Frywall – BPA-Free Spillover & Splatter Protection For Cooking?


Let us take you back to the last time you were in your kitchen. You are using the frying pan – perhaps you are cooking some bacon, or frying eggs. You may even be cooking a large batch of greens lie spinach or kale – even searing a steak. Whatever it is that you were doing in that pan, we would imagine there was grease that found its way to your stove-top. Or, your clothing, counters, etc.

You see, we need that oil hot, otherwise things become soggy and sloppy – but cooking things in a frying pan comes with mess. That is, until now. Frywall was designed to block the spatters from happening outside of your pan.

Frywall Design

The Frywall design was well thought out – its coned shape allows for adequate room for the chef (also known as you) to still be able to access the foods in the pan without issue. The design sits high enough that there is no splatter making its way overtop and will also allow for a big pile of greens to cook evenly without spilling over.

The Frywall is made of BPA free materials and is a FDA compliant silicone. In addition, this product can stand up to 450 degrees of heat and is dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

The Frywall product comes in four (4) different sizes;

  1. 10 Inch Frywall for medium pans (Retails for $21.95)
  2. 11 Inch Frywall for medium to large pans (Retails for $23.95)
  3. 12 Inch Frywall for large pans (Retails for $28.95)
  4. 13 Inch Frywall for large to extra-large pans (Retails for $29.95)

Each of the four (4) sizes also comes in different colors to choose from;

  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange

When the Frywall is compared to other products on the market that are designed for essentially the same protection, what we need to take into consideration is that those screens do not always allows the steam to escape, or they require removal from the pan while cooking. The Frywall was designed to sit with a seamless protection in the pan to allow for uninterrupted protection with complete access to the cooking space.

As a result, the food will cook more evenly, without mess and nothing about the Frywall product requires manipulation through the cooking process. Each Frywall comes with a storage sleeve that will roll the Frywall into a pint-sized sleeve for your storage.

Using Frywall

The first time may be a bit tricky, but their website assures you it gets easier so it’s best to practice before hand. You want to check that the surface marked ‘in’ faces the inside of the pan. Grip the Frywall with your thumbs on the inside and use your other fingers to spread it out along the outside surface.

This should, form a circle. Now, you can safely lower the Frywall into your pan and it should rest against the inside surface of the pan’s rim. This way, the cooking surface is always clear.

Happy cooking!


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