Best UV Mosquito Zappers of 2024: Top UV Light Bug Trap Killers

Ranking the top 18 best UV mosquito zappers in 2024, plus a research guide on the most popular questions on using ultraviolet light bug killers to trap, control and eliminate flying insects that bite.

Full Disclosure

Mankind's struggle against mosquitoes is nothing new. People have been trying for decades to find ways to avoid the annoyances presented by these flying insects. Mosquitoes are more than just an inconvenience. Some mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, making their bite far riskier than consumers might initially believe.

Until the past decade or so, much of the mosquito-repellant industry focused on the use of chemicals to ward-off or kill mosquitoes. These sprays, medallions, and mists are generally pretty effective, but they also come with a number of side effects. To start, they can irritate the eyes, skin, and noses of people who breathe in the toxic chemicals. These compounds aren't great for the environment, either.

UV technology has made it easier than ever for consumers to control the mosquito problem in their home or backyard. The bugs are extremely attracted to bright blue UV light. After being pulled in, UV mosquito zappers safely kill the little pests using a jolt of electricity. These devices are stationary and generally safe for both the user and the environment around them.

So as it turns out, you don’t need harsh chemicals to kill mosquitoes. Today, many people use ultraviolet (UV) mosquito killers. But not all UV mosquito zappers are created equally. Some devices might not last long, and others might be less safe than their counterparts.

Ultraviolet light flytraps attract and kill insects. Some homeowners install UV light flytraps to eliminate insects. Others use handheld mosquito killers to swat bugs out of mid-air. Some people bring portable UV mosquito killers camping. All things considered, there's a vast variety of mosquito killers on the market in 2024.

Whatever your needs may be, UV mosquito killers are easy to use and affordable to install. Today, we’re highlighting the best UV mosquito killers of 2024, including the top insect-killing systems you can buy today.


Ranking the Top 18 Best UV Light Mosquito Killers in 2024

After testing dozens of top-rated UV light flytraps, our editorial team compiled the rankings below to create the best UV mosquito killers of 2024. As always, our opinions might not match your own. That's okay! Readers should conduct additional research before following any of the recommendations included in this guide.

Buzz B Gone UV Light Mosquito Killing Zapper


BuzzBGone is catching fire amongst the list of best ultraviolet light-based mosquito zappers on the market in 2024. With the benefits of UV light and a powerful 360° suction fan that lures mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects into the light, the Buzz B-Gone UV bug control trap is among consumer's favorite for a variety of reasons that give it its justice when it comes to effectiveness, affordability and overall practically (of killing mosquitoes and eliminating flying bugs without lifting a finger).

The BuzzBGone photocatalytic mosquito killer offers optimal bug defense protection at an extremely competitive price given its trapping power and inescapable vortex it creates that helps protect individuals and families from nasty, itchy, irritating bites. At only $39.99 per unit, the Buzz B-Gone device does all of this without the use of nefarious chemicals or poisons that may be dangerous. This useful insect death trap for pesky flying bugs (that serve no real purpose other than to agitate and make for an uncomfortable experience) is a powerful zapper that utilizes UV light to lure-in mosquitoes and effectively trap and zap for ultimate outdoor bug control.

The best part is, right now the BuzzBGone insect zapper is available with a 50% discount while supplies last for introductory pricing specials. While there are many UV mosquito traps to buy, for a powerful bug zapper that attracts, traps, and kills flying insects, BuzzBGone is a great option for those looking to try out these trending ultraviolet light insect zappers, bug trappers and mosquito killers.

Price: $39.99 per each unit (or as low as $27.50 when buying for at a time)

Get the BuzzBGone Mosquito Killing Insect Zapper Today

DynaTrap DT1050 Insect Half Acre Mosquito Trap

The DynaTrap DT1050 Insect Half Acre Mosquito Trap claims to protect areas as large as a half-acre – about the size of a large home lot. The 3 pound unit is lightweight with an all-weather design. Just twist the trap on or off for simple operation and no-touch cleaning.

DynaTrap has designed the unit to attract and trap flying insects. The ultraviolet light attracts the insects towards the unit, while a near-silent fan traps the insects insight. At $160, it’s one of the pricier UV insect killers listed here – but it’s also one of the most effective. If you want to genuinely remove insects from your property, then the DynaTrap DT1050 Insect Half Acre Mosquito Trap is an excellent option.

