iNR Wellness MD: Ultra Pure Beta Glucan for Protection?

iNR Wellness MD is a doctor-recommended immune support immuno-modulator supplement with ultra pure yeast, oat and mushroom-harvested beta glucan claiming to protect users from coronavirus.

Full Disclosure

Supplement company iNR Wellness (“Inner Wellness”) has launched a new campaign for its iNR Wellness MD supplement that is made of ultra pure beta glucan for immune enhancement.

The new marketing campaign is specifically targeted to those who are worried about the Covid-19 coronavirus and have positioned this doctor-recommended immune support product as a way to add extra protection.

“Clinical study from leading medical journal suggests this ‘immune-modulator' could save you from coronavirus,” begins the new marketing campaign, which is published on a page designed to look like a real medical journal.

The supplement is also mentioned as “1 thing you must have when the deadly coronavirus strikes” due to its immunity boosting effects as it claims to provide maximum bioavailability and high-dose servings per the beta glucan derived from yeast, oats and reishi mushrooms.

Are doctors really recommending that you buy the iNR Wellness MD supplement to protect against the coronavirus? Or is this a shady marketing campaign designed to take advantage of a scary situation much like some of the latest N95 face masks? Keep reading to find out.

Check Out the iNR Wellness MD Beta Glucan Supplement Here


What is iNR Wellness MD?

iNR Wellness MD is an immune support supplement made by a company called iNR Wellness, also known as Inner Wellness.

Priced at $50 for a one month supply, iNR Wellness MD claims to use a “proprietary triple action formulation” to improve immune system efficiency.

That proprietary triple action formulation includes three types of beta glucan, a compound that purportedly improves immune system efficiency.

Beta glucan may sound like a fancy molecule – but it’s commonly known as baker’s yeast. It’s true: beta glucan or baker’s yeast has certain immune enhancing properties, and one study showed beta glucan can protect against the common cold. However, beta glucan has not been proven or recommended as a treatment or preventative measure for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

How Does iNR Wellness MD Work?

The active ingredient in iNR Wellness MD is called beta glucan, commonly known as baker’s yeast. In fact, there are three types of beta glucan in the formula. iNR Wellness describes beta glucan as “an immune system activator”:

“There is promising evidence supporting the claim that beta glucan can regulate and boost the human immune system,” explains iNR Wellness.

“Beta glucan can help optimize your immune system’s ability to fight disease,” adds iNR Wellness.

The iNR Wellness MD beta glucan supplement is all-natural and harvested from natural yeast, oats and mushrooms and references over 14,000 clinical studies having been conducted on the benefits of this baker's yeast extract.

Here is a look at the iNR Wellness MD beta glucan supplement facts nutrition label:

inner wellness md beta glucan supplement facts

As the immune enhancement product label shows, there is 1,001mg dose of Beta Glucan proprietary blend consisting of oat powder and reishi mushroom extract along with the patented PURACERE, which contains 15mg derived from saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast).

Does Beta Glucan Really Improve Immune System Efficiency?

iNR Wellness is clearly a big believer in the ability of beta glucan to improve the immune system. Is there any proof that beta glucan can improve immune system efficiency?

iNR Wellness cites multiple studies showing that oat beta-glucans can help reduce cholesterol. Reducing cholesterol can improve heart health. This is a well-recognized and proven benefit of oat-based baker’s yeast, and even the FDA admits that certain oat-based beta glucan supplements can improve cholesterol readings.

We know that beta glucan improves cholesterol levels, but can it also improve immune system health?

iNR Wellness describes beta glucan as “nature’s strongest immunity enhancer”, claiming that “yeast beta glucans act as immunomodulator agents, meaning they trigger a cascade of events that help regulate the immune system, making it more efficient.” They claim beta glucans stimulate the activity of macrophages, which are versatile immune cells that ingest and demolish invading pathogens and stimulate other immune cells.

Yeast beta glucan can also stimulate lethal white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, that bind to tumors or viruses and destroy them by releasing chemicals.

Because of these effects, iNR Wellness claims daily use of yeast beta glucan has been shown to support heart health, energy levels, circulation, blood sugar management, digestive issues, anti-aging effects, and immune system efficiency.

As proof, iNR Wellness cites studies like this one, published in the Journal of Hematology & Oncology in 2009, which concluded that beta glucans from various sources can boost immune system efficiency and provide possible anti-cancer benefits. However, researchers cautioned that “there are very few clinical trial data” using purified beta glucans on cancer patients.

