Top 15 Best Natural Blood Pressure Supplements of 2024

Reviewing the top 15 best blood pressure supplements, plus a research guide on the most popular questions about naturally lowering blood pressure levels and improving cardiovascular health safely.

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Blood pressure is a major indicator of heart disease. People with high blood pressure are more likely to experience heart attacks, strokes, or a whole host of other cardiovascular problems.

A healthy diet and exercise routine are typically the best natural ways to manage blood pressure.

However, certain natural supplements may also help. The best blood pressure supplements use ingredients like beetroot to lower blood pressure naturally. Some people even take coffee, tea, and other common beverages as blood pressure supplements.

Some natural ingredients lower blood pressure as vasodilators. They widen blood vessels or raise nitric oxide levels, making it easier for blood to flow through.

Other natural supplements like Blood Balance Formula use amino acids, vitamins, or minerals that play a crucial role in overall cardiovascular health.

Natural blood pressure supplements can help you maintain normal blood pressure levels. Today, we’re highlighting the best blood pressure supplements on the market.

Ranking the Top 15 Best Blood Pressure Supplements in 2024

You can find dozens of blood pressure supplements available online. After much deliberation, here’s how our editorial team identified the best blood pressure supplements available today. These rankings are not definitive, but they should help you to start a solid research process into blood pressure formulas.


Longevity Premier Blood Pressure Formula

Longevity Premier Blood Pressure Formula

Longevity Premier’s Blood Pressure Formula is one of Amazon’s most popular blood pressure supplements. It’s more expensive than most other supplements on this list, but it has good value and strong dosages across its listed ingredients.

Key active ingredients in this formula include algae extract, chamomile, goji berry, kudzu root, hawthorn berry extract, garlic, and more. There’s 2000mg of formula in each two capsule serving. It’s not cheap, and some of the ingredients are not proven, but Longevity Premier’s Blood Pressure Formula may be the right choice for those interested in herbal extracts.

Price: $45 (45 Servings)

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NutraPro Pure Blood

NutraPro Pure Blood

NutraPro’s Pure Blood claims to support blood pressure levels and a healthy heart using ingredients like vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, and garlic powder. There are a few too many unproven herbal extracts in this formula for our liking, although Pure Blood contains significant doses of many proven vitamins and minerals.

At $23 for 90 servings, Pure Blood is also very affordable. It may have the label of a cheap, low-quality dietary supplement, but Pure Blood may support normal cardiovascular health as effectively as other top-ranked natural supplements here.

Price: $23 (90 Servings)

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NusaPure Beet Root

NusaPure Beet Root

You don’t need a formula with dozens of ingredients for good cardiovascular health. Instead, sometimes all you need are a small number of proven ingredients – like beet root. NusaPure’s Beet Root provides 1,100mg of beet root per serving. Beet root has been shown to support healthy blood pressure and athletic performance, among other benefits.

This isn’t the most exciting blood pressure supplement. However, it provides very good value and it’s not filled with unnecessary herbal extracts and fillers. If you believe in the power of beetroot for managing blood pressure, then NusaPure’s Beet Root may be the right choice.

Price: $19 (100 Servings)

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PurePremium Supplements Blood Pressure Support

PurePremium Supplements Blood Pressure Support

PurePremium Supplements Blood Pressure Support uses hawthorn and hibiscus to support circulatory health and promote healthy blood pressure levels. The formula contains strong doses of many proven ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, and garlic powder, among other ingredients.

By taking one or two capsules of Blood Pressure Support daily, you can purportedly support healthy blood pressure using natural ingredients.

Price: $23 (90 Servings)

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Now Supplements Blood Pressure Health

Now Supplements Blood Pressure Health

Now Supplements makes a range of trendy nutritional supplements at a reasonable price. The Blood Pressure Health formula is no exception. Priced at $16 for a 90 serving package, Blood Pressure Health mostly contains grape seed extract with a standardized amount of polyphenols, helping you maintain healthy blood pressure.