Price: $160

Get DynaTrap DT1050 Insect Half Acre Mosquito Trap on Amazon

Livin’ Well Zap Lamp

The Livin’ Well Zap Lamp is a 2000V, high-powered electric mosquito killer and insect zapper with 20,000 square feet of range. The device uses a 20W UV mosquito lamp bulb to attract insects, then zaps insects once they get too close.

Key features of the Livin’ Well Zap Lamp include a weatherproof and fire-resistant design, a galvanized steel insect zapper grid, and an easy-clean system. Overall, the Livin’ Well Zap Lamp is one of the top-rated UV mosquito killers for indoor and outdoor use – and it’s available at a surprisingly affordable price.

Price: $50

Get Livin’ Well Zap Lamp on Amazon

Dekugaa Bug Zapper

The Dekugaa Bug Zapper has a funny name, but it offers powerful mosquito protection at an affordable price. It’s suited for small areas, covering up to 400 square feet with effective mosquito protection. Just place the trap one meter (about 3 feet) above the ground, then let it go to work.

The Dekugga Bug Zapper uses a wavelength of 365 to 390nm ultraviolet light to attract flying bugs. Bugs fly towards the unit, then zap themselves on the grid. At $30, it’s not high-powered anti-bug protection, but it is ideal for smaller spaces.

Price: $30

Get Dekugaa Bug Zapper on Amazon

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is an affordable ultraviolet insect trap. KATCHY claims to use ‘triple trapping power’ to catch gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos. The UV light lures the insects near the unit, then a fan near the top sucks them in. Finally, the super sticky glue boards inside ensure the insects cannot escape.

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap works best for smaller insects, including gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos that can easily be pushed around in the air by a fan. The 5W motor, however, isn’t strong enough for larger bugs – like fruit flies. If you have a tiny bug problem in a small area of your home, then the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap may work. For larger bug problems or outdoor issues, however, it won’t be as effective.

Price: $40

Get KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap on Amazon

DynaTrap DT1100 Insect Trap

The DT1100 is the second DynaTrap insect killer listed here. The DT1100 covers a half-acre of outdoor space with insect-killing effectiveness. Your purchase comes with bonus replacement bulbs. Once the first UV bulb runs out, simply replace it to keep the DT1100 operational.

The DT1100 DynaTrap Insect Trap is ideal for larger outdoor spaces. At $145, it may be slightly outside your budget if you’re looking for a cheap UV insect killer. However, some homeowners are willing to pay more for added insect-killing effectiveness.

Price: $145

Get DynaTrap DT1100 Insect Trap on Amazon

Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper

Micnaron’s Electric Bug Zapper is different from other units listed here. Instead of featuring a lantern-style design, the Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper looks like a radiator: the unit features two large UV bulbs that attract insects towards the unit.

When insects try to land on the UV lights, they encounter the zapper grill instead. The device effectively lures, zaps, and kills mosquitos and other bugs. At $43 per unit, Micnaron’s Electric Bug Zapper may have the best price-to-coverage ratio on this list. The unit claims to cover 6,000 square feet of space, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor bug infestations.

Price: $43

Get Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper on Amazon

YUNLIGHTS Fly Traps 7W Bug Zapper

YUNLIGHTS makes a popular UV bug zapper. Featuring a surprisingly stylish design, the YUNLIGHTS UV bug zapper kills mosquitos and other insects, using UV light and a built-in suction fan to provide a chemical-free solution to your bug issue.

YUNLIGHTS isn’t the best-known or most reputable brand on this list. However, what the company lacks in brand recognition it makes up in value – at $37, the YUNLIGHTS Fly Traps 7W Bug Zapper offers significant value compared to other, better-known units on our list.

Price: $37

Get YUNLIGHTS Fly Traps 7W Bug Zapper on Amazon

DynaTrap DT2000XL

This is the third DynaTrap insect killer on our list. The DynaTrap DT2000XL is the company’s largest model, covering up to 1 acre with insect-killing protection. It’s a large, highly-effective insect killing system that uses 2 ultraviolet bulbs to attract insects from all directions.

Despite the large size, the DT2000XL has a whisper-quiet fan that quietly sucks mosquitos and other bugs inside with no zapping, buzzing, or chemicals. The unit also has a durable design that makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. After leaving the unit running for 6 weeks, you can eliminate an entire mosquito breeding cycle, effectively removing insects from your property.

