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Be Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush – Twist Powered Brush?


Not just another toothbrush. Be, stands for Beyond Electric and may just be the next best thing in the world of toothbrushes – and technology. You see, it is more than an electric toothbrush. Yes, the head vibrates as you brush but it also has a built in kinetic storage device.

You can power this toothbrush with only a couple twists and suddenly you are in the world of 80,000 tarter fighting brush strokes.

More People are Going Manual

Here’s the deal, we know that electric toothbrushes give a better clean to the teeth and mouth. And yet, more people still use the manual way of brushing – why? Because, it is easier. Electric toothbrushes are not often cost effective, they have wires and batteries and charging stations. In a world of convenience, they simply are not.

The Be Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush was designed with the traveler and minimalist in mind. It can go just about anywhere with you and its effectiveness is never compromised (or, out of power!).

Main Highlights About the Be Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush

There are several benefits to this toothbrush, but let’s summarize a few of the key ones that have everyone’s attention.

Battery and Electric Free

As mentioned above, this means no wires, batteries, etc. With Be, you simply add your toothpaste, twist the dial twice and hit power. Leave the rest up to Be.


More and more this has become a priority for people, as it should be. Be, is 100% biodegradable in the brush heads and they use a recyclable build. This is the very first toothbrush on the market that is healthy for your mouth and the earth.

Smart Technology

Each brush, is charcoal infused which assists with the perfect pressure this smart sensor operates with precise tarter fighting pressure. This helps brushing not just be easier – but keeps you conscious about the process.

Travel Friendly

‘Be’ it camping, business travel or on your honeymoon – this is the toothbrush designed for you. It Is perfect for the person on the go. It comes with a snap on carry case that is the shape of a cylinder and fits an extra brush in case a refill Is necessary for longer travel.

Does the Pressure Matter?

What most people don’t know (or recall their dentists telling them) is that, the pressure applied to your teeth and gums when brushing should be at 120 grams of pressure. That, is equivalent to that of an orange. In applying the right pressure, it will help save tooth enamel, reduce gum recession, increase the length of usage time for your bristles and help keep dental bills at a low.

Above, we mentioned the charcoal infused bristles. This is referred to as Binchotan. It is found in all the toothbrushes made by Be and is now, more commonly found in detox drinks, face masks, water purification systems and more. It has been found, that activated charcoal can help target mouth odor, help balance pH levels and help to stop anti-microbial growth.

When using the Be toothbrush you are receiving a healthy dose of this activated charcoal every time you brush – which in turn, will help combat signs of gingivitis and an all around healthier mouth.

How to Order the Be Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush

The Be Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush is part of the Indiegogo family. To order, you would do so by backing this product with a pledge of $59.00 or more for one (1) toothbrush.

Alternatively, you can order two (2) for only $115.00.

This product has an estimated delivery of December 2018. With your support, it will make this product possible and help create healthier mouths all around the world.

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