Specifically, Blood Pressure Health uses MegaNatural-BP, a patented grape seed extract formula with a specific dosage of polyphenols. That formula is made by Constellation Wines: it’s a by-product of wine production. You get all of the benefits of grape seed extract without the fun of drinking multiple bottles of wine.

Price: $17 (90 Servings)

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Healths Harmony Hawthorn Berry

Healths Harmony Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berry has shown some evidence of improving blood pressure, and that’s why so many natural blood pressure supplements on this list contain hawthorn berry. Healths Harmony is one of the top-rated hawthorn berry supplements on Amazon, offering powerful antioxidant support at a reasonable price.

Each serving gives you the herbal equivalent of 2660mg of fresh berries, and the company claims just one capsule per day will optimize heart health. It’s also very affordable.

Price: $15 (120 Servings)

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UltraLife Advanced Blood Pressure Support

UltraLife Advanced Blood Pressure Support

UltraLife’s Advanced Blood Pressure Support is a natural herbal formula that claims to support healthy blood pressure levels using garlic, hibiscus, and hawthorne berry.

Advanced Blood Pressure Support doesn’t contain nearly as impressive dosages as some of the higher-ranked blood pressure supplements on this list, although it does contain significant amounts of vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, and garlic. At this price range, you should be able to find better value.

Price: $23 (60 Servings)

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BPH Blood Pressure Health

BPH Blood Pressure Health

BPH Blood Pressure Health has unique packaging: it looks more like a drug than a nutritional supplement. The label also specifically claims to provide “drug-free blood pressure support”.

BPH Blood Pressure Health contains nitrates and polyphenols from beets, which are among the most proven natural blood pressure management tools in the natural world. Instead of eating dozens of beets per day, you can simply take a serving of BPH Blood Pressure Health.

Price: $16 (60 Servings)

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Simply Potent Blood Pressure Support

Simply Potent Blood Pressure Support

Simply Potent Blood Pressure Support uses hawthorn, garlic, hibiscus, and olive leaf extract to support your blood pressure, heart, and circulatory systems. Simply Potent claims their supplement can lower cholesterol and support a healthy heart.

Each capsule contains 690mg of formula, including 13 vitamins, herbs, and extracts. In addition to herbal extracts, the supplement contains vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin C, niacin, and more.

Price: $19 (90 Servings)

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Amvita Blood Pressure Support Supplement

Amvita Blood Pressure Support Supplement

Amvita’s Blood Pressure Support supplement uses ingredients like vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, and vitamin B12 to support normal blood pressure levels. The supplement also uses hawthorne berry, garlic, and hibiscus flower, among other herbal.

Overall, the ingredients are similar to other blood pressure support ingredients on this list. However, with 120 servings in each bottle, Amvita’s Blood Pressure Support Supplement is one of the best-value options listed here.

Price: $20 (120 Servings)

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Dr. Sinatra Advanced BP Support

Dr. Sinatra Advanced BP Support

Dr. Sinatra’s Advanced BP Support helps maintain blood pressure levels – just like other supplements here. However, instead of using over a dozen herbal extracts, Dr. Sinatra’s Advanced BP Support uses strong doses of just four ingredients, including 250mg of magnesium, 600mg of hawthorn extract, 150mg of grape seed extract, and 50mg of GABA in each serving.

Overall, Dr. Sinatra claims these ingredients provide advanced blood pressure support, relaxing and dilating vascular and arterial walls. Your blood can flow more easily, which supports blood pressure levels.

Price: $37 (30 Servings)

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BRI Nutrition Odorless Garlic

BRI Nutrition Odorless Garlic

If you believe in the power of garlic to lower blood pressure, then check out BRI Nutrition’s Odorless Garlic supplement. It’s one of the best-rated and most-popular garlic supplements on Amazon, and it’s specifically marketed as a blood pressure supplement.

Each two capsule serving contains 1,000mg of garlic extract, which is more than you could possibly get from consuming garlic in ordinary foods. BRI Nutrition has also added parsley and chlorophyll to freshen your breath, helping you avoid the unpleasant garlic aftertaste.

