Dinnerly: Review the Affordable Meal Planning Recipes Kit

Dinnerly is a meal planning delivery service that provides affordable food kits with healthy dinner recipes and ingredients that are easy to prepare and cook along with being kid and family friendly.

Full Disclosure

Dinnerly is a meal kit delivery service that emphasizes fast, affordable, and fun meals for people with a limited time and budget.

By subscribing to Dinnerly, you can get easy-to-cook meals, kid-friendly recipes, easy dinner ideas, and more, starting at around $4.29 per person, per meal.

Is Dinnerly a good meal subscription service? Should you subscribe to Dinnerly? Find out everything you need to know about Dinnerly and how it works today in our review.

What is Dinnerly?

Dinnerly, found online at Dinnerly.com, is a meal delivery service similar to other popular options available today.

With Dinnerly, you pick the delivery day and customize your recipes; then, Dinnerly brings the ingredients in an insulated box. You cook the meals according to the instructions, enjoying easy-to-cook meals every night.

What makes Dinnerly different from the countless other meal delivery services available today? The company emphasizes affordable meals (starting at $4.29 per meal, per person).

For perspective, most other meal delivery services charge $7 to $14 per serving, and Dinnerly is roughly half the cost of some of its competitors.

Here’s how Dinnerly explains what makes it unique:

“Dinnerly was created for people who like homemade cooking but don’t like overpaying for the good things in life. We know you're busy, so we're here to make your evenings easier with seriously good recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your favorite weeknight spot: home.”

Generally, customers praise Dinnerly for its affordable price tag. Many large families also use Dinnerly, as the company can accommodate up to 24 servings per week.

Dinnerly is available throughout most contiguous states in America, although the company does not disclose a specific service range on the official website.

Dinnerly is one of the cheapest meal delivery services available. Let’s take a closer look at how Dinnerly works to see if it’s worth the low price tag.

How Does Dinnerly Work?

Dinnerly has a similar three-step process to other meal delivery services. Here’s the basic process you use to start Dinnerly deliveries:

  • Step 1) Pick the delivery day and your recipes.
  • Step 2) Dinnerly delivers the ingredients in an insulated box.
  • Step 3) You cook the meals “and feel like a dinnertime wizard.”

Dinnerly lets you skip weeks without penalty. You can also choose exactly what you like – or don’t like – in a box. You can pause your subscription (although it must be six days in advance) and swap out meals via the Dinnerly mobile app.

How is Dinnerly so much cheaper than other food delivery kits? Here’s how the company answers that question:

“We use the same quality ingredients as the other kits but take a simpler approach: digital recipe cards instead of paper, fewer ingredients per dish (which means less chopping and cleaning), simple packaging, and no fancy marketing campaigns.”

In other words, Dinnerly minimizes overhead costs on its end, then passes big savings onto customers. Dinnerly doesn’t claim to skimp on ingredients or food quality, cutting costs in other ways.

Dinnerly Meal Options

Dinnerly’s menu varies from week to week. You can customize the meal kit deliveries however you like. If you enjoy a specific dish from Dinnerly, for example, then you can repeat the order for that dish each week. You can also mix it up with new dishes each week, mix and match different dishes, choose vegetarian options, and customize food delivery in other ways.

As the name suggests, Dinnerly mostly serves dinner meals. Unlike other meal delivery services, Dinnerly does not deliver breakfasts, smoothies, light lunches, or similar meals. The company focuses on delivering larger, heartier meals suitable for two to four people.

Here are some of the Dinnerly meal options currently available:

Meat Options

  • Pan-Roasted Chicken & Gravy
  • Tex-Mex Stuffed Cheeseburger with Garlicky Oven Fries
  • Hoisin-Glazed Chicken with Miso-Butter Udon Noodles
  • Seared Steak with Scalloped Potatoes
  • Beef Fried Rice
  • Shrimp & Chicken Breasts

Vegetarian Options

  • One-Pot Tortellini Florentine with Quick Marinara Sauce
  • Oven-Fried Bean & Cheese Taquitos
  • French Onion & Mushroom Soup
  • Ready-Made French Macarons
  • Garlic Knot Cheese Ravioli
  • Better-Than-Takeout Creamy Skillet Alfredo Pizza with Broccoli

Each meal comes in a kit with most things you need to put it together – although you need to supply olive oil, salt, pepper, and the occasional egg yourself (which is part of the reason why Dinnerly is cheaper than other meal delivery services).

Instead of a paper recipe (like most meal delivery kit companies), Dinnerly links customers to a URL with a digital recipe. That recipe walks you through the exact steps needed to prepare the dish – regardless of your level of cooking experience.

Each recipe page also lists things like:

  • Nutrition per serving (calories, fat protein, and carbs)
  • Serving time (typically 15 to 30 minutes)
  • Difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard)
  • Step by step instructions

Each meal kit contains fewer than 6 ingredients per box. Instead of overwhelming customers with massive numbers of ingredients, Dinnerly emphasizes less fuss with more flavor.

