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Our earth is full of nutrients and minerals which have been deposited into it through the history of our planet. Diatomaceous Earth is amongst those mineral and nutrient deposits. DE is made from fossilized shells of algae called diatoms. Throughout time, diatoms accumulated in the sediment of rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. Today, we use these deposits for mining silica and diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is used in a variety of different products. Currently, there are over a 150 products registered for use in our environment that contain diatomaceous earth. You can also find thousands of non-pesticide products that contain diatomaceous earth.

Things like toothpaste, foods, skin products, medicines, beverages, and water filters all contain diatomaceous earth in them. The Food & Drug Administration lists DE as a generally safe. DE which is labeled as “food grade” is purified further than general purpose DE.

Top Diatomaceous Earth Uses:

The Universal Filter

One of the most common uses for DE is as a filter in a variety of different filtering applications. The number one reason why DE is used for filtering purposes is because of its unique shape, which makes it much more effective than paper filters. It’s able to catch microscopic elements that can easily clog up paper and other synthetic filters.

Studies done about DE have determined it to be very effective when cleaning up tap water. It’s estimated that DE can filter our nearly 80% of all viral strands that show up in tap water, as well as nearly all heavy metals that can be harmful to humans.

Besides its filtering application in external environments, DE can also be used as a filter inside of your body. When consumed with some water, it can act as a very powerful detoxifier and help clean your system out with ease.

Although many people would consider consuming DE as equivalent to eating dirt, consider that we already eat quite a bit of DE through other foods that we consume on a daily basis. Flour contains a significant amount of DE in it, which serves as an anti-caking agent and an insect killer for those insects which might somehow find their way into the flour containers.

By the way, toothpaste manufacturers often use DE in their recipe as an abrasive to help you remove even the toughest plaque spots.


Humans have nothing to fear from DE, at least the food grade level type. The same can be said for animals. If we or our pets consume food grade DE, everything will be fine and no harm will be done. However, DE is an absolute killer for insects.

Larger beings, such as dogs or humans, can’t be harmed by DE because it’s small enough to be able to detoxify our system without causing damage to our body tissue. The story is a bit different when you use DE on insects; they are just small enough that DE can cause serious harm to their exoskeleton due to its abrasive feature as well as its ability to absorb moisture.

The sharp particles of DE cause severe cuts and lacerations which lead to certain death. The other reason why DE is so effective against bugs is because it’s able to dry off the oils located on the exoskeleton of the insect and cause it to die from dehydration.

Because of how effective DE is when it comes to killing bugs and insects, it has been used in many commercial pesticide products. It is also frequently used to combat bed bugs. The problem is that DE doesn’t attract bugs at all, so you have to use it in locations where the bugs will travel across DE. This is one of the drawbacks of using DE as a pesticide, but it can be very effective when used on mattresses and carpets.

Similar results can be expected when using DE to kill parasites like ticks or mites. Although, research points out that only external parasites are affected by DE. Internal parasites aren’t as susceptible to DE because it’s nearly impossible to dehydrate an internal parasite. Your body will quickly produce more H2O to compensate for the dehydration produced by DE.


Silica is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Roughly around 26% of the earth’s crust is made up of silica by weight, second only to oxygen. Although it’s located nearly everywhere on earth and it is a needed mineral for our body to function properly, we often have a tendency to overlook silica deficiency because of its abundance on earth. Those who lack enough silica can develop bleeding gums, brittle nails, thinning hair, and even osteoporosis.

There are several foods that we consume which contain silica, like oats and radishes, but the problem is that we don’t eat nearly the right amount of these foods to fulfill the recommended dose of silica that we should consume every day. This used to be less of an issue in the past but because of modern farming methods, the soil (which is where all plants get their silica from) is becoming depleted of silica and other minerals. This results in vegetables and grains that lack this vital mineral.

It is suggested that consuming DE regularly can help get rid of heavy metals from your body. These metals can do serious damage to many different organs, so removing as many of them as possible from your body is very important, and DE can help you do that.

Suggested Usage Methods

Because of its high abundance, DE can be acquired pretty easily and is often very cheap, as far as supplements go. You can purchase 10 pounds of DE for somewhere between $20 and $30. You could almost say that it’s dirt cheap.

Your number one priority is to make sure that you use the food grade DE. The commercial grade DE which is used for pool filter and other filters has high levels of crystalline silica in it and can be very harmful to the body. The silica which is found in food grade DE is amorphous and can be easily digested without any risk. Furthermore, the food grade DE contains other minerals in it like magnesium and iron.

Make sure you dilute your DE with water and then after consuming it, drink another cup of water. DE has a tendency to dehydrate (remember the insects?), which means you need to rehydrate after consumption. Additionally, when mixed with water, DE creates orthosilicic acid which helps your body strengthen tissues. You want to mix one teaspoon of DE with eight ounces of water and drink it on an empty stomach.

Keep in mind that you will taste a chalky flavor when diluting DE with just water. If you simply can’t stand the taste, try adding one teaspoon of DE to your favorite smoothie. You won’t notice any difference in taste if you do this. If you aren’t a fan of smoothies, you can also just add it to any type of a juice. Orange juice is a good choice for this.

Besides using it internally to cleanse your system, you can also use DE externally to enhance the way your skin looks. You can mix it with your favorite exfoliating scrub to help remove oils and dirt trapped in your pores. It also increases the amount of silica that your skin is absorbing. You can also just mix DE with water and scrub your face with the solution; this will also show great results and increase your silica intake.

Final Words on Diatomaceous Earth Usage

Diatomaceous Earth has a plethora of wonderful benefits for your body. It can help your overall well-being and keep you on the right health track. However, you have to understand that DE is more of an addition to a proper diet and exercise routine.

DE isn’t a miracle cure to all known diseases and ailments; it’s a supportive mineral which will help you to reduce the risks of developing various diseases. It possesses a variety of different attributes that can help, but it’s not medicine.

If you are suffering from a serious condition, taking DE isn’t going to help you fix this condition without proper medical assessment and proper medication. You should always talk to your doctor first and get examined for potentially serious underlying problems. Proper diagnoses will determine the right course of action. If you are looking to improve your overall health by compensating for minerals and nutrients that you aren’t getting from your daily food intake, then DE can certainly help.

Besides consuming DE, you can also use it around your home to help get rid of pesky insects. The best way to do this is to spread it around the carpets and onto the mattresses in your home. Make sure the powder is worked into the textures; DE only works if insects or bugs come in direct contact with it. Lastly, keep the areas which you have treated with DE moisture free, otherwise, it will be ineffective.

Your pets can also benefit from DE. Use diatomaceous earth as a natural insecticide which is harmless to pets and humans but is a nightmare to fleas and ticks. Simply vacuum the area your pets like to lounge around, spread some DE and vacuum again after about 3 days. Proceed to wash your dog after you have completely vacuumed the treated area.

Diatomaceous Earth has many different uses, and nearly all of them can be beneficial for us. All you have to do is use it!

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