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Primal Pantry – Vegan Friendly High Plant-Protein Snack Bars?


For most men and women, reading a food label and actually understanding it may require a background in chemistry. This just comes to show that the food industry may be putting highly undesirable ingredients in products that are not only bad for one’s health, but long-term wellness as well. Those who are ready to depart from food products created by large corporations and who want to go back their more natural roots may want to give all-natural food brands a try.

With that, this review would like to introduce one particular company called Primal Pantry, those products are developed by a qualified nutritionist who believes in honest food option.

What Is Primal Pantry?

Primal Pantry is a new food brand developed by Suzie Walker, who has years of experience in the health and nutrition industry and who believes in healthy, pure, and natural food. By adding honest food options to one’s lifestyle, individuals can get the support that they need to effectively get through the day.

Many of the products started out in Walker’s kitchen and today, they are still made with the same all-natural and wholesome ingredients. To date, the company has grown to be a resource for many in terms of real and natural food.

Award-Winning Bars

Every health and nutrition brand has its star product that simply stands out from all the rest. In this case, Primal Pantry’s go-to option for many men and women is its delicious Primal Pantry Bars. The bars are made out of all-natural ingredients and better yet, they do not contain any additives, fillers, chemicals, and ingredients that are difficult to read or understand.

Instead, those who consume these bars can use them as a healthy and high-quality alternative to traditional grab-and-go products and more importantly, the bars provide sustained nourishment and energy throughout the day.

Paleo-Diet Friendly

Many of the food options available through the Primal Pantry are based paleo-diet friendly, particularly because Suzie Walker’s background is in that field. Walker advocates for eating paleo and focuses on the advantages of such a diet on one’s long-term fitness and health.

Those who are interested in learning about the paleo features of her products can take a look at Walker’s nutritional background to understand exactly what she implements when making her products. Better yet, dissimilar from other paleo products on the market, these ones are made to be not only wholesome and healthy, but delicious as well.

In addition to being paleo-friendly, many of the brand’s products comport with a vegan lifestyle as well. Dissimilar from many protein bars on the market, this brand’s bars are plant-based and use hemp as the main source of protein.

The hemp is highly regarded in the health industry for its ability to provide a complete amino acid profile, it has a high abundance of essential fatty acids, and there is no dairy and soy needed to accompany it as well.

The Benefits Of Primal Pantry

There are many benefits to be had when one adds the Primal Pantry to their lifestyle. Here are the main benefits of this brand’s products so that users know what to expect:

5 Ingredients or Less

First, every bar offered by Primal Pantry contains 5 ingredients or less. According to the brand, it prides itself on this quality, which ensures that the bars are wholesome and that they do not contain any unnecessary substances. Further, most of the ingredients used in the bars can be found in one’s home pantry.


Second, the bars are made with all-natural ingredients that make them appropriate for those who follow certain dietary restrictions. For example, the bars are paleo, vegan, gluten-free, gain-free, dairy-free, and raw. There are no preservatives, additives, fillers, fined sugars, soy, or vegetable oils. Instead, the bars are cold pressed and made with one’s health in mind.

Primal Bars and Protein Bars

Third, the brand has two particular offerings – protein bars and primal bars. As the brand explains on its website, the protein bars are meant for those who are looking to fuel a training session or who want to stay full and satisfied throughout the day so as to avoid needless snacking.

On the other hand, the primal bars are meant to generate higher energy levels and they contain a lower protein count as well. Either option is a prime one to add to one’s lifestyle.

Handmade and Cold Pressed in the UK

Fourth, all of the brand’s bars are handmade and cold pressed in the UK. Those who have questions about the brand’s manufacturing standards and process may want to contact the company through the contact information on the website.


Finally, all of the bars offered by the Primal Pantry contain ingredients that are designated as non-GMO. This way, those who consume the bars do not need to worry about genetically modified substances in their food and they can adequately protect their health and wellness too.

Clearly, there are many great reasons for choosing Primal Pantry over other brands on the market. Those who opt for this brand will find that the bars are truly wholesome, delicious, and great for long-term fitness and health. Better yet, by choosing these bars, individuals can finally get away from harmful and negative foods in their diet.

A Subscription Box

Those who end up loving the Primal Pantry may want to give the brand’s subscription box a try. The box is packed full of 10 bars, five of which are snack bars. The other five bars are for the individual to choose from. The subscription costs 14.99 British pounds a month. To learn more about the subscription, individuals can out the link on the brand’s website.

Primal Pantry Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in properly caring for their health and who are looking for unique and high-quality snack options may want to give the Primal Pantry a chance. The brand’s bars are delicious, wholesome, and great snack options for busy individuals. To get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

Live Healthier
Live Healthier
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