Price: $33 (60 Servings)

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Herbtopia Eternal Heart

Herbtopia Eternal Heart

Herbtopia’s Eternal Heart has an ambitious name, claiming to help your heart last forever. It contains ingredients like Dan-Shen extract, CoQ10, vitamin K2, hawthorn, and olive leaf. Although some ingredients are more researched backed than others, Herbtopia claims their supplement supports normal blood pressure.

Herbtopia lists all ingredients and dosages on the label, making it easy to compare the supplement to other blood pressure formulas listed here. It’s also rare to see ingredients like chamomile, citrus bioflavonoids, and Dan Shen extract in other blood pressure support formulas.

Price: $27 (60 Servings)

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MNP Blood Pressure Factors

MNP Blood Pressure Factors

Michaels Naturopathic Programs (MNP) is a nutritional supplement company founded in 1984. Today, the company sells popular supplements like Blood Pressure Factors, which claims to be doctor-formulated to support normal blood pressure.

The formula contains 1,725 of a proprietary blend in each three capsule serving, including hawthorn berry, garlic, taurine, valerian root, cayenne fruit, and other unique ingredients. MNP claims the formula “nourishes [your] cardiovascular and nervous system” using beneficial ingredients.

Price: $33 (60 Servings)

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Ruved Carditone Unbeatable Blood Pressure Support

Ruved Carditone Unbeatable Blood Pressure Support

Ruved’s Carditone Unbeatable Blood Pressure Support is a blood pressure formula purportedly recommended and formulated by doctors. The formula contains ingredients like magnesium (10% DV), tribulus terrestris, and vinca rosa, among other unique ingredients.

Overall, Carditone contains ingredients that you won’t find in any other blood pressure supplement listed here. These ingredients may not be backed by as much science as other higher-ranked blood pressure supplements, but they could help manage blood pressure.

Price: $15 (30 Servings)

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How We Ranked

All natural blood pressure supplements make similar promises. They all claim to lower your blood pressure using natural ingredients. Not all supplements, however, live up to this promise. We separated good and bad blood pressure supplements based on the following:

Science Backed Ingredients: We want blood pressure supplements to contain ingredients that have been shown in multiple studies to lower blood pressure. The more research, the better.

Effective Dosages: Some blood pressure supplements contain dozens of effective ingredients, but they use incorrect dosages.

Natural Ingredients: Traditional blood pressure drugs come from the lab. Blood pressure supplements, meanwhile, claim to offer similar benefits with natural ingredients. Some supplements genuinely contain natural, plant-based ingredients. Other supplements, unfortunately, push the boundaries of “natural”.

Advertised Health Benefits: You should not take a natural blood pressure supplement without consulting a doctor. You should also not take a blood pressure supplement to replace prescribed drugs. Supplement companies aren’t allowed to advertise health benefits, nor can they claim their supplement treats, cures, or prevents any disease. Some supplement companies have honest marketing, while others are more deceptive.

Delivery Method: Some blood pressure supplements use a powder. Others use tablets or capsules. We tried to feature a range of natural blood pressure supplements with different delivery methods, as long as each delivery method was effective.

Price & Value: Some people are willing to pay $100 for a one month supply of a blood pressure supplement. Most people, however, are looking for better value. We featured supplements with a range of prices, although we emphasized good value across all supplements.

Transparent Labeling: Some supplements make huge promises about their effectiveness, yet fail to disclose any ingredient dosages, making it impossible to compare the supplement to any available research.

Manufacturer Reputation: We preferred supplements from companies with a long and proven reputation of making quality supplements. We avoided supplements that had inappropriate marketing, dubious health claims, and shady ingredient sources.

Who Should Take a Natural Blood Pressure Supplement?

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) affects 1 in 5 adults worldwide. It’s a common condition where the pressure of your blood against your blood vessel walls poses a risk to your health.

As you get older, high blood pressure becomes more common. Approximately 60% of men and women over age 65 have high blood pressure. Meanwhile, 9 in 10 Americans will develop high blood pressure at some point.

When left untreated over time, high blood pressure damages your blood vessels, increasing the risk of cardiovascular conditions like stroke or heart attack.

