Persona Nutrition: 2024 Vitamins Program Review Research

Persona Nutrition is a customized vitamin supplement company that offers doctor-approved wellness solutions and sends monthly health products based on personal needs recommended by nutritionists.

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Persona Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company that emphasizes honest, science-backed ingredients with transparent sourcing.

Is Persona Nutrition the real deal? Find out everything you need to know about Persona Nutrition, its products, its vitamin subscription system, and its assessment today in our review.


What is Persona Nutrition?

Persona Nutrition is a vitamin subscription company that provides you with a customized vitamin dosage based on your unique needs.

You take a free Persona Nutrition assessment online (it takes 5 to 10 minutes). Your answers are run through an algorithm that was developed by doctors and nutritionists. Then, based on your data, Persona Nutrition sends you vitamins and supplements to help you achieve targeted goals.

What is Persona Nutrition?

As of 2024, Persona Nutrition offers 80 different supplements, including everything from vitamin C to nootropic stacks to CBD extract. Supplement prices range from $0.06 to $0.80 per day.

Many people use nutritional supplements to enhance health and wellness. Unfortunately, these nutritional supplements don’t always work as advertised. In many cases, your body can only absorb a certain amount of each nutrient, and the rest gets passed out of your body. In other cases, taking too much of one vitamin, like zinc, can actually be dangerous to your health if you already have sufficient levels of zinc.

Others are overwhelmed by the number of nutritional supplements available today. It can be difficult to know which supplements works best. There are conflicting reports online about everything.

Persona Nutrition was launched to combat these problems. It’s like a personalized multivitamin catered to your specific needs.

How Does Persona Nutrition Work?

How Does Persona Nutrition Work?

Persona Nutrition uses a three-step process to get customized vitamins delivered to your doorstep:

Step 1) Take the Persona Nutrition online assessment, which takes 5 to 10 minutes

Step 2) Get doctor-approved recommendations on which supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to take

Step 3) Confirm your purchase and wait for your daily packages to arrive at your door

Your Persona Nutrition journey starts with a free online assessment. Persona Nutrition’s online test will ask basic questions about you, your nutritional needs, your goals, and your dietary requirements.

Persona Nutrition will ask for your gender and age, for example, and whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

It will also ask you why you want to start taking supplements.

Persona Nutrition Recommendations

It will also ask if you have any allergies, special dietary requirements, or unique feeding patterns. It will ask you how much you smoke, drink, and exercise, and if you have any chronic aches and pains, adrenal fatigue symptoms, or other issues.

After submitting your assessment, you’ll be greeted by Persona Nutrition’s Medical Advisory Board. These doctors developed the Persona Nutrition. Your answers are assessed based on the nutritional recommendations of these doctors.

After running your answers through Persona Nutrition’s algorithm, the website will recommend specific dietary supplements for specific nutritional goals.

Persona Nutrition Recommendations

Your Persona Nutrition recommendations are split into different categories based on how each vitamin works.

Typically, Persona Nutrition will recommend one or more supplements in each of the following categories:

Foundational Formula:

If you have gaps in your overall nutrition (90% of people do), then Persona Nutrition may recommend foundational vitamins, like a probiotic and multivitamin.

Energy Support:

Need more energy? Persona Nutrition may recommend a green tea extract supplement, a B vitamin complex, or a similar supplement that could raise energy levels.

Bone Support:

If you aren’t getting enough calcium in your diet, then Persona Nutrition may recommend taking a calcium supplement. Vitamin D is also linked with bone health.

Joint Support:

People with joint pain, arthritis, or osteoporosis may receive a recommendation for chondroitin sulfate.

Digestion Support:

Do you frequently have indigestion and similar issues? Persona Nutrition may recommend digestive enzymes or an enzyme complex.

Cardiovascular Support:

If you told Persona Nutrition that you don’t regularly eat fish or take an omega 3 supplement, then the company may recommend an omega 3 supplement to support brain health, heart health, and inflammatory responses.

Greens Support:

Greens are trendy nutritional supplements today. If you told Persona Nutrition that you get fewer than two servings of vegetables per day, then the algorithm may recommend a greens support supplement. Spirulina is one popular supplement packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Memory Support:

If you have trouble focusing, have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, or just want a mental boost, then Persona Nutrition may recommend various memory support vitamins. Persona Nutrition recommends supplements like ginseng extract and Brain Gain, for example.

Prenatal Support:

Persona Nutrition has a prenatal support vitamin for women who are pregnant.

Other Vitamins and Nutrients:

Persona Nutrition has around 90 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and nutrients available in its stacks, including everything from CBD hemp extract to omega-6 supplements. Depending on your answers to Persona Nutrition’s customized test, you might receive recommendations for any of these 90 compounds.

After receiving your recommendations, you’ll be asked to add supplements to your pack. You can add all recommended supplements to your pack. Or, you can pick and choose only specific supplements.

Click on any supplement to learn more about it, including what’s in the supplement, what its benefits are, and how it works.

What’s In a Persona Nutrition Delivery?

Depending on your health needs, Persona Nutrition may recommend anywhere from 8 to 12 supplements per day. If you don’t regularly take supplements, then it may feel weird to take this many capsules every day.