Price: $190

Get DynaTrap DT2000XL on Amazon

AMUFER Bug Zapper

The AMUFER Bug Zapper is an electronic fly and mosquito killer that uses a UV light design to safely kill mosquitos and other insects. It’s a non-toxic solution that combines the attractiveness of UV light with the electric zapping power of a conventional system.

Each AMUFER Bug Zapper can purportedly cover an area as large as 1,000 square feet indoors or outdoors. The unit has a compact size with a handle, making it easy to carry from room to room or indoors and outdoors. At $44, it’s ridiculously affordable compared to other options on this list.

Price: $44

Get AMUFER Bug Zapper on Amazon

INTELABE Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper

INTELABE’s Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper is a well-rated, affordable bug zapper for indoor and outdoor use. It’s popular among apartment or condo owners who want an easy solution on their balcony. The chemical-free solution claims to “annihilate” insects. Place the trap as close as possible to the insect source, then let the unit go to work.

Unlike higher-priced options on our list, the INTELABE Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper won’t cover a large outdoor space or provide unbeatable insect-killing protection. However, if you want basic defense against mosquitos and other insects, then the INTELABE Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper may be the right choice.

Price: $45

Get INTELABE Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper on Amazon

ANCROWN Bug Zapper

ANCROWN sells a two-pack of their electric bug zappers online for $26. The units attract mosquitos using ultraviolet light, then the electric grid kills the mosquitos when they get too close.

Despite the small size, the ANCROWN Bug Zappers have 6 ultraviolet light bulbs per unit. These lights purportedly attract mosquitos, fruit flies, moths, and other winged insects. They’re designed for smaller use inside a home – not larger, outdoor spaces. However, if you have problems with fruit flies, gnats, and other small insects in your kitchen, then the ANCROWN Bug Zappers may be the right choice.

Price: $26

Get ANCROWN Bug Zapper on Amazon

MV MosquitoTrap Indoor Insect Trap

The MV MosquitoTrap Indoor Insect Trap is another stylish-looking insect killer available at a reasonable price. At under $40 per unit, the MV MosquitoTrap kills moths, mosquitos, gnats, fruit flies, and other insects using UV light to attract bugs, a fan to trap the bugs, and sticky glue boards to hold the insects inside.

Your purchase comes with six glue boards, giving you triple protection against insects. It’s small and quiet enough for indoor use. However, like most other sub-$50 UV mosquito killers here, it may not be powerful enough for larger outdoor spaces.

Price: $40

Get MV MosquitoTrap Indoor Insect Trap on Amazon

Nikand Mosquito Killer Lamp

The Nikand Mosquito Killer Lamp is a straightforward, budget-friendly UV insect killer that attracts pests using ultraviolet light, then zaps then using an electric grid. At $27, it’s the most affordable UV mosquito killer on this list.

Although it has mixed reviews online, the Nikand Mosquito Killer Lamp may provide basic protection for smaller, indoor spaces. Amazon retailers sell the Nikand Mosquito Killer Lamp under several different names – including the Syndonnika Mosquito Killer Lamp.

Price: $27

Get Nikand Mosquito Killer Lamp on Amazon

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb

The GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb is the first UV mosquito killer on this list that comes in the form of a lightbulb – not a standalone unit. You screw the lightbulb into a conventional socket, and it attracts mosquitos.

Mosquitos fly towards the UV light, then hit the electric grid as they get close. The high-intensity UV light attracts them, while the high voltage electrically charged metal grid instantly kills them.

Price: $16

Get GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb on Amazon

PRANITE BK001 Bug Zapper

The PRANITE BK001 Bug Zapper is a hanging, rechargeable bug zapper. Unlike other UV mosquito killers on this list, the PRANITE BK001 does not need to be plugged in. You charge it, hang it our place it on a surface, then let the unit go to work.

At under $36 apiece, the PRANITE BK001 provides affordable mosquito-killing protection with 3 light modes. There’s a soft light for gentle lighting throughout the night, a bright light for high-powered protection, and a UV-only light to attract mosquitos while being invisible to the human eye. You get customized protection at a reasonable price.

Price: $36

Get PRANITE BK001 Bug Zapper on Amazon

Shinoske Electric Bug Zapper

The Shinoske Electric Bug Zapper is a $28 UV mosquito killer that provides basic protection at a budget price. The unit features a 1,000V electric grid. Shinoske recommends turning the unit on three hours before bedtime for maximum overnight effectiveness.