High blood pressure can go undetected for years. Many adults have high blood pressure with no symptoms. Even with no symptoms, high blood pressure impacts your cardiovascular health, affecting your heart over time.

To diagnose high blood pressure, doctors will use two measurements: diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

A normal, healthy blood pressure is 120 over 80, which means your systolic blood pressure is around 120 and your diastolic blood pressure is around 80.

If your blood pressure measurements are higher than 120 over 80, then you have elevated blood pressure. The higher these numbers go, the worse your cardiovascular health is, and the higher risk you are of cardiovascular disease:

Normal Blood Pressure: Below 120/80 mm/Hg.

Elevated Blood Pressure: 120 to 129 mm/Hg over 80 mm/Hg.

Stage 1 Hypertension: 130 to 139 mm/Hg over 80 to 89 mm/Hg.

Stage 2 Hypertension: 140mm/Hg or higher over 90 mm/Hg or higher.

Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement to treat high blood pressure. Supplements cannot replace blood pressure medication. Supplements cannot claim to treat or prevent any illness – including high blood pressure. Doctors can prescribe heavy-duty blood pressure medication, including prescription-grade blood thinners, to manage your symptoms more effectively than blood pressure supplements.

Of course, many people avoid taking blood pressure drugs because of the side effects, which is why people turn to natural alternatives. Natural alternatives are not as effective as blood pressure drugs, although they might come with fewer side effects.

Talk to your doctor before taking any blood pressure supplements.

Benefits of Natural Blood Pressure Supplements

Certain ingredients in blood pressure supplements have been shown to support heart health naturally. Some have even been shown to reduce blood pressure in certain studies.

We’ll talk about some of the most proven ingredients in blood pressure supplements below.

There’s some evidence that omega fatty acids can help blood pressure – like the ones you get from fish oil or flaxseed supplements. After analyzing clinical trials, researchers have found that omega 3 fatty acids lower blood pressure “slightly, but significantly”. Many doctors recommend omega 3 fatty acid supplements (or an omega 3 fatty acid-rich diet) to lower blood pressure.

Vitamin D has been linked to hypertension. Research shows that vitamin D has minor effects on blood pressure. If you get sufficient levels of vitamin D, then you may be more likely to have normal blood pressure measurements. Blood pressure supplements often contain vitamin D for this reason. However, there’s less research supporting vitamin D than many supplement companies realize. This clinical review of 11 vitamin D studies published in 2009 concluded that there was weak evidence to support a small effect of vitamin D on blood pressure in studies of patients with hypertension. Researchers found there was limited largescale evidence in humans that vitamin D definitively improved blood pressure. Some studies indicated a minor effect on diastolic blood pressure, although no studies found an impact on systolic blood pressure.

Of course, vitamin D is a crucial mineral required for other body functions that could indirectly impact cardiovascular health – like your immune system. It’s still important to get your recommended daily intake of vitamin D through food, sunlight, or supplements.

Other blood pressure supplements contain magnesium to reduce blood pressure. One study found that magnesium supplements had a small effect on blood pressure. In this 2012 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers analyzed evidence and concluded that “magnesium supplementation appears to achieve a small but clinically significant reduction in BP [blood pressure]”.

Some supplements contain potassium. The American Heart Association claims that potassium can reduce pressure on your artery walls. They cite multiple studies reinforcing the claim that potassium supplements could lower blood pressure. Researchers typically use a dose of around 100mg per day. For comparison, an average banana contains around 400mg of potassium – so a potassium supplement may be unnecessary.

What about coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) for blood pressure? Also known as ubiquinone, CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps cells produce energy. In this review study, CoQ10 reduced diastolic blood pressure by up to 10 mm Hg and systolic blood pressure by 17 mm Hg, which are significant drops. Researchers analyzed 12 clinical trials involving 362 patients and found a significant connection between CoQ10 and blood pressure. They also found it lowered blood pressure “without significant side effects”. Many blood pressure supplements contain CoQ10, and you can find CoQ10 in anti-aging supplements or on its own.

