Diabetes Detox Masterclass: Review Barton's Protocol Bundle

Diabetes Detox Masterclass by Barton Publishing and Dr. Scott Saunders is a whole body cleansing protocol bundle based on breakthrough research to help those dealing with type 2 diabetes naturally.

Full Disclosure

Diabetes Detox Masterclass, also known as The Diabetes Detox Protocol, is a bundle of videos and eBooks that teach you how to reverse diabetes and stop taking medication.

Priced at $20, the package is marketed to diabetics who want to stop suffering from the condition. Although there’s no known cure for diabetes, Diabetes Detox Masterclass Bundle claims to have a 95% success rate for reversing the condition.

Can you really stop taking diabetes medication after following Diabetes Detox Masterclass? Is Diabetes Detox Masterclass a scam? Find out everything you need to know about this diabetes reversal solution today in our review.


What is Diabetes Detox Masterclass?

Diabetes Detox Masterclass is a series of videos and PDF guides that explain how any diabetics can reverse their condition and stop taking their medication.

The program is sold online through The makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass heavily market the program towards diabetics over 40, including diabetics searching for an easy solution for diabetes.

There’s no known cure for diabetes. Doctors recommend using diabetes medication or insulin to manage symptoms of diabetes. Many diabetics live relatively normal lives by following their doctor’s recommended advice.

The makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass, however, claim that they have helped 10,000+ diabetics “reduce or eliminate their medication” through their program. They claim their system has “a 95% success rate at reversing type 2 diabetes” and that they guarantee results “in as little as 30 days.”

You can find plenty of similar diabetes “cures” marketed online today. These systems all make similar claims: they claim your doctor is lying to you, that big pharmaceutical companies deliberately suppress cures for diabetes, and that you can stop taking your insulin or tracking your blood sugar by buying their product. Most of these diabetes “cures” do not work and are backed by limited science.

Let’s take a closer look at how Diabetes Detox Masterclass claims to work.

How Does Diabetes Detox Masterclass Work?

Diabetes Detox Masterclass is a series of videos and guides that walk you through a natural process for reversing diabetes permanently without using medication or insulin.

You’ll discover a three-step system that will restore your blood sugar to healthy levels, including the specific diet and exercise strategies to implement today – and the specific supplements to take – to reverse diabetes.

The three steps include:

Step 1) Eliminate diabetes triggers from your life. The program recommends eliminating carbs and sugar to an acceptable level. Most diabetes organizations and diabetes specialists advocate low-calorie and low-carb diets to diabetics seeking to lose weight.

Step 2) Continue the low-carb diet to a specific amount per day. The program recommends maintaining a specific carbohydrate intake per day. By maintaining this specific level, you can purportedly reboot your pancreas and give your liver a break, allowing your body to “kickstart” insulin production.

Step 3) Start intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is more popular today than ever before. Intermittent fasting involves eating during your eating window and fasting during your fasting window. The makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass claim intermittent fasting “has been scientifically proven to increase growth hormone by 600%” and that fasting every day helps your body “clear sugar out of the cells, helping to reverse your diabetes.”

If you have diabetes, your doctor will typically prescribe medication to manage the condition. However, the makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass seem to recommend a different solution: by following their three-step system, you can “reduce or eliminate” your medication in a short period.

In fact, the masterclass claims to do more than just reverse your diabetes; it also claims to cut the risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputation, and an early death caused by diabetes.

Diabetes Detox Masterclass Features & Benefits

The makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass advertise all of the following features and benefits, according to the official website:

Guaranteed results in as little as 30 days

The program has helped “thousands of people to treat, and reverse, their type 2 diabetes”

Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputation, and early death from diabetes

Lower insulin levels in as little as 24 hours without taking medication

Three-step blueprint for reversing type 2 diabetes without using medication

Stabilize blood sugar, lose 10-20 pounds, lower insulin levels, and eat whatever you like again

Works no matter the cause of your type 2 diabetes, including those with a family history of diabetes, those with weight and blood sugar issues, people who have struggled with different diets

Works even if you have been prescribed metformin, insulin or other diabetes medication – or any drugs for high blood sugar, cholesterol, or high blood pressure

In other words, Diabetes Detox Masterclass claims to solve virtually every problem faced by diabetics. From weight loss to insulin to diabetes medication, Diabetes Detox Masterclass claims to fix all your problems quickly.

