Good Day Chocolate – Vitamin & Mineral Infused Candy Supplement?

With many studies done on the importance of chocolate, a majority have concluded that consuming chocolate can improve one’s mood, brain and heart healths depending on how much is consumed and its type. Of course, too much of anything can bring harm to one’s health.

Fortunately, Good Day Chocolate combined the importance of wellness and the yearn for a treat within one supplement and to better assess its uniqueness, the following review will look closely at its purpose, what is currently being offered and price ranges.

What Is Good Day Chocolate?

Good Day Chocolate specializes in providing consumers dietary supplements with a tasteful twist. While most supplements are either tasteless or distasteful, Good Day Chocolate made it their goal to ensure that consumers attain the nutrients needed without having to compromise on their desire for chocolate. To understand how the two go hand-in-hand, let’s take a quick look at what is currently being offered.

What Does Good Day Chocolate Currently Offer?

Good Day Chocolate currently offers 6 types of chocolate-infused dietary supplements and here is a quick breakdown of each one with respect to its purpose:


The purpose of the Probiotic is to ensure that one’s digestive system is running smoothly. Each serving is believed to contain 8 billion probiotic bacteria to strengthen one’s gut and immune systems at large. Consumers are advised against ingesting more than 2 boxes daily and ingesting all at once.


As the name implies, Sleep has been developed for those who have a hard time sleeping. Every piece may contain 1 mg of melatonin to stimulate sleep.

Ideally, one must take a piece an hour prior to going to bed. The maximum intake is four pieces. How to consume Sleep depends on each individual, as those who require more hours may beed four, whereas those who simply want to take a nap may not need more than one.


Energy is ideal for anyone looking for a kickstart without having to consume an entire cup of coffee. By including dark chocolate, consumers are said to be delivered 20mg of caffeine and a blend of vitamin Bs and amino acids for sustainable results. The serving size is standard for all Good Day Chocolate’s supplements, but how much one takes depends on their individual needs.


Calm is a stress-relief supplement that claims to achieve a relaxing sensation by using simple ingredients like milk chocolate, amino acids, vitamins and botanicals. Based on existing claims, Calm and Sleep are similar in terms of relaxation, but only differ in terms of the use of melatonin, therefore those who simply want to relax may benefit from the use of Calm, whereas those who need sleep can take the latter.


In general, turmeric is an Indian spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Its bioactive compound called the curcumin might be responsible for healthy joints, muscles, nervous system and one’s immune system. Good Day Chocolate has infused 800mg per serving to ensure that one attains the most out of each bite.


Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that can positively influence various facets of the body.

While its main duty is to ensure that the body can fully absorb calcium, phosphorus and other components, its uses can also strengthen the immune system, contribute towards bone and teeth health and may prevent the likelihood of becoming ill. Every serving of Good Day Chocolate is said to contain 1000 IUs of vitamin D3.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in Good Day Chocolates?

Every purchase, regardless of the type of supplement, comes with 12 boxes of the individual supplement. This being said, consumers can expect to invest approximately $36.99. The price is fair given that an entire purchase can last at most one month. Variety packs are also offered, however, they only include 4 types of supplements as opposed to 6 and it is currently going at a price $12.

 Final Thoughts on Good Day Chocolate

Overall, it is clear that Good Day Chocolate has considered the different concerns that might prevent one from completing day-to-day tasks. For instance, without Sleep and Calm, consumers may feel restless and stressed. Similarly, a reduction in bowel movements will not only increase bloating, but it may also contribute towards reduced mood, low productivity levels and suffering confidence.

Most importantly, incorporating chocolate in each supplement is more likely to encourage one to take them, which in turn can maximize one’s health. For more information, check out:

Live Healthier
Live Healthier
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