Mindful Body Program: Review PaleoHacks’ Leah Cruz’s Course

Full Disclosure

The Mindful Body Program is a diet and exercise system marketed primarily to women who want to burn fat.

The program is available exclusively online through MindfulBodyProgram.com. It consists of a series of videos and digital guides from Leah Santa Cruz and the PaleoHacks team.

Can the Mindful Body Program really help you lose weight? Should you follow the Mindful Body Program to improve your body? Find out everything you need to know about the program today in our review.


What is the Mindful Body Program?

The Mindful Body Program is a package of videos and eBooks available online through MindfulBodyProgram.com for $30.

The program claims to teach you how to burn fat by targeting your body’s metabolism. Leah Santa Cruz and the team at PaleoHacks explain their workout strategies, exercise programs, diet tips, and more.

The idea of the Mindful Body Program is to implement mindful eating practices into your daily lifestyle. You can use mindful eating practices to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, for example – starting with weight loss.

By following the program, you can purportedly enjoy long-lasting weight loss and vibrant health. The Mindful Body Program doesn’t just teach you how to lose weight: it teaches you how to transform your relationship with food, rethink how you approach weight loss, and reset your appetite and hunger, among other benefits.

Obviously, plenty of programs make similar promises. Let’s take a closer look at how the Mindful Body Program works – and how it could transform your diet and weight loss goals.

How Does the Mindful Body Program Work?

The Mindful Body Program aims to transform your relationship with food, helping anyone lose weight.

If you have bounced between multiple diets without success, then the Mindful Body Program wants to help. Sometimes, you can’t lose weight even when following a diet correctly. Or, some people lose weight when following a diet, only to regain that weight when they stop dieting.

The Mindful Body Program aims to target these yo-yo diet issues using the following strategies:

Step 1) Make Food Cravings Fade Away: The Mindful Body Program targets “impossible to resist” food cravings that inhibit your diet. If you’ve ever smelled a slice of pizza and been unable to resist it while following your diet, then you may want to relearn your relationship with food.

Step 2) Form Stronger, Healthier Bonds Between your Brain and Body: The Mindful Body Program teaches you how to make strong, healthy bonds between the logical centers of your brain and your body sensations. By targeting these areas, you no longer automatically react to find and trigger a part of your brain; instead, you teach your brain to break an unhealthy relationship with food, avoiding unnecessary hunger ravings.

Step 3) Amplify Diet and Exercise Efforts: You might run for 30 to 60 minutes and not lose weight. Some people exercise incorrectly. The Mindful Body Program aims to amplify your diet and exercise efforts without cheat days, yo-yo dieting, or self sabotage. By targeting brain science and forcing your body to move on days you don’t feel like moving, the Mindful Body Program aims to change your relationship with food and exercise.

By following these three steps, Mindful Body Program aims to:

Strengthen healthy, fat-melting neural connections within your brain

Take back control of your emotional, unhealthy eating habits

Reset your appetite, hunger, and cravings

The Mindful Body Program advertises itself as a complete rehaul of your mind-body system.

While other programs focus on short-term change – like a 21 day rest or a 3-month strength training program – Mindful Body Program aims to teach real changes that lead to real results.

What Will You Learn in the Mindful Body Program?

The Mindful Body Program aims to reset your brain and body, helping you enjoy long-term diet and exercise results.

Some of the topics covered in the Mindful Body Program include:

Why hunger is so painful and why you never have to feel that way again

How to avoid visiting a fast food restaurant or mall food court again while feeling totally great about yourself

The scientific evidence proving hunger can be curbed using mind power alone

How to shut down cravings before they start, how to reconnect with your perfect body, how to banish out-of-control food cravings forever, and how to stop food triggers in any environment

How to destroy self-criticism, eliminate negative thinking patterns, and transform bad habits into positive behaviors

How to feel satisfied after every meal no matter what you ate – or how much you ate

You can find plenty of diet tips and exercise advice online. None of these tips, however, will be effective if you don’t train your brain. Many people do everything right with a new exercise program or diet – only to fail because they haven’t changed their brain patterns. Mindful Body Program aims to solve this issue, fixing a much-needed gap in the world of exercise and dieting.

Who Should Use Mindful Body Program?

Mindful Body Program is marketed to anyone who wants to lose weight at any age. The program is marketed to men and women of all ages.

