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Lycopodium Clavatum is an herbal remedy derived from spores of the plant known to be Clubmoss as well as Wolf's Foot. It is part of the Lycopodiaceae family and is typically found in the rocky heaths and pastures in Central as well as Northern Europe, Russian Asia and North America.

Lycopodium is a low-growing perennial plant. It's a spore-bearing floral and vascular terrestrial with a wide-branched bud. The stems are erect and are adorned with tiny, simple needle-like leaflets which cover the stem and branches in a thick manner. The leaves have one unbranched vascular strand known as microphylls. Kidney-shaped cases are made up of the spores only of one type and are found on the upper part of the leaf blades of the specialized leaves. They are laid out cone-like at the ends of upright stems. The club-shaped shape of the flowering stems is what gives clubmosses its common namesake.

The homeopathy remedy is made using spores that have been freshly crushed from the plant. The healing effects are triggered following a sequence of trituration, followed by the succession of spores. The remedy is offered in low and high levels, depending on what the situation could be.

The Lycopodium Constitution

In homeopathy, the belief is that each person has a unique constitution. This refers to the composition, structure, and nature of the body.

Lycopodium is ideally suited to the carbo-nitrogenoid body constitutionthose who are highly intelligent yet physically weak. The upper portion of your body appears dehydrated while the lower portion of your body marked by the accumulation of an excessive amount of fluid that is watery. People with this condition typically have a dry temperament as well as a dark skin tone.

It is usually used in situations where ailment is developing slowly, functional strength weakens or a breakdown in digestive capabilities is observed, or the function in the liver gets impaired. It can be extremely beneficial in cases of malnutrition. The Lycopodium persona lacks vital heat and suffers from weak circulation, as well as cold extremities. The pain is sudden and disappears. It is very sensitive to odors and noises.

Lycopodium and its Drug Action

Lycopodium is highly effective on the nervous system and has other centers of action.

Mucous Membrane Lycopodium can be a potent stimulant for the mucous membranes, causing an atonic (lack of muscle tone) condition, congestion, catarrhal inflammation, and copious mucous discharge.

Kidney: Interferes with bladder and kidneys. Lycopodium causes frequent, painful micturition that is cloudy and liquid urine that is like brick dust, and occasionally blood and mucus in urine.

Digestive Organs Lycopodium causes irregular, slow digestion as well as flatulence and constipation. There is also congestion of the liver and the other concomitants of flatulence and constipation.

The Body's Side: Lycopodium especially acts on the right side of the body. The symptoms are typically found on the left to right sides on the body.

Clinical applications of Lycopodium

Lycopodium has been proven to be effective in treating the following diseases:





– Corns

– emaciation

– flatulence

– Food intolerances

– hair loss

Hemorrhoids – hemorrhoids

– indigestion

– liver-derangements

– malnutrition

– kidney colic

– kidney disorders

– sciatica

Lycopodium and its Action on the Mind

Lycopodium can be effective in situations when psychological symptoms evidently manifested with physical symptoms. People who require lycopodium are typically scared. He is scared about public speaking. He is scared of failing or succeeding, new circumstances, commitments, and accountability. He is afraid of being on his own, as well as of being in the shadows.

They are hypochondriacs meaning they experience unusual anxiety about their health. They are usually afflicted by panic attacks, have low confidence in themselves, and have low self-esteem. The signs of forgetfulness are peevishness and. Due to their dictatorial tendencies, they desire for the power of their position and control over other people.

Lycopodium is a great option in situations when one is suffering from a decline in cognitive function and a confused mind. Memory loss and inability to recall alphabets and names, or spelling or writing syllables, words or words incorrectly or having trouble talking during conversations are all typical indications. It can also help with illnesses that are caused by domineering family members or parents.

Lycopodium for Ailments of the Head

Lycopodium treats head problems both internal and external. Headaches that are right-side, which starts on one side, but then moves to the opposite side, which is more painful and head pain and a rumbling hunger that gets improved after eating. These are typical signs that point to Lycopodium. If food intake is not maintained frequently, the headache gets more severe. Hair greying that is premature and severe hair loss which leads to premature balding are also observed. The loss of hair usually occurs following abdominal disorders or following pregnancy (childbirth). The skin is hot, burning and itching of the scalp, particularly when your body temperature is high following exercise. Lycopodium is very effective in the event of hair loss by preventing further hair loss and triggering hair growth.

Lycopodium for Facial Concerns

The patient with Lycopodium might have freckles that appear pale, yellowish and gray. They may also have blue circles that surround the eyes. Herpetic eruptions can be seen on the face and in the corner on the lips. Small warts, which are white, pedunculated, and pedunculated on the chin might be present.

The actions of Lycopodium affect the Kidneys

Lycopodium is a specific drug on kidneys. The kidneys are awash with lithic acids in small amounts within the kidneys, which could cause stone formation. Kidney stones can cause pain in the kidneys, as well as the bladder. The most common conditions that are associated with Lycopodium can be Calculus with Hematuria ( urine with blood) due to catarrh or gravel, and the urination of blood clotted with renal colic as it passes through the movement of calculi that are small. The pain is a burning or cutting. Urine is dark, and disgusting. There is a ache in the back prior to urine, but this eases when urine is cleared. Urine isn't as swift in its arrival, and people have to exert themselves to get it out. The sediment is often heavy and red. found in the urine and the urine may have an unpleasant smell. Kidney colic can cause stinging, tear, or digging pains within the right urinary tract which is carried into the bladder like the calculus that is moving towards the bladder. A child with colic might cry when they go to the bathroom and a red substance resembling sand might be seen in the child's diaper.