Shinoske’s Electric Bug Zapper attracts mosquitos and other bugs using a 365nm wavelength of UV light. You can hang the unit on a hook or place it on any flat surface.

Price: $28

Get Shinoske Electric Bug Zapper on Amazon

AICase Electric Mosquito Lamp

AICase makes an Electric Mosquito Lamp that attracts bugs using 365nm wavelength UV light. The unit claims to kill flying insects within 20 square meters, attracting them with UV light then killing them using an electric shock.

One of the big selling features of the AICase Electric Mosquito Lamp is the price. At $20, it provides mosquito-killing effectiveness at an ultra-budget price. IT’s optimal for indoor use, although AICase claims it works outdoors as well, including on backyards, porches, decks, patios, gardens, and more.

Price: $20

Get AICase Electric Mosquito Lamp on Amazon

DynaTrap DT1775 Insect Trap

DynaTrap is one of the best-known insect killing brands. The DynaTrap DT1775 is one of the smaller insect traps available today, although it still covers up to 1 acre with insect-killing protection and comes from the most reputable insect-killing brand in the industry. The unit claims to provide 3-way protection against mosquitos and other flying insects, while the ultra-bright ‘AtraktaGlo’ light and light-enhancing diffuser attract insects.

You plug the DT1775 into any ordinary electrical outlet. The unit traps bugs 24/7 with no pesticides, chemicals, attractants, or propane.

Price: $120

Get DynaTrap DT1775 Insect Trap on Amazon

AWESMR Electric Mosquito Killer

The AWESMR Electric Mosquito Killer is the most unique-looking UV flytrap on our list. The trap emits ultraviolet light to attract mosquitos, then uses a fan to suck mosquitos inside, creating an inescapable vortex. Dead bugs end up in the tray at the bottom of the unit.

At just $24, the AWESMR Electric Mosquito Killer provides effective protection for small spaces, although it won’t have much of an effect in larger, outdoor spaces. This is also one of the few UV mosquito killers on our list to have a carbon dioxide-simulating effect: the unit creates humidity to simulate carbon dioxide, attracting mosquitos to the source (just like mosquitos are drawn to our breath).

Price: $24

Get AWESMR Electric Mosquito Killer on Amazon

How We Ranked

All UV flytraps claim to attract and kill mosquitos effectively, but few live up to that promise. We separated good and bad mosquito killers using the following metrics:

Anti-Bug Effectiveness: You’re buying a UV insect killer because you want to kill insects. You have an insect problem, and you want a UV light to solve that problem. Some UV insect killers are more effective than others.

Price & Value: Some people want to spend $20 on a UV mosquito killer. Others want to invest $300 in the right UV insect killing system. We featured products at multiple price ranges, although we emphasized good value at every price point.

Ease of Use: Nobody wants to read an instruction manual before using a UV insect killer. You want to plug it in and start to work immediately.

Coverage: Does the unit cover 6,000 square feet or just 300 square feet? Some electric bug zappers are designed to cover a small room. Others are designed to cover several acres of outdoor space. Depending on your needs, you need to consider coverage when buying UV mosquito killers.

Durability & All-Weather Protection: Some UV mosquito killers are designed for outdoor use and have all-weather protection. Other UV mosquito killers are built for indoor use and cannot survive outdoors. When ranking outdoor UV mosquito killers, we considered durability and all-weather protection in our rankings.

Removable Collection Tray: Does the UV bug killer have a removable collection tray for dead bugs? Or do you need to painstakingly remove bugs from the grill and sides of the unit?

Power: Good UV bug zappers have a 120W UV bulb or higher. Lower-quality, cheaper units may have much less powerful bulbs, making them ineffective in larger spaces.

Guarantee or Warranty: Some ultraviolet insect flytraps come with a warranty or guarantee. If the unit does not work for your bug problem, then you can request a complete refund. We appreciated units that stood by their effectiveness with a warranty.

Who Should Use UV Mosquito Killers?

UV mosquito killers provide effective protection for anyone with a mosquito problem.

The mosquito killers are designed for indoor and outdoor use. You can leave the mosquito killer on a patio, deck, backyard, or porch, for example, to treat backyard infestations. Or, you can use the UV mosquito killer in your kitchen to target bugs inside your home.