Obviously, you should be skeptical any time someone promises to reverse your diabetes permanently. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind Diabetes Detox Masterclass.

Three Step Solution to Diabetes

Diabetes Detox Masterclass claims to reverse your diabetes in a few weeks by targeting three core pillars of diabetes, including:

Lower Blood Sugar Levels: Diabetes Detox Masterclass teaches you how to eliminate diabetes triggers from your life, allowing you to take control of your blood sugar in as little as 2 days. According to the creators of the program, the strategies in the masterclass can reduce your fasting blood sugar to 100 quickly and safely. They also claim their system will lead to no more mood swings or energy crashes – and more all-day energy than ever before.

Lower Insulin Levels: Type 2 diabetics have too much insulin. Diabetes Detox Masterclass teaches you how to reduce your insulin in days without using medication or following a low-carb or starvation diet. Instead of focusing on how much you eat, the masterclass focuses on what you eat.

Increase Hormone Production: Diabetes Detox Masterclass claims to target hormone production within your body, increasing growth hormone, glucagon, and IGF-1. By targeting these hormones, the masterclass can purportedly help you burn fat and reverse diabetes at the same time. The creators of the masterclass claim you can lose 10 to 15 pounds, increase growth hormone production by 600%, boost metabolism, and stop taking your medication.

Scientific Evidence for Diabetes Detox Masterclass

Diabetes Detox Masterclass mentions several studies supporting the claim that the program can reverse diabetes in just a few weeks. However, the company never actually links to these studies or formally cites them.

As far as we can tell, Diabetes Detox Masterclass has not completed any clinical trials or scientific studies to verify it works as advertised to reverse diabetes. Despite promising a diabetes “breakthrough,” the company has not published their health guide in any peer-reviewed journal.

However, Diabetes Detox Masterclass was created by a doctor specializing in diabetes – a genuine medical doctor based in Santa Barbara, California. The program also comes with a 365-day money back guarantee. If you don’t reverse your diabetes and stop taking your medication within one year, then you’re entitled to a complete refund.

Science tells us there’s no cure for diabetes – despite what online health guides seem to tell you.

In 2019, researchers reviewed “reverse diabetes” guides like Diabetes Detox Masterclass to determine if there was any evidence supporting their use.

After analyzing 120+ studies referencing diabetes reversal, researchers found that some evidence patients could manage type 2 diabetes symptoms through carbohydrate restriction, bariatric surgery, or low calorie diets.

The use of carb restriction, low calorie diets, and bariatric surgery is not a secret: the American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes both recommend a low calorie eating pattern and support the use of low carb diets for weight loss. However, they recommend this primarily as a weight loss solution to help improve symptoms of diabetes – they don’t advertise these methods as a way to reverse or “cure” type 2 diabetes permanently.

In 2020, researchers from Yale released two breakthrough studies exploring how to reverse type 2 diabetes. A team of Yale researchers found a way to reverse type 2 diabetes and liver fibrosis in mice.

In those studies, Yale researchers found a connection between fasting and type 2 diabetes. Fasting switches on a process in the body involving two proteins, including TET3 and HNFa. When you fast, levels of these proteins increase in the liver, increasing the production of blood glucose. When you have type 2 diabetes, this switch doesn’t turn off when you stop fasting. If you don’t have type 2 diabetes, then this switch turns off when you end your fast.

Researchers hypothesized they could reduce levels of the two proteins to stop diabetes from developing. Researchers injected mice with genetic material that interfered with DNA. Here’s what happened next:

“They found that blood glucose and insulin dropped significantly — effectively stopping diabetes in its tracks.”

The makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass also claim fasting is “scientifically proven” to boost growth hormone production by 600%. There’s evidence fasting can increase growth hormone production. In fact, one 1982 review study found fasting increased human growth hormone (HGH) levels by 300% after 3 days – and by 1,250% within 1 week. Other studies have found similar results, with HGH levels doubling or tripling within 2 to 3 days of fasting.

Although science supports benefits of fasting, a low-calorie diet, and a low-carb diet, there are issues with other claims made by the Diabetes Detox Masterclass.

The company claims that “95% of participants on the Diabetes Detox Protocol were able to reduce or completely eliminate their medications,” yet we’ve seen no published studies or evidence of clinical trials supporting this dubious claim.

In other words, the makers of Diabetes Detox Masterclass are virtually promising that you should stop taking metformin, insulin, and other prescribed medications after following their program. They claim to have helped “thousands” of people, adding that their program is “almost guaranteed to reverse your diabetes” and is “doctor approved” to work. Although Diabetes Detox Masterclass was written by a medical doctor, few of these claims have been proven by science, and you should always follow your doctor’s recommended health advice – not some random diabetes guide online.

Ultimately, there’s no research you can reverse or cure type 2 diabetes using supplements, diet strategies, or other home therapies. It’s possible to improve control of diabetes symptoms by losing weight.

Overall, however, you should follow your doctor’s recommended advice and continue taking your diabetes medication until instructed otherwise.

Diabetes Detox Masterclass Pricing

Diabetes Detox Masterclass is priced at $19.97.

The 6-part video masterclass is delivered to you via email. There are no physical products. These are videos you watch through your computer or any electronic device.

Bonus eBooks

Your purchase includes 4 free eBooks and reports, including:

Bonus Report #1: The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook: This recipe book teaches you how to cook delicious food with minimal sugar.

Bonus Report #2: The Carb Counting Cheat Sheet: This eBook teaches you how to reverse diabetes by following a low-carbohydrate diet.

Bonus Report #3: Grocery Shopping for Diabetics: Your journey to reversing diabetes starts at the grocery store. This guide teaches you the foods to buy to reverse your diabetes.

Bonus Report #4: The Dr. Saunders Remedy Library: This eBook is a collection of home remedies that target various ailments, including natural remedies for back pain, joint pain, cardiovascular health, sleep issues, and obesity.

Diabetes Detox Masterclass Refund Policy

Diabetes Detox Masterclass has a 365 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 365 days with no questions asked.

If Diabetes Detox Masterclass does not reverse your diabetes, and if you are still taking your diabetes medication within weeks of following the program, you are entitled to a full refund.

Who’s Behind Diabetes Detox Masterclass?

Diabetes Detox Masterclass was written by a man named Dr. Scott Saunders. Dr. Saunders claims his method has helped 10,000+ people reverse diabetes and stop taking their medication with a 95% success rate.

Dr. Scott Saunders

Dr. Saunders is a medical doctor who serves as the Medical Director of The Integrative Medical Center of Santa Barbara in Lompoc, California. He’s a Santa Barbara-area family doctor specializing in preventative health care.

Dr. Saunders teamed up with a company named Barton Publishing to publish his diabetes reversal solution online. Barton Publishing is a health publishing company founded in 2004.

You can contact the company’s customer service via the following:

  • Phone (US Toll Free): 1 (888) 356-1146
  • Phone (International): +1 (905) 669-2384

Phone support is available from 8am to 7pm EST Monday to Friday and from 9am to 5pm EST on Saturday.

Final Word

Diabetes Detox Masterclass recommends using fasting and a low-carb diet to help you lose weight and get better control of type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association and other major organizations both recommend low-calorie diets and low-carb diets for weight loss.

However, there’s no evidence that intermittent fasting and a low-carb diet can permanently reverse type 2 diabetes in all diabetics, nor is there any evidence diabetics should stop taking their prescribed medication after following these diets.

We’re skeptical of some of the health claims made by Diabetes Detox Masterclass. However, the eBook is backed by a generous 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund if Diabetes Detox Masterclass does not reverse your diabetes within weeks as advertised.

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