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Cleontic – Toothbrush Holder & Cleaner Improves Oral Health?


Brushing one’s teeth is extremely important. Dentists recommend that individuals do so at least twice a day to maintain good mouth hygiene. There exists a variety of toothbrushes that claim to help teeth and gums in a multitude of areas.

No matter what toothbrush is chosen, the most important thing is keeping the toothbrush clean and void of bacteria. If proper care isn’t given,  a toothbrush can accumulate millions of bacteria that could worsen one’s health. Thus, it is important to note the location in which one keeps toothbrushes and how frequent one cleans it. This is where the Cleontic comes into play.

Cleontic claims to keep toothbrushes clean and to ensure that one’s oral health is not compromised in any way. The purpose of this review is to further analyze the Cleontic in terms of its goal, features, components and its affordability.

What Is Cleontic?

It is claimed that an exposed toothbrush can be subject to millions of bacteria and fecal matter. Such presence in turn, may not only influence teeth, gum and overall oral health, but it can extend to other functions as well.

Cleontic is a non-UV ray, electric-free, toothbrush holder and cleaner that has been designed with the intent to upkeep individual’s oral and overall health. Ultimately, it can clean a toothbrush in minutes with the addition of any recommended mouthwash.

What Can Be Said About Its Features?

First, the Cleontic is supposedly designed to be simple and easy to use for individuals of all ages. Second, the holder is said to be made of premium food plastic that is BPA-free, durable, and waterproof. In addition, the cleaning system may come with 10 bristles per ¾ inch to provide 360 degrees of scrubbing and dislodging. Next, the rubber stoppers at the bottom of each holder, are said to be eroding resistant to keep the holders leak-free, and can easily be removed for draining.

One Cleontic contains 4 slots. The 4 cylindrical slots are separated to ensure that there is no transference of bacteria from one toothbrush to another, hence protecting an entire family’s oral health. In addition, each slot is claimed to contain patented cleaning bristles. These bristles can help to scrub and dislodge bacteria in hard to reach areas. It is said that keeping a toothbrush in the cylindrical slot may keep it 99.99% bacteria free.

When it comes to cleaning a toothbrush, it is said to fill the compartment housing it with mouthwash. In addition, the compartments are easy to fill and empty, hence maintenance is the least of one’s worries. To empty a cylindrical slot, consumers need to pop out the stopper at the bottom to drain the excess liquids.

What Does The Cleontic Include?

With every purchase of the Cleontic, one can expect to receive 4 toothbrush holders, each having its own cleaning and solution-clearing system. It is to be noted that the mouth wash is not included, regardless, any household mouthwash can be added to the toothbrush holder for a deep cleaning. Lastly, what makes the Cleontic commendable is that it has been tested to ensure sanitary satisfaction is heightened.

What Is The Current Going Price Of A Single Cleontic?

Consumers can expect to invest $35 for one Cleontic cost. This cost is fair given that it is composed of BPA-free material to supposedly keep toothbrushes 99.99% bacteria free and one’s mouth free of side effects.

Final Thoughts on Cleontic

Oral health is something that requires a lot of attention, as the accumulation of bacteria can easily deteriorate one’s teeth and gums health to name the least. Based on the analysis above, the Cleontic appears to be a valuable investment as it claims to improve one’s oral health. It is said to house toothbrushes in clean environments and has a 360-degree cleaning system to scrub and get rid of bacteria in tough to reach spots on a toothbrush.

For more information, go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/587126246/cleontic-the-revolutionary-toothbrush-cleaner-and.

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