If you hate mosquitos, then a UV mosquito killer may be a smart investment. You get effective mosquito-killing protection at a reasonable rate. Plus, you can run the UV mosquito killer constantly to remove bugs from the air – you don’t need to actively swat bugs or flood your house with chemicals to remove your bug problem.

Some UV mosquito killers are designed for portable use. You can take them camping or hiking, for example, to enjoy a bug-free trip. You recharge the devices at home, and they last for 5 to 10 hours per charge.

Other UV mosquito killers are designed for constant home protection. You plug the units into any standard electrical socket, then leave them running constantly for round-the-clock protection.

Some condo or apartment owners buy UV mosquito killers. They work well on decks and other small, outdoor settings.

Others buy UV mosquito killers because they’re unable or unwilling to treat a lawn, pond, or other nearby mosquito source. Maybe you live next to a creek or pond with a mosquito problem, for example. Maybe your neighbor’s lawn is flooded with mosquitos and he’s unwilling to clean it. With a UV mosquito killer, you can protect your own home against mosquitos and other flying insects.

Some people use UV mosquitos because they don’t like pesticides or chemicals. You might not want to treat your property with chemicals, for example, but you still want to remove mosquitos.

Benefits of UV Mosquito Killers

Ultraviolet mosquito killers are ideal for anyone who wants to remove mosquitos from an indoor or outdoor space.

If you’re sick of buzzing noises, insect welts, and other bug-related issues, then UV mosquito killers can protect your property in a non-toxic way.

UV mosquito killers tend to work in a similar way:

Step 1) A UV light quietly attracts insects towards the unit

Step 2) A fan pulls the insects inside the unit

Step 3) The insects get trapped inside the unit

That’s it! Most UV insect killers are straightforward. Some contain glue pads inside the unit, keeping insects trapped inside. Others simply have a one-way entry system, and insects cannot escape because they’re blocked by the fan.

Some UV insect killers use battery power. You can run them on-the-go wherever you go. You charge them via micro-USB like any smartphone or tablet, then bring them camping or hiking. A good UV insect killer runs 5 to 10 hours on a single charge.

Other UV insect killers require electricity. You plug the unit into a standard electrical outlet, then let it run continuously to protect your home.

When you use a UV mosquito killer, you can kill mosquitos without chemicals. Some don’t like using chemical-based mosquito sprays around the home. Others worry about the effects chemicals have on pets or humans. With UV mosquito killers, you remove mosquitos from the air using a light (to attract mosquitos) and a fan (to trap bugs inside). Technically, these machines just trap the bugs without killing them, giving you a chemical-free solution to any insect problem.

Some UV mosquito killers are designed for use outside, while others are designed for use inside. Outdoor mosquito killers can cover areas as large as one full acre. Mosquitos can see UV light from a long way away. With higher-powered UV lights, mosquitos can see the light from across a field. As long as there’s an open line of sight, one or two UV insect killers can protect a larger area.

Some UV insect killers are designed for indoor use. Some kitchens have fruit fly or mosquito problems, for example. By installing a UV light in your kitchen, you can give your kitchen insect-fighting effectiveness 24 hours a day.

Others like UV mosquito killers because there’s no ‘zap’ sound like you get with a conventional zapper. The mosquitos don’t fly into an electric grill.

You also don’t get the smell of burnt insects. Conventional insect zappers give off a distinctive smell after killing a bug. With UV mosquito killers, awkward smells and noises are a thing of the past.

Note: Some UV insect killers do kill mosquitos using a conventional zapper. These UV insect killers attract bugs using the UV light. Then, when the bugs fly too close, they’re zapped by the electric grid, leaving a pile of dead bugs around the base of your fan. With these units, you still get the zapping sound and smell – although the units use UV light instead of chemicals to attract bugs.

Others appreciate the stylish design of UV mosquito killers. Some devices look futuristic. They complement your smart home.

UV insect killers often offer 360 degree protection. Most units are designed so the light can be seen from any direction. Mosquitos can see the UV light no matter which direction they’re flying.

Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide – like the air we breathe out. Some UV mosquito killers create a ‘micro climate’ around the unit, emitting water to raise humidity. This effect tricks mosquitos. To a mosquito, it looks like a living creature is breathing, so they naturally fly towards it for an easy meal.