Lycopodium for Gastric Disorders

Lycopodium is a term used to describe a variety of symptoms of complaints that are gastric in nature. Constriction of the throat, which is caused by the re-ingestion of food. The main characteristics are a high appetite, which is satisfied quickly, and eating only a small amount of food, which causes an overwhelming feeling of fullness. A person who suffers with chronic constipation and hard stool. Flatulent colic is common in young girls and children. Debility and emaciation are a result of loss of fluids during the early morning.

It's a great option for patients suffering from gastralgia (neuralgic stomach pain) or gastritis (stomach lining inflammation). The stomach can be affected by eating sweets and other pastries. Belchings usually rise to the Pharynx. Patients immediately feel hungry after eating, even though the stomach and abdomen feel full and tight. The stomach is prone to cramps that are bloated, and digestion that is very slow along with acidity and flatulence and the rumbling of flatulence especially on the upper left region that is the stomach. There are other signs. The condition known as enteritis (inflammation of the intestinal tract) is common in infants, an indigestion causes that. The flatulence is high prior to and after the passing of stool. The abdominal tympanitic distension is evident. The flatulence presses upwards on the bladder and rectum as well as there's a tingling sensation that it is as if something has moved between the bowels.

Lycopodium and Relation to Food

Lycopodium sufferers have a strong craving for sweets. Many food allergies are present and the consumption of bread, wheat and fermented food items triggers symptoms. Most complaints are aggravated after eating fabulous foods such as beans, cabbage, and onions.

Lycopodium and Rectal Disorders

Lycopodium is recommended in situations when there is acute, painful tension and pain in the rectum, which becomes worse in the night. A burning sensation in the rectum may be evident during and after stool passing. Abrasions to the skin around the anus which can easily bleed and feel itchy and wet is a typical sign. Itching and painful hemorrhoids that are painful to the touch, noticeable inactivity of the bowels, cramps in the rectum and in the small in the lower back. Irregular stool, frequent diarrhea and constipation are also signs. Diarrrhea can occur after the remission of skin disorders.

Constipation can be evident at puberty time, even while away from home in infants, despite ineffective urges. Rectum expands and protrudes in stool. This can result in the formation of piles.

The stool is hard and small, and they aren't entirely eliminated. The beginning part of the stool can be difficult to eliminate, while the second part is slender and flowing. The stool is pale, rotten slim and brown, often combined in with hard lumps. The constriction of the anus makes it difficult for stool to be eliminated. The rectum is painful and there is tension in the rectum that is more severe during nights and bleeding pimples.

Lycopodium for the Liver

Lycopodium is very important in chronic hepatic constrictions, in which the liver is very sensitive to pressure. It is difficult to eat until they feel satisfied as it causes an unpleasant sensation in the liver (liver) part of the. It is possible to experience violent gallstone colic, pain or discomfort in the back, and right hypochondria due to constriction of the liver.

The actions is Lycopodium is a direct effect on Limbs

Lycopodium has been proven to be effectiveness in treating symptoms of sciatica. There is numbness, burning, and tearing pain in the limbs and stiff joints. There could be a tendency for chronic gout or chalk deposits within joints. Right-sided sciatica, painful skin corns and callosities on the toes, soles and fingers, a sensation of hot feet and the other is cold are additional signs. The sciatica can be so severe that a person is unable to lay on the side that is painful. The arm is heavy, and tendons, particularly the hamstrings, are treated by Lycopodium.

Lycopodium for Women

Lycopodium has proven effective in cases of female-related problems. It is effective in situations which menses have been delayed or the breasts aren't fully developed by puberty. A lot of sadness and anger, as well as indigestion and depression prior to menses, can be observed. Menstrual flow may be slowed for months. The condition known as dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) can be so severe that it can cause fainting. In the right ovary, pains that extend to the left vaginitis and ovarian tumors are easily treated by this treatment. It can also help treat an uncomfortable, dry burning sensation that occurs in the vagina, which is more severe after sexual encounters. Sexual contact can be extremely painful and there could be a lot of leakage (white discharge) and a stinging pain that extends from the left side to the right with flatulence. The discharge of wind from the vagina could also be present.

Lycopodium for Males

Lycopodium is extremely effective in cases men's impotence. It is utilized in situations when there is a release of prostatic fluid but without a protracted erection. Other indications include enlargement of the prostate, increased anxiety during sexual activity, premature sexual exhaustion, seminal discharges and weakness. Sexual excess or the advancing of age can be present. Insufficient erectile strength and a tiny penis that is cold and relaxed, and a marked decrease in sexual desire following gonorrhea, cystitis, and premature ejaculation can be an issue.

Lycopodium and Other Homeopathic Remedies

Lycopodium can be treated with natural remedies Camphor, Pulsatilla, Causticum, Aconite, Coffea, and Graphites.

It counteracts the effects of the homeopathic remedy Cinchona Officinalis.

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