SOSRx Disaster Pack: Reviewing the Life-Saving Medical Protection Kit

SOSRx Disaster Pack is essential prescription medication for life-saving help that includes Oseltamivir for flu epidemics, Levofloxacin for bacterial outbreaks and Potassium Iodide for radiation exposure.

Full Disclosure

SOS Rx is an essential prescription medication package that includes Oseltamivir, Levofloxacin and Potassium Iodide, which are to add extra protection against flu epidemics, radiation exposure and bacteria outbreaks.

By taking the Telehealth-based, licensed physician approach with life saving treatments, which boil down to the three portable products; you can purportedly protect yourself and your family from radiation poisoning, flu epidemics, bacterial outbreaks, and other emergency preparedness-related disasters by just grabbing and going in rushed situations that may or may not come without warning.

SOS Rx Disaster Pack is been an in-demand product ever since the COVID-19 pandemic brokeout in early 2020. But is SOS Rx worth the price? How does SOSRx Disaster Pack products protect you? Find out everything you need to know about SOS Rx today in our review.


What is SOS Rx?

SOSRx is a package of prescription drugs that aims to help you and your family prepare for the unexpected. By using a combination of internal medicine, disease control and disaster management guidance, SOSRx is one of the more innovative telehealth-centric disaster preparedness products online.

You purchase the package of drugs for around $200 online. SOS Rx connects you with a licensed physician in your state for a telehealth appointment. That physician provides a prescription for anti-bacterial, anti-radiation drugs. You receive the package of drugs in the form of the SOSRx Disaster Pack. You can take that package wherever you go to stay protected.

Here’s how the official website ( explains it:

“The SOSRx Disaster Pack contains life-saving medications to protect you and your loved ones from the consequences of life-threatening disasters.”

The SOSRx Disaster Pack includes drugs like levofloxacin and potassium iodide. By taking these prescribed drugs in an emergency situation, you can purportedly save your life – and your family’s lives.

Each package is priced at $185. Your package includes 3 bottles of prescription drugs as well as one telehealth consultation with a licensed physician in your state.

How Does SOS Rx Work?

How Does SOS Rx Work?

SOS Rx consists of three core components: a telehealth appointment, a package of drugs, and other emergency guides and materials.

Telehealth Consultation: When you buy the SOSRx Disaster Pack, you receive a telehealth consultation with a licensed doctor in your state. This doctor will assess your situation, then provide a prescription based on the most likely disaster in your area. It appears every patient receives the same 3 prescriptions, although the doctor still meets with you to ensure you have a legitimate need for the medication.

Medication: SOS Rx will ship your medications to you in a portable package. You get 3 drugs in each package. Each medication claims to protect you against a different type of disaster.

Other Emergency Preparedness Materials: Your SOSRx Disaster Pack also contains emergency supplies, disaster guides and plans, and step-by-step instructions for escaping unexpected situations. As a subscriber, you also receive real-time alerts via SMS and email, including alerts, warning you of disasters in your area or across the country.

What is SOS Rx?

SOSRx claims the package was formulated and recommended by public health experts. These public health experts recommend using the drugs to protect against unexpected situations and unforeseeable disasters. By carrying these drugs in a portable pouch, you can give yourself the best possible chance of surviving the unexpected.

The SOS Rx team includes medical doctors, public health experts, and other advisors.

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Types of Drugs

SOS Rx Types of Drugs

The SOSRx Disaster Pack contains 3 key medications to help protect you against the flu, bacterial exposure, and radiation exposure.

The 3 medications include:

Oseltamivir: For flu epidemics. Oseltamivir is an antiviral drug that can treat and prevent flu (influenza). The best-known oseltamivir brand is Tamiflu. Doctors prescribe oseltamivir to treat symptoms caused by the flu, including stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, fever, chills, aches, and tiredness. It shortens symptoms and makes them less severe. Tests show it reduces the duration of symptoms by 1-2 days.

Levofloxacin: For bacterial exposure. Levofloxacin is an antibiotic used to treat infections. It fights bacteria in the body. It’s one of several quinolone antibiotics, and it works by stopping the growth of bacteria and could be useful in a time of bioterrorism or need of bacterial outbreak protection. Common brands of levofloxacin include Levaquin.

Potassium Iodide: For radiation exposure. Potassium iodide (KI) is a salt of stable iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by your thyroid gland. It thereby protects the thyroid gland from radiation injury. Your thyroid is the most at-risk part of your body for radioactive iodine.

Why do you need to buy these drugs today? What’s the point? Well, when disaster strikes, you will not be able to access traditional prescription medication.

Here’s how the official website explains it:

“When disasters strike, access to vital medications and supplies may no longer be readily available – that’s why the SOSrx Pack is necessary. Early education and preparation are key to protecting you and your loved ones. Mitigate the impact of a disaster on your vulnerable family and learn how to respond effectively.”

All 3 drugs listed above are recognized for their ability to protect against the stated events. They’re popular, well-known drugs prescribed by doctors of all the situations above.

SOS Rx describes the 3 drugs as “the most important prescription medications to safeguard you and your loved ones in the event of a disaster scenario.”

