The Disciples Way God’s Food Pyramid: Kristina Wilds Metabolic Master Switch

Reviewing The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch System where Kristina Wilds reveals her new God's Food Pyramid diet plan based on God's Nutritional Code found in the Bible.

Full Disclosure

The Disciples Way is a biblical body transformation program designed by Kristina Wilds who created God's Food Pyramid as a nutritional code to help activate The Metabolic Master Switch.

Kristina Wilds' Metabolic Master Switch system starts by presenting Corinthians 6:19-20 which states “the body is the temple of the holy spirit.” While Kristina Wilds is no stranger to the health and wellness world, having successfully released The Shepherd's Diet based on a biblical belly breakthrough where over 100,000 Christians joined the community; The Disciples Way is her newest revelation about healing fats that lead to the development of God's Food Pyramid based on God's Nutritional Code extracted directly from the Bible itself.

Let's review The Disciples Way, The Metabolic Master Switch and God's Food Pyramid where Kristina Wilds outlines God's Nutritional Code on what to eat and overcome ‘diet hunger' using the holy secret and divine intervention she received as a higher-power helping hand when discovering this fat-blasting miracle.


What is The Disciples Way God’s Food Pyramid?

God’s Food Pyramid is a free presentation available online through

During the presentation, Kristina Wilds explains how nutritional lessons from the Bible can help anyone look and feel their best by turning on The Metabolic Master Switch by eating foods that honor our health and do not pollute our god-given body's temple unknowingly.

The presentation is catered towards people of any background and any age. It’s nearly 55 minutes long and covers a variety of intriguing topics meant to help heal the body naturally by consuming fats over carbs.

The presentation is completely free, although the ultimate goal of the presentation is to give people access to all of Kristina Wilds relentless research found in her nutritional scrolls for a small fee covered below.

How Does The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch Work?

The Metabolic Master Switch System outlined in The Disciples Way program would have not been possible without the help of San Diego-based Dr. Josh Dex's food system.

The marriage between Dr. Dex's radical high-fat therapeutic approach to health combined with Kristina Wilds' nutritional scrolls research is what gave birth to the Metabolic Master Switch, which is a biblically-inspired step by step weight loss system backed by science. Together, this mixture of God's Healing Fats and God's Nutritional Code makes up the new food pyramid that helps boost the body's metabolism into burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

God’s Food Pyramid covers a lot of diet topics over the hour-long event. Some of the core topics covered include:

  • How 2,000 year old “nutritional scrolls that biblical scholars recently uncovered are bringing new hope to Americans who struggle with knowing what to eat”
  • Which foods get burned for energy and which get stored as fat
  • “The true story of people who began following God’s path and achieved outstanding results quickly”
  • The foods God told Noah to eat before flooding the earth “And how you can use these same foods for better health today”
  • Why God’s Food Pyramid works for people of all backgrounds and ages
  • The Three Major Fat Burning Blockers (when your body uses carbs as your only fuel source, plus the energy produced by carbs being glucose, which is a sugar and the most dangerous one is that glucose feeds various diseases)
  • How to eliminate deceptive fat and identify the most toxic fat to avoid that promotes inflammation in the brain and body plus the inflammation-fighting fat you should be eating.
  • The Cravings Controller Technique which helps overcome sugar addictions and devilish desires for unhealthy junk food
  • The Smart Carb Feasting Trick that helps bypass harmful insulin spikes and acknowledging everything in moderation deception as well as covering the devil's secret ingredient that plagues organic foods
  • And finally, the Divine-Willpower On-Demand Prayer and 7 Biblical Cooking Hacks (like Cloud Bread)

Kristina Wilds explains in The Disciples Way program that carbs only provide 4 calories of energy per every one gram consumed while fat provides 9 calories of energy for 1 gram of fat, which is over double the amount. She also mentions that “sugar feeds cancer” and causes the yo-yo weight loss cycle to fluctuate no matter how well you think you are eating and thus should start following God's Healing Fats plan to harness their power for optimal wellness.

As mentioned above, there’s a clear biblical angle here: if you believe the Bible taught us powerful lessons about nutrition in the 21st century, then the God’s Food Pyramid presentation may be the right choice for you.

What Does the Bible Say About Nutrition?

The entire idea behind God’s Food Pyramid is that the Bible and other 2,000-year-old biblical texts have given us specific dietary advice.

So what exactly does the Bible say about nutrition?

Much of the presentation focuses on the idea of healthy fats or “healing fats”. These fats can kickstart your metabolism and help you lose weight – just like a high-fat, low-carb keto diet.

