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DetraPel – Liquid Repellent Spray Products For Stain Prevention?


DetraPel is a formula that consumers can spray onto their clothing and accessories to reduce the risk of staining, which maintains the wear of the product for even longer. The spray can be purchased online at the official website, or through an authorized third-party.

What Is DetraPel?

No matter how hard someone tries to control and plan their lives, every day is filled with unknown circumstances and accidents that can happen. Sometimes, it is the fault of the victim, not paying attention to wear they are going, and then they trip. Other times, it is a bump into a coworker that is rushing past, and coffee spills all over them.

Regardless of the reason for the accident, most people are left with some sort of stain on their clothing from whatever liquid they encountered. To stop this stain from ruining yet another favorite garment, consumers may want to consider DetraPel.

DetraPel has been established since 2013, and helps to repel basically any liquid. The formula is available in a spray, helping to cover up to 10 square feet of material with a 2-ounce bottle. However, consumers can purchase the product with wholesale pricing for a larger quantity. The formula is completely safe for the environment, is not flammable, and contains absolutely no toxins. It even resists rust, ice, and UV rays, which also threaten the quality of different garments.

Specifically, this product can be used to protect:

  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Sports Equipment
  • Carpets
  • Tablecloths
  • Uniforms
  • Bags
  • Purses

Read on below to find out more information about the way that DetraPel works on the surfaces that it is applied to.

How DetraPel Works

The reason that DetraPel is so good at resistant liquids is due to nanotechnology that can repel anything for up to a year. The components come from natural ingredients, including extracts from the lotus flower. Basically, the formula mimics exactly what happens to the flower when it rains – the liquid simply rolls off. With other eco-friendly ingredients as well, DetraPel was made.

Nanotechnology is a concept that involves controlling various atoms and molecules at an incredibly small scale. Typically, liquid will disperse, and soak the surface of whatever material it touches. However, the use of DetraPel controls those molecules and prevents them from soaking in. It alters the angle that the liquid falls, slanting it to keep it from going directly into the material.

Even though this material is resistant to staining, it can lose the resistance after about 1 to 3 washes. Once the formula is washed off with 5 washes, consumers can reapply it.

Using DetraPel

Before applying DetraPel to the surface of whatever object chosen, the user needs to clean off the surface to ensure that there are no particles that can be sealed up into the surface. Then, take the DetraPel bottle, and spray the surface from six inches away. This distance will be far enough away to avoid over-saturating the area, but close enough to get full coverage.

Allow the material to dry for about 30 minutes. Then, repeat the process, and leave the material alone for 24 hours before use. If the user is protecting leather products, or products made with non-porous materials, spray DetraPel onto the material, and use a fine cloth to work it in. then, it can be sprayed after the 30-minute wait time.

Purchasing DetraPel

The total cost of a bottle of DetraPel starts at $12.99, though there are a variety of different sizes available. All the products are sent the same day of the order, when it is placed on the website. However, consumers also have the choice of purchasing DetraPel from Amazon, the Grommet, and Photobucket.

Right now, consumers cannot make the purchase in retail stores, but the third-party website offer shipping deals to get the products as soon as possible.

Contacting The Creators Of DetraPel

The website has so much information about the way that DetraPel works, which means that there’s very little that consumers may still want to know. However, if there is a question about the order that the user placed, or some other topic, they can reach out to the customer service team with a phone call or an email.

  • Phone number: 323-657-3735
  • Email address: info@detrapel.com

DetraPel Conclusion

DetraPel is meant for any consumer that is sick of having to waste money to remove stains from different items around their home. The versatility of the treatment is possibly the greatest appeal, though consumers will need to buy more of the formula to adequately protect all their garments and furniture on a regular basis.

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