UV insect killing systems require you to replace the bulbs regularly. Some come with replacement bulbs. Others allow you to order replacement bulbs online. With all UV insect killing systems, however, you don’t need to buy attractant or propane (like you would with conventional systems). As long as you have electricity, you can run the lights long-term with minimal maintenance.

Many UV bug killers specifically advertise themselves as mosquito killers. However, most units attract and kill multiple types of bugs – including fruit flies, house flies, moths, and other winged insects.

Only specific types of ultraviolet light can attract bugs. Most UV lights above use a wavelength of 365 to 390 nanometer (NM) ultraviolet light. Bugs associate this wavelength with food sources. They fly towards it hoping for a meal – only to get zapped before they arrive.

Where do the dead bugs go? Most UV mosquito killers have a dead bug tray on the bottom. You slide the bug tray out, dump the bugs outside or in the garbage, then replace it. With some UV mosquito killers, you replace the sticky pad.

Science is surprisingly supportive of UV mosquito traps.

In this 2017 study, researchers analyzed the effectiveness of a UV-LED mosquito killing system. The team found that a pulsating UV light system saved power and attracted more mosquitos. Researchers claimed UV mosquito killers would be effective for off-grid areas due to their lower power consumption.

This Harvard study, meanwhile, found that ultraviolet lamps attracted bugs, and that higher-powered UV lamps attracted more bugs than lower-powered lights. Researchers also praised the lamps for having a minimal effect on light pollution. Because ultraviolet light is invisible, you can use UV lamps in large numbers without disrupting local ecosystems.

Other studies have found ultraviolet insect traps to be safe. This 2017 study, for example, found that ultraviolet insect traps were safe to use around humans. Researchers found the UV-A exposure of standing beside an ultraviolet light was much less than the UV-A exposure in a typical outdoor environment. In other words, you’re exposed to more ultraviolet radiation standing outside than you are standing next to a lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions About UV Mosquito Killers

Although the industry has existed for decades, mosquito killers can be tough to find substantive information on. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions that consumers have about UV mosquito killers.

Q: What is a UV mosquito killer?

A: A UV mosquito killer is an ultraviolet bug defense system that uses UV light to attract mosquitos, then kills the mosquitos in various ways. Most systems use some kind of electrical current or zap to kill the mosquitos, while others use confined chemicals or other methods.

Q: Does UV light kill mosquitos?

A: No, ultraviolet light does not kill mosquitos. However, ultraviolet light attracts mosquitos, drawing them towards fans, electrical grids, traps, and other killing systems. The devices do ultimately kill mosquitos, but the UV light itself doesn't do the killing.

Q: How do UV mosquito killer systems kill mosquitos?

A: Most UV bug defense systems above use an electric grid to kill mosquitos. Bugs fly towards the ultraviolet light, then hit a bug zapping grid before they reach the light, killing them instantly. Other systems have no zappers whatsoever. They kill bugs by drawing them inside a vortex using fans. Bugs cannot escape from the vortex, and they remain trapped inside the unit until they die.

Q: Where do the dead bugs go?

A: Most UV mosquito killers have a dead bug tray. Consumers remove the tray and simply dump out the dead mosquitos. Most trays or reservoirs can be cleaned using water and soap before being replaced to catch more of the pesky mosquitos.

Q: Are UV mosquito killers safe?

A: Yes, UV mosquito killers are safe around humans. You’re surrounded by ultraviolet light regularly, and the amount of light emitted has no impact on your health. Many people use UV mosquito killers specifically because they want to avoid harmful pesticides and chemicals used in other mosquito killing systems. You’re exposed to more UV radiation standing outside on an average day than standing beside an ultraviolet insect killing lamp.

Q: Why are bugs attracted to UV light?

A: Humans and other living organisms emit ultraviolet light. When a bug sees a UV lightbulb, it looks like a food source – like a human. The bug flies towards the unit hoping for a quick meal.

Q: Can consumers use UV mosquito killers outdoors?

A: Many of the top-rated UV mosquito killers above are specifically designed for use outdoors. Some even contain solar panels and other features that make them ideal for outdoor use. Other units – like some of the cheaper units above – are small and designed for indoor use in smaller spaces.

Q: How much coverage does a UV bug killer provide?

A: Most UV bug killers disclose their range upfront. Some lower-end units cover just 200 to 300 square feet of space, while higher-end units can cover 1 to 2 acres of space. As long as bugs can see the light, they can fly towards it and die.

