Fatty Liver Miracle: Reviewing Earl McKinney's 5-Step Holistic Solution

Fatty Liver Miracle by Earl McKinney is a clinically-proven 5-step holistic healing solution to reverse organ damage and restore liver health based on a secret Himalayan tribal remedy that works in 21 days.

Full Disclosure

Fatty Liver Miracle is an eBook that claims to holistically treat fatty liver disease and reverse its dreaded side effects in as little as 21 days using a strange tribal remedy found in the Himalayan mountains.

Available online as a PDF file as a digital download, Fatty Liver Miracle was written by Earl McKinney, who used to suffer from fatty liver disease. That man claims he healed his fatty liver disease holistically and naturally without resorting to drugs using a simple 5-step solution.

Fatty Liver Miracle Review

Is Fatty Liver Miracle a good book? How does Fatty Liver Miracle reduce your risk of fatty liver disease? What will you learn in Fatty Liver Miracle? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Fatty Liver Miracle.


What is Fatty Liver Miracle?

Fatty Liver Miracle is a health eBook marketed to those with fatty liver disease.

The eBook was written by a California-based writer named Earl McKinney. Earl does not claim to have any medical background, nutritional certifications, or professional expertise. Instead, he describes himself as “just a regular guy from San Diego” who stumbled upon a natural treatment for fatty liver disease.

Earl claims he discovered a traditional Himalayan treatment for fatty liver disease that completely reversed his condition, leaving medical doctors “stunned and bewildered”:

“It has enabled me to completely heal the damage to my inflamed fatty liver after 14 years with the condition. It eradicated tiredness, sickness, nervousness, digestive problems, weight issues, lower torso pain, skin disorders like acne and eczema, brain fog, sleeping problems and headaches, and it helped me get my life back.”

What is Fatty Liver Miracle?

Now, Earl wants to share the secret with the world through Fatty Liver Miracle. By implementing the lessons in Fatty Liver Miracle, you can purportedly enjoy similar benefits.

It’s not just Earl who has treated his fatty liver disease. Earl claims his advice “has helped over 37,489 people of every age to naturally heal their fatty liver condition extremely fast – and regain their health and well being”.

The sales page for Fatty Liver Miracle is filled with stories of men and women who restored their “liver’s health to full working capacity”, claiming that symptoms “finally disappeared after 2 weeks” of Earl’s recommended therapy.

How Does Fatty Liver Miracle Work?

Earl claims he’s risking his life to share this information with you online. He claims that his video and sales page will not stay online for long – so you should follow along while you still can. “Big Pharma” makes “a stack of money” by treating fatty liver disease, and Earl claims they will eventually remove Fatty Liver Miracle from the internet.

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How Does Fatty Liver Miracle Work?

fatty liver code health effects

Clearly, Fatty Liver Miracle makes big claims about its effectiveness, suggesting that anyone can cure their fatty liver disease by following the recommended therapies.

So how does Fatty Liver Miracle work?

Earl claims there are 3 main problems with Fatty Liver Miracle and the way it’s treated, including:

Problem #1: Most fatty liver conditions go undiagnosed by either the patient or the doctor. Fatty liver disease is hard to diagnose because most symptoms mimic other health problems. Earl claims symptoms of fatty liver disease include memory loss, slow metabolism, lack of energy, and trouble concentrating.

Problem #2: Doctors give bad advice. Earl claims you should not follow your doctor’s advice. He claims their advice “is useless and very generic at best and can even worsen your fatty liver condition”. Earl claims that “the medication most doctors administer can be seriously toxic to your already enlarged and toxic liver”, or that it leads to dangerous side effects. For all of these reasons, Earl claims you should not follow your doctor’s advice to treat fatty liver disease.

Problem #3: The liver plays a crucial role in weight loss. Many people struggle to lose weight even when exercising and eating right. A fatty liver struggles to break down fat and convert it into energy, and it can’t handle excess fat or sugar, increasing the risk of weight gain.

To make a long story short, Earl claims to have stumbled upon a study from 1987 where researchers examined a Himalayan cure for fatty liver disease.

“A number of researchers in 1987 looked at the fascinating lack of toxic or fatty liver conditions or weight issues and the incredibly long lifespans of the Dards, a Himalayan tribe. They usually lived well beyond 100 years old, despite having a diet that was predominantly fatty meat based (eating mostly yak and goat meat nearly every day).”

