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Stasher – Self-Sealing Reusable Food Grade Plastic Storage Bags?


Acting almost like a hybrid between the more traditional plastic containers and that of the plastic, sealable bags. Stasher however, is a patented, award winning design that is both environmentally safe, long-lasting eco-friendly. The founder of Stasher, is said to think outside the bag – she is the daughter of a nutritionist and an athlete so growing up with a healthy upbringing would be accurate.

She recalls reading food labels all the time and was taught to only ever choose the freshest produce. When she went on to have her own children, she found these habits went into hyper drive and their safety and health was a huge priority. What she started to realize, and what you might too, is that many of the containers or bags we store our healthy foods in – aren’t safe themselves.

In fact, they can contain dangerous chemicals and gasses and BPA only scratches the surface. And, if we want to comment on how much of that plastic finds its way to landfills, that’s another discussion in itself. So, she created the plastic free movement. She not only wanted this for her family, but for other families too. The movement began with one simple concept – what you cook in and what you store your foods need to be just as pure as the food you eat.

What Is Stasher?

Described as a Reusable Bag Revolution! Here are some quick facts about this bag;

  • First and only self-sealing, air-tight and non-plastic bag
  • Cook, bake, boil and microwave with it
  • Ideal for sous vide and other hot cooking ideas

Stasher, is 100% pure platinum food grade silicone and is a healthier alternative to plastic. Think of the time, effort and money you spend on choosing healthier food alternatives don’t ruin that with not being mindful to what you are storing it in. This can be as simple as the sandwich Stasher to take with you or a container to store leftovers.

Whichever Stasher you choose, you can feel confident that they are easy to use, easy to clean, reusable, non-toxic and deemed to be thoughtful storage.

The Stasher bags are safe for the microwave and the freezer because its airtight design. The nutrients, flavor, juices and all out goodness simply stays exactly where it is supposed to be – inside.

Stasher Products

There are eighteen (18) different products available from Stasher. They range from sandwich type bags to snack containers. They host a variety of colors and patterns – even a few animal kid friendly ones too.

The best sellers listed are:

  • Clear Half Gallon — $19.99
  • Clear Sandwich — $11.99
  • Aqua Sandwich — $11.99
  • Raspberry Sandwich — $11.99
  • Clear Snack — $9.99

Many of the snack containers are sold out at this time, but you are able to view the inventory status on the website clearly under the shop section. This also includes the dimensions and how many fluid ounces are within.

To order, simply visit the Stasher website and place your order to join the non-plastic movement today!

Live Healthier
Live Healthier
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