Natural Medicine Secrets Supermarket Foods Top Shopping List

Natural Medicine Secrets presents the Supermarket Foods Top Shopping List guide on the 26 supermarket foods that should be used to prevent dementia, cancer and reverse autoimmune disease.

Full Disclosure

Natural Medicine Secrets is a nine-part documentary series available online for free.

By entering your name and email address into the online form at, you get free access to the documentary series. You also get a free eBook called “Top 26 Shopping List: Supermarket Foods to Prevent Dementia, Cancer and Reverse Autoimmune Disease”.

What is the Natural Medicine Secrets documentary series? Will the eBook really teach you how to prevent cancer and dementia? How is all of this content free? Find out everything you need to know about this offer today in our review.


What is Natural Medicine Secrets?

Natural Medicine Secrets is a documentary series found online at Enter your name and email address into the online form at the website, then get free access to the Natural Medicine Secrets documentary series and a bonus eBook.

Natural Medicine Secrets was created by a company named Health Secret. The goal of the documentary is to teach you about plants, spices, supplements, and vitamins that heal the body.

Here’s how the official website explains the Natural Medicine Secrets documentary series:

“Featuring over 9 hours of exclusive new content about healing plants, spices, supplements, and vitamins, the Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series uncovers the best natural remedies and dietary choices that helps you prevent and recover from chronic disease – using natural compounds instead of synthetic and potentially dangerous medicines.”

The documentary series features 55+ doctors, scientists, and other health and wellness experts. These experts discuss the latest research in alternative medicine that could help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

How Does Natural Medicine Secrets Work?

Natural Medicine Secrets consists of nine main episodes and one bonus episodes. The episodes are airing between October 5 and October 13.

Each episode stays online for 24 hours, coming online at 8pm EST (5pm PST). You can watch it at your own pace over the 24 hour period, and then it gets taken down and replaced with the next episode.

You can watch all episodes for free. Once the episodes have aired, you can pay to get access to all of the videos, then watch the videos on-demand at any time.

What Will You Learn in Natural Medicine Secrets?

Natural Medicine Secrets is a nine-episode documentary series covering natural treatments and alternative medicine. The documentary series explains natural ways to prevent cancer and heal cancer, for example, without using chemotherapy or modern medicine. Other covered topics include stress, mental clarity, cognitive health, and the importance of detoxification.

Here’s a brief overview of each episode:

Episode 1

Episode 1) Can Natural Medicines Really Reverse Disease?

The creators of Natural Medicine Secrets seem to be big believes in alternative treatments for disease. In this episode, experts discuss how patients have cured cancer and eliminated chronic pain “using natural remedies that you may have never considered”. Experts claim there are “natural ways to achieve optimal health for your body”, allowing you to prevent and cure chronic diseases regardless of your “lack of money or dependency upon prescription medications.” Covered topics include:

Natural ways to help prevent and heal from cancer

How to cleanse your body with bentonite clay

Relieving chronic pain

The benefits of essential oils

Episode 2

Episode 2) Stress & Anxiety, the Cortisol Connection, Adrenals, Fatigue, and Blood Sugar

This episode discusses the importance of keeping cortisol levels healthy for physical and mental wellbeing. Cortisol plays a crucial role in blood sugar, metabolism, inflammation, hormones, and cognitive function, among other crucial body functions. It also impacts heart health, digestion, and many other aspects of your body. Topics covered include:

How to make a complete recovery from fibromyalgia even though it “normally would be incurable”

Why challenging your brain is crucial for cognitive health

How turmeric “helps with everything and any kind of disorder your body has”, including one “cure-all recipe with herbs and roots”

How to improve mental health, clarity, focus, and memory using natural remedies

Episode 3

Episode 3: Mental Clarity & Brain Health, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Keeping a Young Mind

Episode 3 builds off the lessons in Episode 2, discussing how to support brain health and mental clarity with age. Experts in this episode claim “we know how to prevent dementia and it’s through proper nutrition”. These experts discuss exercise therapies, dietary strategies, and other tips you can use to prevent dementia and other brain disorders:

How your brain will decline in performance over time

How to prevent dementia using proper nutrition

Why vegetarians and people with plant-based diets have a lower risk of dementia

The relationship between nutrition and brain health

Episode 4

Episode 4: Hormones & Fertility, Thyroid

Episode 4 explains the importance of hormones for overall body function. It discusses the rise of infertility among young men due to low testosterone levels, how Hashimoto’s thyroiditis works and why it’s the most common form of thyroiditis, and what the MTHFR mutation is and how it works, among other topics. We can’t function without hormones, and diet plays a crucial role in hormones. Covered topics include:

How to control your genetic destiny

Why young men are more likely to be infertile today

Common forms of thyroid issues and how they work

Episode 5

Episode 5: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways, the Gut: Leaky Gut, Parasites, Microbiome

This episode covers gut health and the importance of gut bacteria. Eating the right food can support immunity and gut health, while the wrong food can ages you. One expert interviewed in this episode claims that fewer than 40% of healthy people poop once per day, and that you should aim to poop two to three times per day. Other topics covered include:

How chemotherapeutic agents prescribed for autoimmune disease can cause cancer

How live blood testing can reveal crucial insights about your health

Why fewer than 40% of healthy people poop once a day

How the magnetic properties of bentonite clay can rid your body of a parasitic invasion