They also cite this study performed by a team linked to the University of Alberta that found beta glucan can penetrate the skin, potentially aiding the treatment of skin disorders, fine lines, wrinkles, scar tissue, and more.

To be clear, iNR Wellness MD (the supplement) has never gone through any clinical trials or scientific studies. Some of the ingredients inside the formula have gone through small trials and studies, although the supplement itself has never been studied for potency, effectiveness, or health benefits.

Will iNR Wellness MD Protect Against the Coronavirus?

There’s some evidence that beta glucans can improve the immune system. Beta glucans are the active ingredient inside iNR Wellness MD.

But will the iNR Wellness MD supplement really protect against the coronavirus as claimed by iNR Wellness?

There’s some evidence that beta glucans can improve the way your body responds to pathogens – including pathogens like the Covid-19 coronavirus.

This study published in 2013, for example, found that yeast beta glucan “increased the body’s potential to defend against invading pathogens.” Researchers took 162 healthy participants and gave them either a placebo or beta glucan over a 16-week period. The group that took beta glucan was less susceptible to the common cold virus.

iNR Wellness also cites this study as proof that iNR Wellness MD can protect against the coronavirus. The study, published in 2010, reviewed existing scientific literature on the immune-boosting effects of beta glucans, including its benefits on infection and cancer. Researchers concluded that beta glucans “appear to be effective at enhancing immune function and reducing susceptibility to infection and cancer”.

Again, iNR Wellness MD (the supplement) has not been assessed in any major study, review, or clinical trial to date, and there’s no evidence it works as advertised. However, some ingredients inside the supplement, including beta glucans (baker’s yeast), have been shown to promote immune system health and reduce the chance of pathogenic infection. Since Covid-19 is a pathogenic coronavirus, it’s possible that beta glucan can help – although it’s certainly not proven. Ingredients in the iNR Wellness MD are as follows;

  • Beta Glucan, Also commonly known as baker’s yeast, an immune supporting nutrient because of its purity.
  • Oat Powder, When extracted in a certain way, can have a high concentration of beta glucans.
  • Reishi Mushroom Extract, Is found to be a natural source of beta glucan and may provide various health benefits.

It’s also important to note that, despite what iNR Wellness (the company) wants you to believe, nobody has specifically recommended iNR Wellness MD (the supplement) as a treatment or preventative measure for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The “1 Thing You Must Have When the Deadly Coronavirus Strikes”

iNR Wellness claims their iNR Wellness MD supplement contains the “1 thing you must have when the deadly coronavirus strikes”. That “1 thing” is beta glucan, also known as baker’s yeast.

In their latest coronavirus marketing campaign, iNR Wellness emphasizes the importance of boosting your immune system to protect against the Covid-19 coronavirus:

“With no known or proven cure, the greatest protective measure you can take right now in advance of the continued global spread of this deadly disease is improving your immune system.”

iNR Wellness also claims their iNR Wellness MD supplement is the “only” supplement in the world that contains beta glucan:

“The immuno-modulator contained only in this supplement, has over 100 clinical studies from leading institutions such as Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Cornell and many others. The overwhelming body of research has shown that the main ingredient in this supplement is incredibly beneficial for your body’s immune system, boosting your protection against viral and bacterial infections such as the Coronavirus.”

A quick search for “beta glucan supplements” will reveal dozens of options – including many at a much cheaper price than iNR Wellness MD. It’s unclear why the company claims to offer the “only” beta glucan supplement on the market.

iNR wellness also makes other misleading claims on its coronavirus marketing page, including:

“Accredited with FDA’s “GRAS” Rating”: The FDA has not accredited or approved of iNR Wellness MD, despite what iNR Wellness wants you to think. All supplements sold in the United States must contain ingredients that are on the FDA’s “Generally Recognized As Safe” or “GRAS” list.

“Recommended by JANA”: iNR Wellness also claims their supplement, iNR Wellness MD, has been recommended by the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association as “the single most effective dietary supplement for a healthy immune system”. We can’t find any evidence that JANA (which is much less reputable than the Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA) has ever published this.

FAQ About iNR Wellness MD Beta Glucan Ingredient

Let's summarize all of the known facts associated with beta glucan, the main ingredient found in Inner Wellness MD coronavirus protection supplement.

Q. What are the side effects of beta glucan?

A. Soluble forms of beta-glucans made from yeast or fungi appear safe when taken by mouth. However, side effects may include: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure changes, excessive urination, flushed and feverish symptoms.