Dinnerly Pricing

Dinnerly is priced as low as $4.29 per serving per person. You can choose a two-person box or a family box. You pay a flat shipping fee ($9 per week), and you receive all meals on a specific date each week.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Two-Person Box

The two-person box delivers a meal kit for two people multiple times per week. Each meal kit creates two servings.

  • 3 Meals Per Week: $38.93 ($4.99 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)
  • 4 Meals Per Week: $48.11 ($4.89 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)
  • 5 Meals Per Week: $56.89 ($4.79 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)
  • 6 Meals Per Week: $64.07 ($4.59 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)

Family Box

The family box delivers a meal kit for four people multiple times per week. Each meal kit creates four servings.

  • 3 Meals Per Week: $68.87 ($4.99 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)
  • 4 Meals Per Week: $84.03 ($4.69 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)
  • 5 Meals Per Week: $98.79 ($4.49 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)
  • 6 Meals Per Week: $111.95 ($4.29 per portion plus $8.99 shipping)

Dinnerly Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Obviously, meal delivery services are extremely subjective. Some people love the dishes and find the recipes easy to make. Others find the meals gross and hard to make. So what do customers have to say about Dinnerly?

Generally, Dinnerly is well-rated by customers for being affordable, straightforward, and tasty. Most customers enjoy the meals, even if some are more basic than others.

Some of the pros and cons of Dinnerly include:


  • Low-cost meal kit service
  • Delivered to your door every week with all-in-one meal kits and online recipe instructions
  • Ideal for couples or larger families, with up to 24 servings per week available to order
  • Much more affordable than competing meal delivery services


  • Recipe cards are digital-only, which means you need to look up recipes on your device before making Dinnerly meals.
  • Some customers complain recipes are structured in a more complicated way and can be difficult to follow.
  • You must supply certain ingredients that you don’t need to supply with other kits (like olive oil, butter, eggs, salt, or pepper)

Why is Dinnerly So Cheap?

Ultimately, all meal delivery services make similar promises: they all claim to offer good food at a reasonable price.

However, most other meal delivery services are priced at $9 to $20 per serving, while Dinnerly is priced at just $4 to $5 per serving. How does Dinnerly keep prices cheap?

Here are some of the strategies Dinnerly uses to minimize costs on its end, passing big savings onto customers:

Low-Cost Ingredients: While other meal delivery services use zucchini pasta and quinoa, Dinnerly uses more ‘basic’ ingredients like pasta, tomatoes, non-organic meats, common fruits, and vegetables.

No Recipe Cards: Dinnerly has no recipe cards in each meal box. You need to look up the recipe on your own using a phone or tablet and then cook using the website's instructions. Most customers don’t have an issue with this approach, although some customers prefer paper-only cards instead.

No Step by Step Photos: Dinnerly has kept its photo budget low by avoiding step-by-step photos. While other meal delivery systems have recipes walking you through each step, Dinnerly gives you the text instructions, leaving you to figure out the rest. Dinnerly’s meals tend to be straightforward, so this isn’t an issue for most customers.

Must Add Own Ingredients: Most meal kits supply salt, pepper, olive oil, and other basic ingredients. Dinnerly cuts costs and assumes you have these ingredients. Each kit only includes more unique ingredients. Generally, as long as you have eggs, olive oil, salt, pepper, and other basic ingredients in your kitchen, you can make any Dinnerly meal without issue.

Inconsistent Measurements: Dinnerly has inconsistent measurements between meals. The company does not meticulously measure each ingredient down to the gram – something other meal delivery services are more meticulous about. Dinnerly piles all ingredients into the box, and you might get slightly different ingredient totals from one kit to the next – although you always have enough ingredients to make the meals properly.

Limited Customer Service: Dinnerly also has limited customer service compared to competing options. The company lets you contact customer service via phone, email, or online form within the Dinnerly app only: there’s no online chat or similar systems (although a live chatbot will guide you through FAQs).

Overall, Dinnerly emphasizes good-value meal delivery services for those who like the idea of meal delivery but don’t want to spend a fortune on other services.

About Dinnerly

Dinnerly is a subsidiary of MMM Consumer Brands Inc. The company is connected to Marley Spoon, Martha Stewart’s food delivery service.

You can contact Dinnerly via the following:

  • Phone: 888-267-2850
  • Mailing Address: hi@dinnerly.com
  • Email Form: https://dinnerly.com/contact

Final Word

Dinnerly is a meal delivery service that emphasizes affordable prices and basic but tasty meals. It’s roughly half the cost of other meal delivery services, with customers paying $4 to $5 per serving.

Whether ordering meals for two people or four people, you can find the meal delivery plan you need with Dinnerly. Visit Dinnerly.com for more information.

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