Episode 6

Episode 6: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways

This episode explains how detoxifying your body can encourage natural healing. It also explains how cinnamon is excellent for the circulatory system because it “anti-oxidizes the arteries and veins so blood flows better”. Other covered topics include:

Why different colors of fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help detoxify gently and naturally

Why chlorella might be the best kept secret in modern medicine

Why today’s environment is more toxic than it was 5,000 years ago

Why your dental cavity fillings are exposing you to mercury poisoning

Episode 7

Episode 7: Chronic Serious Illness, Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke

This episode explains how to reverse chronic diseases using natural remedies. According to the experts interviewed in this episode, you can prevent and eliminate chronic diseases using a plant-based diet and other natural remedies. Other covered topics include:

Seven things everyone can do today to instantly be better off

How a plant-based diet reduces blood pressure and your risk of chronic disease

Why omega 3 deficiency causes 96,000 preventable deaths every year

Episode 8

Episode 8: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, and Exercise

This episode explains why food is a silent addiction that causes our body “to commit suicide”. One expert explains how to “end” (i.e. cure) type 2 diabetes, despite the fact that there’s no known cure for type 2 diabetes. Other topics covered during this episode include:

Why food is a silent addiction that could harm your body

How sugar acts like cocaine by activating the same receptors and neurotransmitters

Why metal toxicity and chemical toxicity are “a modern day epidemic”

Why the American diet “is exceedingly dangerous”

How to “reverse and possibly end type 2 diabetes” by changing your eating habits

Episode 9

Episode 9: Triggers for Disease: What’s Really Making You Sick?

This episode explains how whole grains are associated with a lower risk of disease and better overall health. The episode also discusses why only 5% of cancers are related to genetics, and that 95% of other cancers “come from poisons in our food”. Other topics covered include:

Why people with high cholesterol levels have a higher risk of dementia

Why environmental toxins are causing our minds and bodies to decay

Why people who eat more saturated fats have higher inflammation and oxidation in the brain, which is associated with a higher risk of cognitive problems

NMS Episode 10

Bonus Episode 10: Big Pharma & Government Corruption, Supplements vs. Pharmaceuticals

In this tenth and final bonus episode, experts discuss how big pharmaceutical companies are supressing natural cures to protect their profit margins. Experts also discuss how doctors prescribe a dangerous neurotoxin “even though the American Medical Association knows it kills people”. Other topics covered include:

How big pharmaceutical companies control mainstream media, preventing natural cures from being released

Why big pharmaceutical companies encourage doctors to prescribe drugs that damage the brain

Why you shouldn’t believe everything experts say about your health, including why you should not just “comply with doctors” about your medical decisions

Who’s Behind Natural Medicine Secrets?

Natural Medicine Secrets features a number of well-known names from across the alternative medicine space.

Some of the experts are legitimate medical doctors. Others are chiropractors (DCs), media personalities, naturopathic doctors (NDs), and other specialists.

Notable names involved with the Natural Medicine Secrets documentary series include:

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD

Fran Drescher

Dr. Dean Ornish, MD

Ocean Robbins

Dr. Daniel Nuzum, PhD

Sayer Ji

Natural Medicine Secrets is hosted by Jonathan Otto, a journalist and filmmaker.

About the Top 26 Shopping List eBook

By signing up for the Natural Medicine Secrets documentary series today, you get access to an eBook called Top 26 Shopping List: Supermarket Foods to Prevent Dementia, Cancer and Reverse Autoimmune Disease.

The title of the book tells you everything you need to know. The book explains how common foods available at any supermarket can prevent dementia and cancer or eliminate autoimmune disease.

It’s no secret that fruits, vegetables, and other common foods can reduce the risk of chronic disease. Growing evidence shows how certain foods can reduce inflammation and support overall health and wellness, among other benefits.

The book claims that you can “replace your medications” with foods purchased from any supermarket. By replacing your mediations with these foods, you can purportedly enjoy powerful benefits.

Why is Natural Medicine Secrets Free?

Natural Medicine Secrets is free because the company is collecting your name and email address. You must enter a name and email address to access the documentary series.

The company claims it will not spam you. However, they reserve the right to contact you via your email address. Here’s how the terms and conditions explain it:

“When you use our Website or its Features, you may be communicating with us electronically. If you provide us with your email address or other contact information, you consent to us communicating with you by those means unless you expressly state otherwise.”

With similar health and wellness webinars, viewers receive advertisements for some of the supplements being discussed or other health and wellness products.

Contact Captivate Culture, LLC

Natural Medicine Secrets is published online by a company named Captivate Culture, LLC. You can contact that company via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-744-2614

Mailing Address: 1708 Montilla St., Santee, CA 92071, USA

Final Word

Natural Medicine Secrets is a free webinar airing online through The webinar discusses how to prevent diseases, reverse health issues, and support health benefits using natural remedies.

Over a nine episode documentary series, experts discuss how natural remedies could be more effective than modern medicine for treating disease.

The webinar is free for anyone to view, with episodes airing online between October 5 and October 13. Each episode stays up for 24 hours. Just enter your name and email address into the online form to view the documentary series for free.

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