Q: What’s the best UV mosquito killer?

A: Any of the top-rated units on our list is an effective mosquito killer. We didn't rank these mosquito killers in any particular order, so any of them can serve as a solid option.

Q: What’s the best UV mosquito killer brand?

A: DynaTrap is a particularly popular mosquito killer brand, although any of the top-ranked options on our list provide effective coverage. Users should conduct their own research to find the product that's best for them and their needs.

Q: Do consumers need to replace UV bulbs in their UV mosquito killers?

A: Yes, users may need to replace bulbs in their mosquito killers. However, your bulbs may last 1 to 3 years or longer, depending on use. This means that upkeep and maintenance on these devices is generally pretty minimal.

Q: Where should UV mosquito killers be placed?

A: Place your UV mosquito killer in a space where it can be seen from multiple angles. Place it at the center of a barn, for example, or in the center of your yard. As long as mosquitos are within the sightline of the UV bulb, it should attract mosquitos.

Q: How much do UV mosquito killers cost?

A: Good UV mosquito killers cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Most units are priced between $75 and $125, although you can find some units under $25 – and some units over $200.

Q: Do users need propane or attractant for UV mosquito killers?

A: Some UV mosquito killers above use essential oils and other ingredients to attract mosquitos. Most units, however, do not use repellants, propane, chemicals, pesticides, or similar ingredients.

Q: Do UV mosquito killers need to be plugged in?

A: Some UV mosquito killers can be plugged into any electrical outlet, while others use battery power or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (like your smartphone). Readers interested in UV mosquito killers should look into the power sources for a given device before making their purchase.

Q: Are there solar-powered UV mosquito zappers?

A: Yes, there are plenty of solar-powered UV mosquito zappers. Users simply place these devices in their garden. They recharge throughout the day, then run all night to attract mosquitos.

Q: What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor zappers?

A: Indoor zappers might be lightweight and less durable. They might have lower-end, lower-powered UV bulbs. Outdoor zappers may be weatherproof, covered, and durable. They might feature high-powered UV bulbs that cover up to 1 acre of property.

Q: How many UV bug zappers are necessary?

A: This depends on the size of the property on which the zapper is being used. Some consumers might need 2 or 3 bug zappers to cover their backyard, deck, and larger indoor space. In many cases, a single high-powered bug zapper is adequate for a large-sized room or yard.

Q: Are UV mosquito killers loud?

A: Some UV mosquito killers have fans, although most fans are quiet. The fans spin to create a vortex, trapping insects inside. Specific noise levels will generally depend on the model being purchased, as well as the technology used to attract and kill the bugs.

Q: Do UV mosquito killers create odor?

A: Most UV mosquito killers will not create an odor. Some units zap bugs can create a ‘burning bug’ odor. Others simply trap bugs inside, which will not create an odor. Again, this depends on the model and its technology.

Q: How are UV bug zappers cleaned.

A: Though this depends on the severity of a given bug problem, most consumers need to clean their devices once per week. Clean a UV bug zapper by washing the tray/resevoir with soap/water before replacing it.

Q: Are mosquitos really attracted to UV light?

A: Studies have shown that mosquitos are attracted to UV light. This Harvard study, for example, found that UV lights attracted mosquitoes proportionally to their power. Higher-powered UV bulbs attracted more mosquitoes than lower-powered bulbs.

Q: Are all bugs attracted to UV light?

A: Most flying insects are attracted to UV light, although the attractiveness of UV light varies between insects. Mosquitos seem to particularly like UV light, for example, while other bugs might be less attracted to UV light.

Q: Are UV bug killers guaranteed to work?

A: Some ultraviolet lights above come with a guarantee or warranty, certifying that the light will capture and kill bugs. Others do not.

Final Thoughts

Ultraviolet (UV) mosquito killers attract mosquitos, insects, and bugs, then kill the bugs using a fan or electric grid. You enjoy a mosquito-free environment without pesticides or chemicals.

The impacts of a UV mosquito killer extends far beyond the simple elimination of annoyance. Plenty of mosquitos can carry diseases, some of which can be outright deadly. Eliminating the threat of mosquitos and other bugs can seriously improve the likelihood of avoiding serious illness.

Looking for effective anti-mosquito protection? Consider buying one of the ultraviolet mosquito-killing systems above for unbeatable ultraviolet flytrap protection.

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