Spade SB-66: Spade Nutrition's Superfoods Blend Supplement Review

Reviewing the Spade SB-66 supplement's story to research how Spade Nutrition's Superfoods Blend works to provide elite nutrition using wholesome plant-based herbal ingredients.

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Spade SB-66 by Spade Nutrition is a superfoods blend that offers over 50 nutrient-rich ingredients with three primary ‘tastebud rewriting' complexes in the new health supplement.

The Spade Superfoods Blend is the company's flagship product, but before we get into the Stanford University-based breakthrough Spade's SB-66 supplement is built upon, the need to cover a few key terms to help understand what our research dug up about the wholesome plant-based nutritional formula.

The story behind the creation of Spade SB-66 greens drink is pretty incredible and insightful. Not only is the Spade Superfoods Blend loaded with fifty plus 100% high quality plant-based natural foods that are dehydrated and powderized, but the Spade Nutrition company and licensed medicine practitioner, Dr. Dan Larke, supply a ton of research and terminology about the new Stanford study discovery of identifying the fat-forming hormone and how to slow down or even stop the formation of new fat cells which can be a great feat for those looking to lose weight.

Between stem cell differentiation (of brown fat cells and white fat cells), ancestral genetic programming, understanding the role of Adamts1 hormones on metabolism control, fat cell differentiation inhibition (FCDI), or names like KSM-66 Withania Somnifera and its effects on Cortisol (the stress hormone); it is safe to say there is a lot to unpack as there is a lot to digest, pun intended.

Let's review Spade Nutrition's Spade SB-66 Superfoods Blend supplement and separate fact from fiction given all of the research unearthed on whether or not this product can win the battle against weight loss, fight food cravings and deliver whole body wellness.



SB-66 to Stop Hormonal Weight Gain and Lose Weight?

Spade SB-66 is a supplement that consumers can use to help reduce the hormone production that causes the body to gain and retain weight, while pushing for weight loss. The Spade Nutrition superfoods blend can only presently be ordered through the official website, though consumers have the opportunity to subscribe for regular shipments. It's time to dive into the discover about how your body is wired and programmed to make new fat cells, then learn how to beneficially alter these hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain.

What is Spade SB-66 Superfoods Blend?

spade nutrition spade sb66 superfoods blend
Spade SB-66 Superfoods Blend from

Losing weight can be a struggle for many consumers, especially when they change their diet and exercise regimen with little to no results. While these changes would typically elicit at least a few pounds lost, some people struggle with hormonal imbalances that make it difficult to drop the weight. The creators of Spade SB-66 believe that they have a solution.

Spade SB-66, developed by Dr. Dan Larke of Spade Nutrition, explained that the hormone has been programmed for centuries to deal with certain nutrition, but not the nutrition of today. According to Dr. Larke, this hormone forces stem cells to convert into fat, replacing fat as its lost in a never-ending cycle. With the use of Spade SB-66, a hormone called Adamts1 and the stress hormone cortisol can diminish to open the door for weight loss.

What Are the Spade SB-66 Ingredients?

The main ingredient that this formula is centered around is withania somnifera root extract, which is more commonly known as ashwagandha. According to the website, this formula is crucial for reducing cortisol production and promoting a healthy metabolism. In this supplement, it also offers improved energy levels and increased antioxidant protection.

As the creators of this remedy say that a supplement exclusively made of this ingredient is not potent enough, they use a version called KSM-66. KSM-66 is made by Ixoreal in India, offering a highly purified version of this ingredient that has won awards for its formulation and been involved with 22 human clinical trials. The Spade Nutrition website says this specific form of ashwagandha extract even won NutraIngedients Asia's Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year award in 2018. The Society for Ethnopharmacology voted it number one Herbal Industry Leader in 2016 as well as an innovative botanical ingredient in 2014, 2013 and 2012 too. All the trials were done using gold-standard clinical research where KSM-66 was proven to be effective in randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled scientific studies.

The KSM-66 is where Spade SB-66 name comes from and  also contains other ingredients to round out the effects, including:

  • Reishi mushrooms, to provide probiotic support and reduce fat accumulation.
  • Mangosteen, which can help with burning fat
  • Epigallocatechin (a green tea extract), which promotes up to three times the weight loss of diet and exercise alone

The website states that there is also six “whole food blends of greens, fruits and vegetables,” as well as two “powerful hormone regulating blends designed to handle cravings, reduce appetite, and improve body composition.”

