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The Graphites are made using black lead through trituration (a process that creates homeopathic remedies). The trituration process is where the medicinal qualities of lead are derived. The use of graphite is strongly recommended for help with skin problems (mainly Psoriasis and eczema), constipation, pimples, constipation or anal fissures, as well as the late or suppressed period for females.

The ‘Graphites' Constitution

This treatment is suitable for those who are prone to weight growth. Additionally, it's a good choice for those with skin problems and constipation. Additionally, it is recommended for females who have an overweight body and are prone to having a tendency to experience late, uncontrolled menstrual cycles.

Drug Action

It is a significant action on the skin and helps to treat various problems, including eczema and skin rash, psoriasis cracked skin, fungal infection. Its actions are noticeable in the rectum area, which can help with cases of constipation, fissures, and piles. In addition, it works on female genitalia and helps treat vaginal discharges as well as delayed or suppressed periods.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Eye Complaints

It is a fantastic aid in the treatment of many eye problems.

It is one of the most effective treatments for treating eczema of the eyelids. Patients who require it suffer from inflammation of the eyelids and moist spots on it. Sometimes, there are tears and cracks evident on eyelids.

Furthermore, it can be effective in treating blepharitis ( inflammation in the eyelid margins that allows the eyelashes to develop). The primary reason to use it to treat blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid margins that are red with the presence of flakes or crusts. The edges of the eyelids are also dry, as is the other features. Some patients also experience excessive tears. The eyelids may become stuck together. There may be irritation and burning sensations in the eyelids. The eyelid margin is prone to itching and intense irritation. is also reported.

Then, it's advised to combat photophobia ( sensitization to light, causing discomfort or discomfort in the eyes when exposed to bright lighting). It is used to treat this condition when the eyes are sensitive to light, particularly sunlight. The patient experiences a lot of tears from the eyes. In addition, the redness of the eyes, it is also evident. People may also feel pain, burning and itching in the eyes when they have the above-mentioned signs.

In addition, it's a significant medicine for treating styes (red swelling lump that is located at the margin of the eyelid caused by an infection caused by bacteria). It is primarily used to treat styes that are present within the eyelids' lower. It is effective in treating the most recent styes on any of the stages and assists in removing the common occurrence of persistent staining.

2. Ear Complaints

In the case of problems with the ear, this medication is mostly used to treat tinnitus-related complaints i.e hearing sounds in the ear but without the presence of external sounds. It benefits those who experience the sound of humming, roaring, or hissing sounds in their the ear. There are also crackling noises in their ear when eating or when moving their jaws. Furthermore, they might also complain of hearing loss. One of the unique characteristics they might have is improving in noisy environments.

Then, it's an excellent treatment for ear discharges (otorrhea). It is prescribed in cases where there is a thin, fluid-like, sticky discharge from the ear. Sometimes, the discharge could be stained by blood. It can also have a noxious smell.

It is also highly recommended to treat eczema that affects the ear. Patients who require it experience an eruption of crusty skin behind the ears that release a sticky liquid. The eruptions can be spread from behind ears to the cheeks and neck. There is a severe itching that can occur when the eruptions occur. It also helps treat skin cracks behind the ears.

Finally, it's an extremely effective medicine to treat dry ear.

3. Skin Issues

It is a highly recommended medication to treat a variety of skin problems. Its use is primarily noted in the case of eczema (inflamed, itchy, red skin, with or without eruptions). It is effective in both instances of dry eczema with or without any discharge, as well as wet eczema that has discharge. When it is used for dry eczema, the skin appears rough and dry and susceptible to cracking. In the case of wet eczema eruptions on the skin, the release of a transparent, sticky fluid is the main characteristic that warrants its use.

Graphites can be used to treat eczema that appears anywhere on the body, however, it is most noticeable behind the ears or on the eyelids between the fingers and toes and on the scalp. If eczema appears on the scalp, eruptions are present that are covered with thick crusts. the scalp. There is oozing fluids from the eruptions. Hair matting due to the sticky, gluey discharges. The scalp can be sore and itchy to feel.

Then, it's an effective medicine for treating the condition known as psoriasis (red red, inflamed patches on the skin covered in the white silvery scales). It's indicated if there are dry, inflamed, rough skin areas with excess scales or flakes as well as a lot of itching. It also helps to treat skin cracks in cases of psoriasis. It can be used to treat psoriasis that affects any body parts, but particularly scalp psoriasis. In these instances, the scalp is dry and covered in massive scales that can extend behind the ear. Burning and itching can be seen on the scalp. It also helps with those suffering from nail psoriasis. In this case, the rough, thick, and discolored nails indicate its usage.

Alongside the above it is able to take the care of cracked skin effectively. It aids in healing damaged skin on the ends of the fingers and toes, between fingers, and cracked nipples. It can also be used to treat cracks in folds of the skin as well as bends of joints.

Finally, it is an effective treatment for fungal scalp infections (tinea capitis) and fungal infections of the nails (onychomycosis). In Tinea capitis, scabby eruptions can be visible on the scalp. In many instances, hair loss can occur when there is a ringworm problem on the scalp.

If you suffer from nail fungus, it's advised that the nails are fragile, discolored, or deformed and break easily. Nails can also be painful and painful.

4. Rectal Complaints

If we're talking about the rectum, this remedy is first suggested to help with constipation. It can be used to treat constipation if the stool is thickhard and passes with a lot of difficulty. The stool might be covered in mucus. This helps improve the motility of the bowel to ease constipation.

Then, it is thought of in cases with anal fissures (a tiny rupture in the mucosa which connects the anus mostly from moving the hard stool). It helps heal the mucosal tear that forms in anus, and can also help reduce the pain that it causes. It assists in reducing the anus pain that could be sharp, slashing, stitching, or even a natural process. The burning in the anus can improve when using it. It also aids in stopping bleeding that occurs from stool during anal fissure cases.

In addition, it is also employed in cases of a pile (swollen veins that are located in the lower or anus of the rectum). In these cases, it is recommended to take this medicine when the piles are extensive and have a lot of bleeding. Stitching, cutting, and pain are common in the piles. They are also painful to the touch. Alongside it, burning occurs in the form of piles. Sometimes itching may be experienced at the site of the anus.

5. Female Complaints

In females, treating complaints of late or suppressed periods is helpful. Females who require it also have a few periods and are only for a brief period. As menses begin to appear, they experience severe abdominal pain, headaches, and nausea.

Then, it provides assistance when there is vaginal discharge. Females who require it experience vaginal discharge, which occurs in the night and daytime. It's usually white or yellowish-colored. The discharge is a lot of. It can cause a sharp, numbing sensation in the vagina. Additionally, discomfort in the back can be experienced.

It can also treat cracked, sore, and painful nipples.


Graphites can be utilized from low to high levels. For low potencies, it can be taken twice or once every day. The higher potencies should not be taken frequently.

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medications include Argentum Nitricum, Causticum, Hepar Sulph, and Lycopodium. These medications can be utilized following Graphites according to symptom-related similarity to finish its effect after it ceases working.

Antidotes are Nux Vomica, Aconite, and Arsenic Album.

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