Q. What are the health benefits if beta glucan actually works?

A. Taking beta-glucans made from oats or barley seems to reduce total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol in people with high cholesterol after several weeks of treatment. However, there is some research that suggests beta-glucans do not affect cholesterol levels. Beta-glucan may offer a number of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, improving blood sugar management, and boosting the immune system. It may naturally enhance the immune system to combat diseases and infections.

Q. Is beta glucan a probiotic?

A. Effects of beta-glucan addition to a probiotic containing yogurt. … Oat beta-glucan addition resulted in improved probiotic viability and stability comparable to that of inulin. It also enhanced lactic and propionic acid production. The barley beta-glucan addition suppressed proteolytic activity more than that from oats.

Q. How much beta glucan do I need to take daily?

A. For helping the immune system function, the amounts has not yet been determined due to the lack of studies in this application. However, manufacturers of beta-glucan products usually recommend between 50 and 1,000 mg daily and to be taken on an empty stomach.

Q. Are beta glucans safe for consumption?

A. Beta glucan is indigestible, so it goes through the whole digestive tract. As it travels through, it can take cholesterol out with it, lowering levels. Beta glucan comes naturally in some foods, and is generally considered safe.

iNR Wellness MD Pricing

iNR Wellness MD is priced at:

  • 1 Bottle (1 Month Supply): $54.95 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles (3 Month Supply): $149.85 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles (6 Month Supply): $269.70 + Free Shipping

The company claims to have cut prices by 50% in response to the coronavirus. In reality, the bottles have always been priced at $50 to $60 apiece. However, you can save 20% by signing up for the iNR Wellness MD autoship program.

Competing beta glucan products are available for $15 to $30 per bottle on Amazon.

iNR Wellness MD Refund Policy

iNR Wellness will give you a complete refund within 90 days if you are unhappy with the product for any reason.

Just call (866) 577-1433, then mail the supplement back to the company, and you will receive a complete refund.

About iNR Wellness

iNR Wellness, or Inner Wellness, is a supplement company found online at The company also does business under the name Conversion Labs, Inc.

iNR Wellness lists the following contact information online:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (866) 577-1433
  • Address: 53 Calle Palmeras, Suite 802, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

The company publishes no information about its team, its experience, or its manufacturing facilities online.

iNR Wellness also claims to have a “scientific advisory board” made up of “leaders in science and technology”. Every other supplement company in the world discloses its scientific advisory board, yet iNR Wellness refuses to disclose a single name on the board.

Ultimately, there’s a complete lack of transparency about iNR Wellness and how the company operates.

If this iNR Wellness MD review of their prized beta glucan supplement wasn't enough to go on, they also did make a video that does a good job explaining of why these believe this doctor-recommended immune boosting product can add an extra layer of protection against the coronavirus:

Final Word: Will iNR Wellness MD Cure or Prevent the Coronavirus?

iNR Wellness MD is a high-priced beta glucan supplement. However, it does claim to be ultra-pure extract that can not only provide coronavirus defense, but has a healthy inflammatory response benefit along with a cognitive function effect that can help strengthen the body's immunity.

The company behind the supplement, iNR Wellness, has launched a new marketing campaign designed to stoke fears of contracting the coronavirus. While survival and emergency preparedness ready kits are in high demand, taking supplements to for immune system enhancement may be a smart idea in addition to researching survival kits, first aid kits, lung health supplements and long-term food storage solutions.

iNR Wellness claims their supplement is the best way to prevent the coronavirus because it boosts the immune system. In reality, the iNR Wellness MD supplement has never been studied in any clinical trials, although some ingredients inside the formula – like beta glucan – have been shown to improve immune system efficiency which is a great sign for those looking to apply the ‘ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' mentality.

iNR Wellness MD is priced significantly higher than competing beta glucan supplements online but it does come with multiple forms of beta glucan and is patent-protected. While it costs around $55 per bottle compared to the $15 to $30 price we normally see for beta glucan supplements, consumers can see why this iNR Wellness MD supplement is doctor-recommended to add immune support when it is needed most.

Ultimately, there are cheaper beta glucan supplements available today – including beta glucan supplements that don’t make claims about curing or preventing the Covid-19 coronavirus – but iNR Wellness MD's beta glucan does offer a unique formulation that may be just what the doctor ordered for boosting immunity during times of uncertainty and fear of contracting a deadly virus or respiratory infection like coronavirus.

Check Out the iNR Wellness MD Beta Glucan Supplement Here

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