The presentation specifically mentions fats called “God’s healing fats”, which are essentially akin to what keto dieters follow which is a low-carb high-fat diet protocol to follow. By adhering to the principles laid out in The Disciple's Way and God's Nutritional Code, these high-fat foods contain healing elements that will activate the Metabolic Master Switch which will unblock the three major fat-burning blockers Kristina alludes to in the God’s Food Pyramid presentation.

She believes all of us share a common enemy, which is the Standard American Diet which consists of a typical Western food plan dominated by carbohydrates.

By the end of the presentation, it may seem like The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch System is essentially a keto diet marketed under a different name (God’s Food Pyramid), but there seems to be much more education and research than the basic ketogenic diet information found online.

Despite what the truth about healing fats presentation claims, there aren’t many specific Bible verses that directly mention healthy fats or any diet advice – however, as Kristina points out they are the hidden in plain sight styles where you have to dig a little deeper to uncover the true meaning of the Bible's written word. While there are many vague verses, the presentation doesn’t discuss much the Bible at all and keeps them for The Disciples Ways Metabolic Master Switch eBook that breaks down over 150 different verses that can be interpreted towards using healing fats for health.

Of course, in any case, the Bible has little to say about the keto diet, grocery lists, or any relevant nutritional information in the 21st century. A traditional keto diet consists of about 70% fats, 25% protein, and 5% or fewer carbs. But God's Nutritional Code is all about healing fats that supply the body with natural energy versus stuffing your face with empty carbohydrate calories.

What’s Included in The Disciples Way God’s Food Pyramid?

God’s Food Pyramid presentation on The Disciples Way is completely free to view online. However, the presentation does offer packages of eBooks as an attachment for buying The Metabolic Master Switch System. Here’s a brief overview of each eBook and how it works:

Metabolic Master Switch System: This eBook describes how a low-calorie keto diet (high fat, low carbs) can supercharge your metabolism and help you lose weight. The eBook is also sold online through a recent promotion by Dr. Dex.

Metabolic Master Switch Grocery Shopping Lists: This grocery shopping list help you buy foods suited for the Metabolic Master Switch diet plan, which is a ketogenic diet with healthy fats and low carbs. Expect lots of dairy, meats, nuts, and other high-fat, low-carb foods.

What Would Jesus Eat Grocery Field Guide: This eBook describes what Jesus would eat if he were shopping at a grocery store in the 21st century. The emphasis is on whole foods and healthy fats. It seems very similar to the keto diet.

Anti-Anxiety & Stress Elimination Guide: Stress plays a critical role in weight gain. If you have struggled to lose weight while following a healthy diet and exercise routine, then the problem could be linked to stress. This eBook teaches you meditation strategies and other management techniques to reduce anxiety and eliminate stress.

Healthy Brain Manual: The Healthy Brain Manual highlights how to maintain brain health as you age, including the foods you should eat, the daily practices you should implement, and more.

Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets Manual: This eBook explains how to refresh your cells as you age to ensure you maintain good health at any age.

The Celebrity Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Secret: During Kristina Wilds two-decade-long career as a certified health coach, she has worked with many esteemed private clients and famous people, even mentioning her initial Shepherd's Diet presentation may have reached the likes of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow who have both given up sugar in their diets in favor of God's healing fats.

The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch Pricing

The Disciples Way God’s Food Pyramid is free. However, the Metabolic Master Switch eBook package is priced at $37 after applying a steep discount according to Kristina.

You get instant access to all of the bonus eBooks listed above after entering your credit card details. The eBooks are emailed directly to your inbox. These are exclusively digital products: there are no physical products included and will be given access to the growing group on Facebook to join The Disciples Way community of users applying God's Nutritional Code Food Pyramid to activate the master metabolism switch too.

In our opinion, this is one of the best assets in the entire Disciples Way program is the ability to interact with other devout Christians who are on the path of miraculous health transformations using the nutritional tweaks Kristina Wilds outlines in her Metabolic Master Switch System. All consumers who purchase The Disciples Way will receive lifetime support for the Metabolic Master Switch system and updates to God's Food Pyramid plan.

Refund Policy

The package of eBooks comes with a 1-year, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee policy. If you don’t like the system, then you have twelve months to request a full refund for any reason.

Just email [email protected] and you can receive an immediate refund.

Who Is Kristina Wilds?

The Disciples Way's God Food Pyramid presentation is led by Kristina Wilds, described as “a respected health researcher and best-selling author who has inspired over 100,000 people to breathe, feel good about life and achieve a healthy weight long-term without cravings.”