Some people take fiber to reduce blood pressure. Fiber isn’t the most exciting supplement ingredient, but it’s been shown to reduce blood pressure in multiple studies. This review study found that people taking 11g of fiber per day reduced blood pressure by a small but significant amount. Approximately half of all people following a traditional western diet are not getting enough fiber.

Acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALCAR, has shown some ability to reduce blood pressure, although it’s not as well-studied as ingredients above. One small study found that acetyl-l-carnitine could reduce systolic blood pressure. We know the body uses acetyl-l-carnitine for energy, and we know it’s shown some evidence of reducing blood pressure, but more research is needed.

Many are surprised to find garlic in their blood pressure supplement. It’s true: garlic is a popular herbal treatment for blood pressure. In fact, there’s evidence that the ancient Greeks used garlic to manage blood pressure. Garlic appears to work by improving circulation in some way, reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure significantly according to this review of randomized clinical trials.

We know melatonin as a sleep aid. But some people take melatonin to lower blood pressure. Research has found that people with blood pressure issues may not produce normal levels of melatonin. By taking a melatonin supplement, you may not just sleep better – you could also reduce blood pressure. Melatonin is not a typical ingredient in blood pressure supplements, although you can find plenty of melatonin.

Anthocyanins are trendy natural chemicals in the supplement industry. Anthocyanins are the chemicals that give certain fruits their distinctive colors. Anthocyanin give cherries, pomegranates, blueberries, and other antioxidant-rich fruits their unique color, for example. Growing research shows that anthocyanins may have a significant effect on blood pressure.

This 2004 study, for example, found that taking pomegranate juice for one year reduced blood pressure by 12%, on average. Another study, however, found no connection between anthocyanins and blood pressure – so it’s far from definitive.

Some blood pressure supplements contain French maritime bark extract. This extract is rich with antioxidants, and it’s shown some surprising benefits in various studies. You may have heard of pycnogenol, a trendy anti-aging compound. Pycnogenol is derived from French maritime bark. In this small study, researchers gave participants 125mg of pycnogenol daily for 12 weeks and observed significant benefits in circulation and blood pressure.

Some blood pressure supplements use folic acid to improve blood pressure. One 2009 review found that there was a significant connection between blood pressure and folic acid supplementation. Some doctors recommend that pregnant women take folic acid. Increased blood volume due to pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure. In fact, folic acid can be found in many neonatal vitamins.

Trendy foods like olive oil, cocoa flavonoids, and tea may help lower blood pressure in various ways.

Olive oil consumption is part of the Mediterranean diet, which is one of the most doctor-recommended ways to lower blood pressure. Olive oil has healthy fats that appear to significantly impact blood pressure and heart health when taken as part of a healthy diet.

Cocoa flavonoids, meanwhile, are rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and could raise nitric oxide, reducing your overall cardiovascular risk.

Studies have shown that drinking 2 to 6 cups of tea per day over a 4 to 24 week period can reduce blood pressure by about 2 mm/Hg, with greater benefits observed with longer use.

Many natural blood pressure supplements contain ginseng – sometimes labeled as American ginseng. This review study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension in 2016 analyzed 17 trials and found that there was a small improvement in blood pressure after taking ginseng, particularly in patients with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or obesity.

Beet is one of the most promising ingredients for blood pressure. In multiple studies, beets have shown an ability to lower blood pressure. Beets contain nitrates, and nitrates raise nitric oxide levels in your blood, lowering blood pressure, widening blood vessels, and decreasing inflammation. In fact, beetroot and beet juice has been used as a treatment since the Middle Ages. Today, increasing research shows that beets can reduce blood pressure significantly. This study published in 2013 analyzed results from 16 trials. Researchers concluded that “inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure”. Today, some people drink beetroot juice daily to manage blood pressure.

Many lower-quality blood pressure supplements contain random herbal extracts. These herbal extracts may claim to lower blood pressure in various ways. Typically, these herbal extracts are not extensively studied for their effects on blood pressure, and they’re not proven as effective as the supplements above.

Artichoke, black currant, chia, hawthorn berry, coconut water, ginkgo biloba, green coffee bean extract, kiwi, kudzu, oats, motherwort, safflower, sweet orange, and yucca all fall into this category: they could improve blood pressure, although much more research is needed.