In fact, the creators of the Mindful Body Program specifically claim their system works for everybody:

“We promise you'll see results no matter what your age, gender, or current condition is. Without exception, it works for everybody. Within the first few weeks cravings will be released, your clothes could feel looser, your friends and family will start to take notice, and you'll FEEL years younger.”

Whether you’re a man or woman, whether you’re trying to lose weight or build lean muscle, anyone can benefit from getting better control of their brain.

What is Mindful Eating?

We can’t spoil the Mindful Body Program upfront. However, much of the program is based on the concept of mindful eating.

Many people practice mindful eating daily. Mindful eating can help you lose weight or stick to a diet program. It can help you enjoy the food you eat. It can make you more present in the moment.

Although mindful eating is trendy today, it’s been practiced for centuries. Today, many people continue to use mindful eating practices to control their diet, eliminate cravings, and maximize the effectiveness of a weight loss system.

As Harvard Health explains, some of the top mindful eating strategies include:

Start with your shopping list. Consider the health value of each item you’re putting into the shopping cart. If you’re buying junk food at the supermarket, you’ll inevitably eat that junk food. If you don’t buy any junk food, then you still need to eat something at home – and you’ll eat healthy food.

Come to the table with an appetite, but don’t eat when you’re ravenously hungry. Skipping meals might sound good for weight loss in theory, but you shouldn’t be starving all day long. You end up eating more in the long run.

Start with a small portion. It’s tempting to load your plate with mountains of food. Mindful eating strategy, however, recommends starting with a small portion – and eating it slowly.

Appreciate your food. This is the core concept of mindful eating. You appreciate your food. Before eating your food, take a moment to recognize all of the work it took to bring that food to your table. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to eat the food and the people you’re enjoying the food with – if any.

Consider all senses. When we think of cooking, we think of taste. However, cooking is a multi-sensory experience. There are smells, colors, textures, aromas, and more. Mindful eating involves bringing all senses to your meal. You can even think of the sound of the food – like the sound the food makes when you’re chewing on it.

Think of individual ingredients. Focus on individual ingredients when you’re eating. See if you can separate individual spices or vegetables from a medley.

Take small bites. This is another core mindful eating practice. Take smaller bites and appreciate each bite, and you’re likely to eat less at the end of your meal.

Chew thoroughly and eat slowly. This has been a weight loss tip for decades. By chewing your foods thoroughly, you take more time eating, which means you’re more likely to fill up. It’s a central tenet of mindful eating theory.

Although we can’t spoil what’s in the Mindful Body Program, the tips above are some of the core practices of mindful eating strategy. The Mindful Body Program extends similar techniques to your physical and mental wellness.

Mindful Body Program Pricing

The Mindful Body Program is priced at $29.99.

As part of a new promotion, all purchases come with a bonus eBook called The Secrets of Savoring, which teaches you practices of mindful eating meditation. It’s about slowing down to appreciate your food.

Mindful Body Program Refund Policy

Mindful Body Program has a 60 day refund policy.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked. Just contact the company to request a refund.

Since all Mindful Body Program products are digital, there’s no need to send any physical products back.

Who is Leah Santa Cruz?

Leah Santa Cruz is a meditation teacher and intimacy coach. She began her career studying psychology and neuroscience, ultimately working for Microsoft and other tech startups for a decade. She became burned out by the fast-paced tech lifestyle, then decided to learn from masters in the field, including Dr. Lorin Roche, Camille Maurine, Mark Whitwell, Steve Ross, and Emily Kuser.


Today, Leah leads meditation and intimacy courses at the Yoga Barn in Bali. She also offers online courses. Her clients include executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, working professionals, doctors, and others experience burnout, intimacy issues, and other problems.

You can follow Leah on Instagram for meditation tips. She has around 20,000 followers at her @lesant account.

About PaleoHacks

Leah partnered with PaleoHacks to release the Mindful Body Program. PaleoHacks, found online at PaleoHacks.com, is a paleo diet and recipe community. The website features recipes, health and fitness tips, and more.

You can follow PaleoHacks on Instagram, where the account has 160,000+ followers.

Final Word

The Mindful Body Program is a health and wellness program that teaches you how to implement mindful eating practices into your everyday life.

Mindful eating can help you eat less food while training your body to appreciate each meal. By implementing similar techniques into your mental and physical wellness, you can enjoy powerful effects.

To learn more about the Mindful Body Program or to buy online today, visit MindfulBodyProgram.com. The program was created by leading experts in their field and the guide is backed by a 60-day refund policy.

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