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Coconut oil is a fashionable diet for the health-conscious and is marketed as the ultimate solution to almost everything.

While it is most often used to make cooking oil, it can be used for numerous other purposes in everyday life. It can be used to treat skin problems, remove makeup, repel insects, and even wash clothes.

Coconut oil can also have therapeutic uses. Some believe it could treat yeast infections and regulate cholesterol levels.

A large portion of these benefits come due to the acid caprylic present in coconut oil.

The benefits of caprylic acid

Caprylic acid is one the fatty acids that are found within coconut oil.

It's a medium-chain fatty acid thought to possess potent antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. These properties could be beneficial for a variety of ailments.

A few studies suggest it could help treat acne, yeast-related problems, digestive disorders, skin conditions, and high cholesterol. Its disinfectant properties could also lower the chance of developing resistance to antibiotics. Caprylic acid can be taken by inhalation or applied to the skin.

Infections caused by yeast

Candidia yeast infection is a typical medical issue. Candidia infections can be described as fungal diseases. They can lead to vaginal yeast infection, nail fungus, or oral thrush. Caprylic acid's antifungal properties acid are believed to reduce and kill yeast.

A study in 2011 showed caprylic acid to be effective in reducing symptoms of some Candida infection.

A 2019 study discovered that caprylic acid, in conjunction with other naturally derived antifungals, was effective in eliminating Candida albicans, the yeast responsible for the majority of yeast infections.

Although it's not an actual medical procedure, a process known as oil pulling can be utilized to treat oral thrush. Oil pulling is the process of swishing coconut oil through your mouth for between 10 and twenty minutes at a stretch.

Skin conditions

As caprylic acid can aid in preventing yeast infection symptomscaprylic acid could be beneficial to specific skin issues. This is mostly due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which allow it to rid the skin of bacteria within the skin.

Coconut oil may help alleviate the appearance of skin diseases by hydrating and soothing the skin. A study conducted in 2019 on test tubes discovered that coconut oil from virgin sources could help to reduce inflammation markers and boost the skin barrier.

Digestive disorders

Some evidence suggests that medium-chain fatty acids, such as caprylic acid, can aid patients suffering from certain digestive problems.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of caprylic acid can help treat conditions like Irritable digestive syndrome. These two conditions cause inflammation, and occasionally infections caused by bacteria in the digestive system.

The antibacterial properties could benefit people suffering from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Research suggests that replacing long-chain fatty acids in animal products with medium-chain fatty acids, like the caprylic acid found in coconut oil, can reduce the likelihood of non-asymptomatic colitis and help protect against intestine inflammation.

However, more research is needed to evaluate coconut oil's efficiency in the conditions mentioned above.

Speak with a physician before taking caprylic acid and coconut oil to treat digestive disorders. Both of them can cause stomach discomfort.

Resistance to antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is a recurring problem worldwide, resulting from the use and misuse of antibiotics. Caprylic acid could be an effective disinfectant to help reduce foodborne illnesses without the need for antibiotics.

In a 2020 research study, the combination of hydrogen peroxide and caprylic acid was found to be effective in eliminating bacteria strains responsible for foodborne illnesses like Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and Listeria.


Caprylic acid can be described as a middle-chain fat. A few studies suggest that these fatty acids might be beneficial to high cholesterol levels. However, the results are not conclusive.

In a study in 2020, mice suffering from high cholesterol who received high-fat diets comprised of two percent caprylic acid for 16 weeks showed significantly lower levels of total cholesterol as well as LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels than mice that were fed the same diet as control.

In a review of 2020 human research, scientists examined the effects of coconut oil on heart health. They discovered that coconut oil was strongly connected to greater HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

Coconut oil significantly raised LDL cholesterol in a few studies.

A review from 2019 on the impact of coconut oil to lower cholesterol shows that coconut oil has a significant effect on HDL LDL, HDL, as well as the total amount of cholesterol compared with other oils.

However, further human studies are required to better understand how caprylic acid affects cholesterol levels.

How can I obtain caprylic acid?

You can reap the benefits of caprylic acids by drinking coconut oil or applying it to your skin.

Begin by adding 1 teaspoon or less of coconut oil to your daily diet to ensure you consume it. Coconut oil can be consumed as a solid or melted. It can also be incorporated into other food items or mixed into smoothies.

Integrating coconut oil into your daily diet is an easy way to help you gain the benefits of caprylic acid.

Coconut oil is among the most popular methods for taking your daily caprylic acids, but there are alternatives.

The dairy and palm oils have caprylic acid. Caprylic acid can also be found in supplements. It is sold in vitamin shops as well as health food stores as well as online.

If you're considering taking a caprylic acid supplement, be sure to talk with a doctor to ensure that the product is safe for you and to determine the appropriate dosage.

The outlook and precautions

Caprylic acid supplements are not recommended for those who are nursing or pregnant.

Caprylic acid supplements can cause minor stomach upsets or digestive issues. Those who experience frequent stomach upsets must consult a medical professional before taking them.

Begin slowly as you introduce coconut oil into your diet, to assist your body in adapting and prevent digestive upsets.

It's crucial to know that because coconut oil comes from a kind of oil, it's rich in fat. A single tablespoon of coconut oil contains 12 grams of saturated fat. Talk to a doctor before adding significant fat to your diet.

Caprylic acid and coconut oil are not known to cause drug interactions. It's still recommended to consult with a doctor before including supplements in your food or any major lifestyle modifications.

Consider consulting with a dermatologist before applying coconut oil to your skin, particularly if you suffer from sensitive skin or have any other skin problems.

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