Despite having a fatty diet, researchers found no evidence of fatty liver disease in any of the Dardic tribe members.

Researchers found the Dardic tribes were eating healthy fats, then balancing that diet with healthy ingredients like mountain broccoli, greens, and a version of tofu. They also had a diet rich in alpha lipoic acid (ALA).

“For these reasons, inflamed fatty liver conditions never developed in the tribe, EVER.”

Earl claims that after stumbling upon this study, he developed his 5-step, holistic solution to fatty liver disease. After 14 years of suffering from fatty liver disease, Earl claims he solved his disease with his 5-step therapy.

5-Step Holistic Solution for Fatty Liver Disease

In Fatty Liver Miracle, readers discover a 5-step holistic “solution for healing fatty liver and restoring the liver”. The therapy purportedly targets the cause of fatty liver disease, addressing issues like diet and fat sources.

We can’t spoil the book and get in trouble, so we won’t reveal the 5 specific steps here. However, some lessons learned in the book include:

The 8 day healthy liver restoration blitz. This program claims to boost the health of your liver within just 8 days, decreasing “the majority of symptoms” people with fatty liver disease experience.

The 5-step holistic fatty liver miracle system. Earl’s 5-step system has purportedly helped heal fatty liver disease in over 37,000 men and women around the world and will “restore the liver back into a healthy state very fast”.

A mindset change fatty liver disease sufferers need to make to heal fatty liver faster.

How the Dardic tribes in the Himalayas avoid fatty liver disease despite consuming a fat-rich diet, including the foods and ingredients they use to balance the high-fat diet.

One trick that gives you the ability to absorb sunlight and turn it into energy.

4 changes to make today to heal fatty liver naturally.

3 nutritional supplements and 5 herbal remedies “for treating and healing fatty liver”.

The top 7 worst foods you should never eat when struggling to heal fatty liver or enlarged liver, including a specific soft drink that reduces your chances of healing fatty liver.

How to maintain a fully functioning, toxin-free liver every day of the year.

Fatty Liver Miracle Features & Benefits

Earl claims that Fatty Liver Miracle will naturally heal your fatty liver disease. Some of the specific benefits associated with the program include:

  • Brighter eyes and improved vision
  • Smoother, softer, naturally-colored skin
  • Weight loss
  • No more skin allergies, acne, or eczema
  • Better digestive health with no abdominal pain or cramping
  • Powerful metabolism
  • Improved cognitive performance, including better mind and memory
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and stroke

The program specifically claims to heal fatty liver disease. According to testimonials, you can heal fatty liver disease within as little as 2 weeks of following the program.

Fatty Liver Miracle Pricing

Fatty Liver Miracle is priced at $37. Visit today to see the presentation and download the official PDF file directly from the official website.

Fatty Liver Miracle Pricing

It’s a digital product, so you receive the PDF file in your email inbox immediately after the site processes your payment.

If you buy Fatty Liver Miracle today, you receive a bonus copy of The Perfect Vision Protocol, which claims to restore 20/20 vision in just 2 weeks using natural, at-home therapies and treatments.

Fatty Liver Miracle Refund Policy

Fatty Liver Miracle comes with a 60-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase with no questions asked within 60 days of buying the book.

To request a refund, contact the publisher today via

Who’s Behind Fatty Liver Miracle?

Fatty Liver Miracle is marketed online by an ecommerce company named BuyGoods. That company has published many health and wellness guides online. They also sell certain supplements.

The book was written by a man named Earl McKinney. Earl does not claim to have any medical background, nutritional certifications, or any type of education or experience. He claims he’s just a normal guy from San Diego who stumbled upon a treatment for fatty liver disease, then decided to collect those treatments into a book.

Fatty Liver Miracle Features & Benefits

You can contact BuyGoods here:

Final Word

Fatty Liver Miracle is marketed online with bold claims about its effectiveness. The author, Earl McKinney, claims he has helped over 37,000 people treat fatty liver disease naturally. Earl claims you should not listen to your doctor or take prescribed medication for fatty liver disease; instead, you should follow his treatment plan to eliminate fatty liver disease in as little as 2 weeks.

Earl McKinney has no medical background or nutritional certifications. He cites a study from 1987 as proof his treatment works as advertised.

There’s some evidence that the therapies in Fatty Liver Miracle can reduce the risk of fatty liver disease. However, there’s no evidence that these therapies can replace professional medical advice or prescription drugs.

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