “Survive in a World Without Antibiotics” provides users with a comprehensive guide to keeping themselves and their families healthy without the need for antibiotics and big pharma.

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has been in the medical industry for over three decades, and is historically known for revealing evidence that shows how an allergy to a specific food could make someone violent. By 1990, he was known as the “Number One Allergy Detective” in Britain. He’s already previously written many books, and he currently lectures around the world on the potential of alternative medicine.

By reading Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby's guide, the reader will learn how some bacteria are good for the body, while others are bad. They will learn how blue light can kill MRSA, how herbs can work to improve the body, and how large amounts of a certain “wonder vitamin” can reduce death by childbirth by nearly 100%. However, to get all of these remedies, lessons and more, consumers need to purchase a full copy of “Survive in a World Without Antibiotics.”

“Some of these alternatives perform BETTER than antibiotics. For example, one plant extract (you can drink the infusion) has better antibiotic properties than tetracycline and vancomycin, according to a full scientific trial. Vancomycin is acknowledged as the “last ditch” antibiotic that may (or may not) save someone with MRSA.”

Purchasing Survive in a World Without Antibiotics

To gain access to all of the materials that are offered by the creators, consumers can purchase either the digital copy ($29.95), a physical copy ($29.95), or one of each for ($39.95). For the digital copies, consumers will see instant delivery of the content within minutes of making their purchase. The website is offering an added FREE bonus of 3 MP3 Audios valued at $201.00. These audios are by respected experts:

  • Dr Garry Gordon MD, DO, MD(H): “Internationally-recognized alternative medicine expert and originator of oral chelation therapy. Listen to what he would do to avoid infections and why you should do it too!” (Value: $67)
  • Joel Wallach DVM, BS, ND: “Always renowned as the originator of the “Dead Doctors Don't Lie” tape! Dr. Wallach brings vast nutritional knowledge to bear, with surprise facts that will literally amaze you!” (Value: $67)
  • Thomas Levy MD, JD: “Lawyer, nutritional MD and a cardiologist, Dr. Levy is one of the world's top holistic doctors and wrote a seminal book on vitamin C miracle IV therapy for life-threatening infections.”(Value: $67)

Frequently Asked Questions About Survive in a World Without Antibiotics

Q: What Survival subjects does The Alternative Doctor's book cover?

A: This comprehensive guide covers: effective and safe natural antibiotic alternatives, the science behind them, and how to use them. According to the creator, “This ESSENTIAL BOOK covers EVERYTHING you need to know, from soapy water and drawing salves, through scores of fine natural remedies, to an array of PROVEN herbs and oils, to sophisticated modern devices that can blast microbes to smithereens, without harming a single cell in your body.”

Q: Are antibiotics bad for you?

A: By themselves, antibiotics generally are not bad for most consumers, although some users do have allergies that make certain antibiotics both useless and counter-productive. The main downside to antibiotic overuse is that it creates a vacuum of care options for when users build a natural tolerance to antibiotics. If someone spends their whole life using an antibiotic to treat their illness, for example, what will they do when their body no longer responds to antibiotics in the way it used to?

Q: Is alternative medicine right for everyone?

A: Truthfully, most consumers can make use of alternative medicine to respond to their illnesses and conditions. However, it is important that consumers consult their healthcare provider to ensure that their plan of alternative treatment is appropriate and expectations for treatment results are properly managed.

Q: Are there other publications written by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby?

A: Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has also written and well known for “Not Just Myth, the “Wise Woman Stories” and “Demanding Scientific Standards” and “Ignorant Conjecture.” For a complete list of his published works, users should visit his website.

Q: Will these remedies also work for just a common cold?

A: Yes! This book will teach and show you how to treat everything from the common cold, to how to improve your general immune system, and how to keep your family safe from deadly viruses that are becoming more and more widespread.

Q: What can alternative medicine treat?

A: Nearly any illness is a candidate for treatment plans involving alternative medicine. Although serious illness treatment plans should be carefully negotiated with your primary care physician, most sickness can be mitigated, at least in symptoms, by the use of alternative remedies.

Contacting the Creators of Survive in a World Without Antibiotics

The website has a lot of helpful information about the content involved in “Survive in a World Without Antibiotics,” but users likely still have questions. The customer service team can be reached by emailing [email protected].

Returns and Refunds

Consumers that find that this program is not necessarily right for them have up to 60 days to request a refund and then relinquish access to “Survive in a World Without Antibiotics” by contacting [email protected]. To help manage expectations, the company also provides this disclaimer for consumers:

“No product or service offered for sale on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No statement or opinion expressed on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. No product or service offered for sale on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.”

Final Thoughts

“Survive in a World Without Antibiotics” is meant for consumers who would like to avoid the pitfalls of the traditional medical industry through the use of alternative medicine and remedies. The program is easy to follow, and includes several free bonus editions upon ordering, but consumers need to make the decision to follow along. Though consumers should consult their healthcare physician before using any alternative medicine to treat their illnesses, “Survive in a World Without Antibiotics” presents itself as an excellent introductory guide into the essentials of living without antibiotics.

Watch the Pandemic Survival Video Here

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