As a follower of Christ, a believer in the word of God and a full-time mother, the website adds that Kristina is “certified in obesity, nutrition, mental illness, and substance abuse”; although it’s unclear which certifications she has. The Disciples Way creator is also a corrective exercise specialist and childhood obesity expert as well as practicing, training and teaching CrossFit.

Through all of her certificates in the wellness industry, Kristina has 20 years of first-hand experience helping people achieve their health goals and obtain biblical brainpower using the Bible to jumpstart fat loss at any age. She states she has unearthed the ideal way for Christians to eat by following the holy nutritional code our lord created to command fat cells in the body to burn themselves for energy which results in effortless weight loss effects.

Kristina Wilds is best known for her Christian diet books. She published a book called The Shepherd’s Diet in 2017, for example, which featured “A biblically inspired 7 step system to lose weight, look great, and feel younger”.

When creating The Disciples Way Metabolic Master Switch System, Kristina Wilds had this to say about following God's Nutritional Code Food Pyramid:

“Rooted in Biblical wisdom and delivered to fit a modern-day lifestyle, our work is based on the belief that true spiritual, emotional and physical healing is interconnected.”

Who’s Behind God’s Food Pyramid and The Disciples Way?

The Disciples Way, found online at, is published online by a company called PrimaDNA, LLC. That company is also the parent company of Dr. Dex, a similar online brand that emphasizes weight loss and health and wellness. Dr. Dex published the Metabolic Master Switch eBook. PrimaDNA, LLC is based in Henderson Nevada.

While we do know the Metabolic Master Switch System is a free presentation launched online by Kristina Wilds and The Disciples Way that teaches you nutritional lessons from the Bible and other ancient scrolls, there is only limited information about PrimaDNA available.

The company also has begun a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram where you can even see Kristina Wilds doing healthy food recipe videos about The Disciples Way and the Metabolic Master Switch program. While the official Twitter page appears to be suspended, it is linked from the homepage of The Disciples Way and will likely be back up for those interested in following or sending a message via the social network's platform.

Is The Disciples Way and Metabolic Master Switch Right for You?

By now, you know the diet and lifestyle company The Disciples Way has launched a new presentation called God’s Food Pyramid that is centered around activating the Metabolic Master Switch by consuming God's healing fats sourced directly from the pages of the Bible.

You also know the presentation is led by health researcher and author Kristina Wilds, who explains how God’s Food Pyramid “is helping thousands look and feel their best”. Because the premise of God’s Food Pyramid is that the best diet advice comes from The Bible, the idea is that biblical scholars have discovered “2,000-year-old nutritional scrolls” that are “bringing new hope to Americans who struggle with knowing what to eat” who are plagued by the side effects associated with the Standard American Diet of too many carbs, not enough fat or protein (hence the ketogenic diet references above).

While The Disciple's Way diet plan is heavily catered towards Christians, the authors are careful to explain that God’s Food Pyramid “works for people of any background and any age”. She also touches on how the meals are designed for the active lifestyle on the go and contain fully-immersive step by step videos explaining how to use The Disciples Way and boost your metabolism's master switch to burn fat naturally.

At the end of the presentation, viewers receive an offer to buy a package of eBooks for $37. The eBooks include additional nutrition lessons from the Bible, including what types of foods Jesus would buy from the grocery store in 2020.

In conclusion, the majority of these fad diet programs in today's marketplace are usually a victim to using a few buzzwords to capitalize on the latest trends where it ends up being a classical case of enthusiasm outpacing evidence. However, just like Kristina Wilds stated in her Disciple's Way presentation on activating the Metabolic Master Switch, Deuteronomy 31:6 says “he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

It begs to question, is this counter-intuitive approach to a weight loss of “Eat More Fat” bad advice? Or does the science stack up in its favor? Following God's Nutritional Code, which abides by the divine food ratio, can act as a secret weapon towards burning fat for energy instead of carbs according to Kristina Wilds.

So should you have faith in the Metabolic Master Switch System? We would have to highly suggest this is a yes given all of the research and investigative analysis available. While the biblical nutrition tone may be heavy or even a turn-off for some, given the fact there is an astounding 1-year, 365-day money-back guarantee on all Disciples Way purchases – it is hard to say no to gaining access to Kristina's new Metabolic Master Switch protocol and the growing community of like-mind Christians who are partaking in God's Food Pyramid diet plan.

To learn more about The Disciples Way and God’s Food Pyramid, visit today.

Gain Instant Access to The Disciples Way Today

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