Here is a complete look at the supplement facts found on the Spade SB-66 Superfoods Blend supplement:

spade nutrition sb-66 supplement facts ingredients

On Spade Nutrition's SB-66 supplement website, the company gives a complete list of all the 50 nutrient-rich superfood sources made in the blend. For those reviewing all available research, take a deep breathe as these are all the whole food ingredients found in Spade SB-66. They are acacia, alfalfa, apple, apricot, ashwagandha, asparagus, banana, beet, blackberry, blueberry, broccoli, brussel sprout, carrot root, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cherry, chlorella, cinnamon bark, cranberry, cucumber, coconut milk powder, enzyme blend, ginger root, grapes, green bell pepper, green tea extract (EGCG), inulin, kale, maitake mushroom, mangosteen (garcinia), magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), orange, parsley, pineberry, pomegrante, quinoa sprouts, raspberry, reishi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, sodium copper chlorophyllin, spinach, spirulina, strawberry, tomato, turmeric, vitamin C from acerola cherry extract, vitamin E, yerba leaf and wheatgreass.

How Much Does Spade SB-66 Supplement Cost?

When it comes to purchasing Spade Nutrition's Superfoods Blend formula, Spade SB-66 plant-based nutritional greens drink consumers will need to decide how many canisters they want to order at once. The price also changes with the quantity purchased. Choose from:

  • One canister for $57 ($52 with subscription)
  • Three canisters for $149 or $49.66 each
  • Six canisters for $239 or $39.83 each

If the robust formula doesn’t work for the user, they have up to a year to return the formula for a refund. That's right, a nearly unheard of 365-day refund policy and money back guarantee for all users who order Spade SB-66. The health company also offers supplements by the name of Digestive and Probiotics.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Spade SB-66

Let’s break down a few of the common questions that consumers ask about Spade SB-66 and expand upon a few of the missing details about Spade Nutrition's Superfoods Blend.

Q: What is KSM-66?

A: KSM-66 is a withania somnifera root extract is made by Ixoreal that is a highly purified version of ashwagandha, along with containing reishi mushrooms, mangosteen, and green tea extract. The ingredient required 14 years of research and development to refine and stabilize it into the highest concentration full-spectrum extract. After 22 human studies and clinical trials, the health benefits of the specialized ashwagandha form KSM-66 include cardiorespiratory endurance support, muscle mass and strength booster, positive anti-aging effects and optimal thyroid function.

Q: What is in Spade SB-66?

A: Spade SB-66 contains KSM-66, six blends of greens, and two hormone-regulating blends. The SB-66 Superfoods Blend is sweetened with Stevia so it doesn't affect your blood sugar levels so it is considered diabetics-friendly. All the ingredients are listed above, but the key to this green superfood drink formulation is the taste according to Doctor Dan, the product's formulator.

Q: How do you prepare Spade SB-66?

A: Mix one scoop of the Spade SB-66 powder with water or any other beverage. Drink one superfoods blend serving a day for at least 30 days to get the advertised benefits and produce the results Spade Nutrition and Dr. Dan Larke promote.

Q: Who is Spade Nutrition's Dr. Dan Larke?

A: Doctor Dan, or Dr. Daniel Larke, developed Spade Nutrition's SB-66 Superfoods Blend supplement formula. As a advocate for eating natural foods as a plant-based nutritionist, he also runs an active Physician practice called Thrive Regenerative Medicine, which Times Media Group voted number 1 body improvement and best men's wellness provider in Chandler, Arizona for the 2019 calendar year.

Before establishing himself as a board licensed physician specializing in multiple areas of health as well as being a professor of Men's Health today, in 2002 Dan was able to overcome stage 4 cancer in his late thirties by using superfoods. This caused him to pursue medical school and become a big enthusiast of living a healthy lifestyle and supplement with Spade SB-66.

For consumers that still have questions, the customer service team with Spade Nutrition can be reached by emailing [email protected], calling 844-MYSPADE or visiting

Who is Spade Nutrition?

Directly on the Spade SB-66 Superfoods Blend canister the company has three stand out lines:

  • Your Daily Dose of Superfoods
  • No Compromising on health.
  • Spade IS elite nutrition.

Directly on the official website, the company makes it clear why to use their health supplements:

Spade SB-66 Summary

Spade SB-66 is meant for any consumer that finds themselves reaching a plateau in weight loss. While this remedy is not a substitute for intervention by a medical professional, the ingredients inside may help with the hormonal concerns that consumers may have with weight loss.

Given how much research, science and information was gathered about the doctor-approved formula of Spade SB-66 (especially in comparison to all of the greens drinks available online), Spade Nutrition's Spade Superfood Blends is certainly one of the most power-packed plant-based products on the market due to the 50 whole food nutritional sources used to make the herbal supplement. As always, leave your comments below and let us know what you thought of our review on Spade Nutrition's Spade SB-66 Superfoods Blend supplement today.


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