About SOS Rx

The founders of SOS Rx launched the company with the goal of helping people take their safety and protection into their own hands.

The company has several expert advisors on its team, including medical doctors, disease control experts, government disaster management specialists, and other disaster preparedness experts.

SOS Rx is a subsidiary brand of Conversion Labs Rx LLC, a corporation registered in Delaware. However, SOS Rx lists a mailing address in Puerto Rico as its headquarters.

You can contact SOS Rx via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 866-995-7521
  • Mailing Address: 53 Calle Palmeras, Suite 802, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

SOS Rx’s parent company, Conversion Labs, is a combination of a direct response marketing company and a healthcare service. That company aims to combine the two fields to provide convenient, cost-effective, and smart healthcare services. By removing the middleman in America’s healthcare system, Conversion Labs aims to reduce costs and boost convenience for patients.

Other brands in the Conversion Labs family include Shapiro MD (for male and female hair loss), iNR Wellness MD (for immune support), and Rex MD (for erectile dysfunction medication). Conversion Labs also launched Veritas MD, a telehealth platform that aims to improve the experience for doctors and patients nationwide.

Conversion Labs is headquartered in New York but maintains offices in Huntington Beach, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Frequently Asked Questions About SOS Rx Pricing

Radiation and bacteria medications are nothing new, but SOS Rx's claims to help users fight exposure to radiation risks and bacterial infections with a single comprehensive drug package certainly raised our eyebrows. These questions will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about SOS Rx, as well as the company behind it.

Q: What medicines are included in the SOS Rx package?

A: This package of medication includes: seltamivir, levofloxacin, and potassium iodide. Each of these medications functions in a unique way to protect against the flu, bacterial exposure, and radiation damage. Additionally, this package comes with a free medical consultation and a preparedness guide.

Q: When should you use SOS Rx?

A: This medication package is considered an emergency preparedness practice. This means that in its most clear application, is in the event of a global disaster emergency. It comes with a significant price tag of $185, so we advise that consumers do not use the drugs within the package anytime before absolutely necessary.

Q: Who created SOS Rx?

A: This product is technically manufactured by a company of the same name. It's important to note, however, that SOS Rx is a subsidiary of Conversion Labs Rx, LLC. This company is based out of Puerto Rico and it promotes a number of medications.

Q: Do you need a prescription for SOS Rx?

A: The medications in this package are technically available in a prescription form, but they are also available as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Because this package uses OTC versions of each drug, buying these products requires no prescription.

Q. Is SOS RX and Disaster Club an automatic renewal payments program?

A. Yes, All Disaster Club subscription orders must be canceled within (8) hours of the renewal subscription date to avoid the order being shipped. When the customer signs up for the Disaster Club, a notification clearly shows notice of the auto-ship subscription. The dates will be provided via the Receipt Page after your purchase, by email receipt, and physical copy upon product arrival of the product.

For consumers who may have other questions on the SOS Rx, customer service support can be reached by phone Monday to Saturday, 9AM-9PM Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) or by emailing the company at:

If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with their purchase and wishes to return the SOS Rx product, customers may cancel the order and the full amount charged will be refunded.

SOS Rx Pricing

SOS Rx is priced at just under $200, which includes your package and the telehealth appointment:

  • 1 x SOS Rx Disaster Pack: $185

To buy SOS Rx, you must enter personal information into the online form, including your first name, last name, date of birth, height, weight, current medications, gender, and allergies, among other information. You will meet with a doctor via telehealth, and the doctor needs to know this information for your prescription.

SOS Rx Pricing

Your SOS Rx Disaster Pack purchase includes the 3 prescription medications listed above and a consultation with a licensed physician in your state.

Your SOSRx Disaster Pack is shipped to your door with prescription medication within 2 days of your order.

What’s Included with the SOSRx Disaster Pack?

The SOSRx Disaster Pack contains 3 bottles of prescription drugs, including:

  • 10 x Doses of Potassium Iodide
  • 14 x Doses of Levofloxacin
  • 10 x Doses of Oseltamivir

As far as we can tell, all other materials are delivered digitally. The 3 drugs come in a portable carrying case that can easily be thrown into any backpack, suitcase, or vehicle. The other materials in the package, including the guides and warning system, are delivered digitally.

Your package also includes a brief instruction manual for each of the 3 included drugs.

Final Thoughts

SOS Rx is a package of prescription drugs catered to parents, individuals, and families who want to protect themselves against the unexpected.

When disaster strikes, you cannot depend on traditional pharmacies or doctors to stay protected. However, you might need medication more than ever, including antibacterial and anti-radiation medication. SOS Rx is designed to solve that problem, delivering prescription drugs in a convenient package.

The option of using Oseltamivir antiviral medication for blocking influenza virus types A and B actions, or the Potassium Iodide to help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland or Levofloxacin as a powerful antibiotic for bacterial exposure infection treatments, the SOSRx Disaster Pack is an emergency plan for protection. Being one step ahead could have dire meaning in a time of great need, having the ability to talk to a doctor through the SOSRx Telehealth service could have a vital significance to life-saving support should the unthinkable ever happen.

Get the BEST Price on the SOSRx Disaster Pack

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