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Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with Ginger product is enhanced with BioPerine is claims to help benefit digestive health, inflammation and burn fat for weight loss effects.

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Science Natural Supplements' Turmeric with Ginger combines the power of both herbal extracts into a single supplement to enhance the benefits of each's medicinal healing effects.

The Turmeric with Ginger supplement also utilizes BioPerine black pepper extract to increase the absorption of ginger and turmeric ingredients. Together, the synergistic blend by Science Natural Supplements claims to help contest inflammation, joint pain, digestion, lower blood sugar and infection protection. There's even turmeric and ginger benefits associated with everything from improved mental function to heart and liver health.

Let's review the Turmeric with Ginger from Science Natural Supplements to unearth an  appropriate amount of research before making an educated decision on whether or not to buy a turmeric and ginger supplement.


What is Turmeric with Ginger?

Turmeric and its active compound, curcumin have been proven to better a number of health areas for thousands of years throughout Eastern medicine. Now the compatibility and synergy of mixing these two powerhouse herbs together is making waves in the natural health community.

In particular, right out of the bottle, the duo is believed to house strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Then we have ginger, an ingredient commonly used to reduce gas and nausea, muscle pain and soreness and inflammation-related illnesses among others.

What happens when two powerful ingredients come together as one? This is where Science Natural Supplements solution deserves some spotlight.

According to Science Natural Supplements, their Turmeric with Ginger supplement is deemed the ‘unstoppable force' that can tend to weight loss, pain relief, infection protection, and digestive health to name a few.

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What are the Benefits of Combining Turmeric with Ginger?

As previously mentioned, turmeric and ginger both carry a wide range of health benefits. However, one is likely to question the reasoning behind combining them. Based on the claims made, both ingredients come from the same plant family called Zingiberaceae and predominately extracted from the roots, or rhizome of ginger and turmeric plants. While this can explain the similarities in benefits of each, what's interesting to note is Thai and Indian cultures used turmeric for its bitter and brilliant orange turmeric color while Asian cooking methods used a lot of spicy, tangy ginger filled tastes. Now, turmeric with ginger is rising in popularity because of how each other not only compliment one another, but enhance the effectiveness too.

What's incredible about the connection between turmeric infused with ginger is individually they are two of the most studied herbal ingredients in the world to analyze their diverse medicinal benefits. Turmeric, which has many different names it can be associated by, such as Curcuma longa, Curcuma aromatica, Curcuma domestica or even Indian saffron, is actually closely related to ginger and has historically been used as a herbal remedy for fighting fatigue, chronic pain, rheumatism and even breathing problems in Ayurvedic medicine.

Fast forward to today and turmeric is the wonder herb, a dietary supplement with far fetching beneficial effects like combating arthritis, gallbladder and even cancer. Also the more popular buzzwords like joint pain, inflammation, liver detox and weight loss are also associated with turmeric's benefits. Add ginger (Zingiber officinale) and now we the spicy properties of turmeric become enhanced even greater than on its own and now there are new formulations like Turmeric with Ginger by Science Natural Supplements available.

Turmeric and Ginger: Pain Relief, Immunity and Digestive Health

Turmeric and ginger both hold weight in the anti-inflammatory property category, which is the main reason why they serve as a pain relief solution. When you have inflammation spread throughout your body, you are basically “on fire” internally and these herbal spices are essentially cold water for your system. With turmeric, it is actually its active compound called curcumin that does all the relieving. That said, improvements are typically felt when a large dosage of curcumin is consumed.

For those who are accustomed to colds, morning sickness or even nausea, the combination of turmeric and ginger is said to make a positive difference. As per existing studies, ginger supposedly prevents growth of different pathogens known to flow through the respiratory tract, and helps decrease seasonal flu symptoms. In addition, curcumin’s anti-viral properties were found to eliminate symptoms associated with certain diseases.

Finally, when it comes to one’s digestive health, curcumin supposedly helps by relaxing muscles and tenderly pushing food through the intestines, achieves a balance in the gut, and strengthens stomach lining. As for ginger, it is known to release excess gas while soothing the intestinal tract. Also a new study revealed curcumin can lower triglyceride levels and reduces swelling better than a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

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What is the nutritional breakdown of the Turmeric with Ginger supplement?

Each serving consists of two capsules (one capsule with two different meals), which contain 1000mg of turmeric, 200mg of ginger, 100mg of turmeric 95% curcuminoids, and 10mg of BioPerine.

According to the Arthritis Foundation [1], consuming anywhere between 400 to 600mg of turmeric three times a day would be ideal for pain relief. That said, Science Natural Supplements’ choice of dosage appears to satisfy this.

In addition, such supplements require black pepper because with curcumin, as only two to six percent is normally absorbed in the bloodstream. Bioperine is a proven ingredient that increases bioavailability, which has also been included in this supplement.

Who is Science Natural Supplements?

The story behind Science Natural Supplements revolves around the creator, Cody Bramlett. As a trainer, he’s helped a number of his clients attain desirable bodies and health. Eventually, it was his father’s health that triggered him to look for a natural solution that can heal chronic inflammation.

After many years of research, he came across turmeric, an ingredient commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking. Upon identifying all sorts of natural ingredients, he made it his goal to help consumers achieve top shape and live a life free of pain. Hence, the existence of Science Natural Supplements. The natural nutritional products company also offers a host of other formulas including BioHarmony Complex Plus.

How much does Turmeric with Ginger Supplement Cost?

For a one-month supply, consumers can expect to invest $39. To save some money, other options are currently offered as well. In particular, with the purchase of three supplements, each would cost $33, and six would cost $29 each.

Based on the analysis above, Science Natural Supplements’ appear to satisfy the necessary quantities of turmeric and ginger for optimal health. To learn more about Science Natural Supplements, visit the official Turmeric with Ginger website today.

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