Obviously, you don’t have to take all of Persona Nutrition’s recommended supplements. Some people buy just two or three of the recommended supplements, while others buy a 20-supplement stack.

You’re also free to change your subscription as needed, adding or removing supplements every month based on what you like.

Access to a Personalized Nutritionist

If you have concerns about the supplements Persona Nutrition is recommending to you, then you may want to talk to a nutritionist. Persona Nutrition has nutritionists available via live chat to provide personalized nutrition recommendations.

Persona Nutrition Personalized Nutritionists

The nutritionist will work with you to optimize your vitamin stack. You may be told to remove turmeric from your stack because you take Advil daily, for example.

You can chat with a nutritionist via the official website. Or, you can download the app for an instant live chat.

What’s In a Persona Nutrition Delivery?

After completing the assessment, talking to a nutritionist, and confirming your shipping address and payment, your Persona Nutrition package will arrive at your address.

Your vitamins come in a small box along with some documentation from the Persona Nutrition team. The documentation explains how the company’s products work, when you should take the supplements, and other crucial information.

Persona Nutrition Reviews

Persona Nutrition will also recommend downloading the Persona Nutrition app for iOS or Android. The app can send you reminders about your pills. You can also use the app to contact nutritionists or view your current stack.

Once you open the actual supplements, you’ll find them divided into separate “stacks” based on whether you’re taking the supplements in the morning, evening, or night. All of your morning supplements will be packaged together, for example.

Your pills come in a plastic baggy. Persona Nutrition also includes a printed document that explains the nutritional value of all items inside the package.

You take the supplements as recommended. Persona Nutrition will continue to send you a monthly shipment of supplements until you cancel. You can adjust your stack whenever, adding or removing supplements as needed.

Persona Nutrition Pricing

You can view complete Persona Nutrition pricing information at the official website. Each product is listed by its cost per day. You multiply the cost by 30 to get a rough approximation of how much each stack will cost per month.

Persona Nutrition Pricing

Prices range from $0.10 (for basic minerals like iron) to $0.50 per day. The only ingredient priced at more than $1 per day is the CBD extract, which costs $2.49 per day.

There are 80+ products listed on the Persona Nutrition website. Here are just a few of the prices you’ll pay:

  • Vegan Multivitamin: $0.25 per day
  • Vitamin B12 500mcg: $0.10 per day
  • Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids: $0.19 per day
  • CBD Hemp Extract: $2.49 per day
  • Appetite Support: $0.30 per day
  • BCAAs: $0.12 per day
  • Brain Gain Nootropic: $0.79 per day

Generally, single vitamins and minerals are priced at $0.10 to $0.25 per day, while formulas with multiple ingredients are priced between $0.30 and $0.90.

Persona Nutrition Reviews: What Do Customers Say About Persona Nutrition?

Customer reviews for Persona Nutrition are generally favorable. Reviewers praise the company for offering an easy online assessment, access to licensed nutritionists, an easy-to-use app, and a strong selection of vitamins and minerals.

The main con, as you might expect, is that you’re paying a premium for this service. If you usually buy your vitamin supplements in bulk containers, then you’ll find that Persona Nutrition’s pricing is significantly higher.

Instead of repeating every review here, we’ll sum up some of the crucial pros and cons mentioned in most reviews.


  • Easy, 5 to 10-minute online assessment
  • Customized nutrition advice based on your unique nutritional needs
  • Designed by a team of experienced medical professionals
  • Instant access to licensed nutritionists via live chat and more
  • Well-rounded, easy-to-use, helpful app
  • Flexible subscription plans that let you add or remove ingredients as needed
  • Vegan options available
  • Unique supplement options like CBD extract and a nootropic


  • More expensive than buying bulk vitamins or minerals

About Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition was founded with the goal of taking the guesswork out of vitamins. Let’s be honest: choosing the right vitamins and minerals can be overwhelming. Persona Nutrition runs your answers through its algorithm, then recommends specific vitamins and minerals.

About Persona Nutrition

Key members of the Persona Nutrition team include Jason Brown (Founder and CEO), Tamara Bernadot (Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer), and Prem Thudia (Founder and Chief Technology Officer).

Persona Nutrition is based on Snoqualmie, Washington. Here’s the company’s contact info:

  • Address: 35131 SE Douglas St., Suite 105, Snoqualmie, Washington 98065
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-800-983-3887

The company was originally known as Vitamin Packs, Inc., but has since rebranded to Persona Nutrition. The company launched in 2017 and rebranded in summer 2018.

Persona Nutrition Final Word

Persona Nutrition provides customized vitamin packs based on your unique nutritional needs. You complete a five-minute online questionnaire. Then, Persona Nutrition provides customized supplement recommendations based on your answers to those questions.

Persona Nutrition’s algorithm was built by nutritionists and doctors. The company also makes nutritionists available via live chat at any time to discuss your recommendations.

The only real downside of Persona Nutrition is that you’re paying higher prices than bulk. You can certainly get cheaper versions of all recommended supplements. If the price tag doesn’t bother you, however, then it may be worth taking the Persona Nutrition online assessment..

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