Blood Pressure Supplement Dosages

Blood pressure supplement dosages vary widely across the industry. Some supplements contain 1,000mg of garlic, for example, while others contain just 175mg of garlic. Because these garlic extracts are standardized to different concentrations, it’s tough to compare the dosage of one supplement to the dosage of another.

Your best option is to follow the recommended dosage on the label of whichever supplement you’re using. If the supplement recommends taking two capsules per day, then you should take two capsules per day.

You should also talk to your doctor before taking any supplement at any dosage – including any dosage of a blood pressure supplement.

Side Effects of Blood Pressure Supplements

Blood pressure supplements are generally well-tolerated when taken by healthy adults in the normal dosages listed above.

Generally, natural supplements are well-tolerated by most people. By law, they must contain ingredients recognized as safe by the FDA. If you’re following the recommended dosage instructions, and you have no outlying health conditions, then you’re unlikely to experience significant side effects.

However, just because a supplement uses natural ingredients does not mean it’s always safe to take. Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement – including a blood pressure supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Pressure Supplements

Blood pressure supplements are frequently promoted by misinformation and misrepresented research studies. This section should help clear things up as we answer many of the most commonly asked questions about blood pressure supplements.

Q: What is blood pressure?

A: Blood pressure is a measurement of how hard your heart has to work to pump blood throughout your body. High blood pressure can cause heart attacks and other major problems. Low blood pressure, on the other hand, can make it harder for the organs all over your body to get the blood and energy that they need to function properly.

Q: Why does blood pressure matter?

A: Good blood pressure is associated with good cardiovascular health. High blood pressure is associated with bad cardiovascular health. Worldwide, heart disease kills more people than any other single cause. Reducing blood pressure can reduce your risk of cardiovascular issues, including heart attack, stroke, and more. Good blood pressure can also help to generally improve your overall wellness and health.

Q: What is the best food for lowering blood pressure?

A: Certain foods seem to have some effect in lowering blood pressure. Garlic, beetroot juice, and leafy greens, for example, may lower blood pressure. Overall, a balanced diet combined with a healthy exercise routine is the best way to lower blood pressure. In conjunction with blood pressure supplements, you should optimize your diet to maximize results and progress.

Q: What is nitric oxide?

A: Nitric oxide, or NO, is a chemical compound your body uses to widen blood vessels. Your body produces nitric oxide naturally from the foods you eat. However, certain ingredients may raise nitric oxide levels in your body, helping widen your blood vessels and lower blood pressure. The nitrates in beets, for example, seem to have this effect.

Q: What causes high blood pressure?

A: The cause of high blood pressure isn’t always clear in most people. However, evidence shows that a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, older age, and genetics can all increase the risk of high blood pressure. A conversation with your doctor may help you to pinpoint the precise cause of your blood pressure irregularity.

Q: What is systolic and diastolic blood pressure?

A: Systolic and diastolic blood pressure are metrics that measure two different aspects of blood pressure. They track the pressure against your artery walls as your heart beats (systolic blood pressure) and the pressure against your artery walls between heartbeats (your diastolic blood pressure).

Q: What is mm/hg with blood pressure measurements?

A: Your blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm/Hg or mmHg).

Q: What is normal blood pressure?

A: Most health authorities define normal blood pressure as a systolic pressure under 120 and diastolic pressure under 80 mmHg. However, your blood pressure might be slightly above or below this metric and still be relatively healthy.

Q: How do I know if I have high blood pressure?

A: Many high blood pressure cases have no symptoms. The best way to determine high blood pressure is with a visit to the doctor. If left untreated over time, high blood pressure could lead to strong headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or poor exercise tolerance, among other issues.

Q: How do you treat high blood pressure?

A: Doctors will recommend treatments for high blood pressure like weight loss, quitting smoking, a healthy diet (like the DASH diet), regular exercise, less alcohol consumption, and treatment for sleep apnea and other sleep issues. Some people may also take blood pressure medication or blood pressure supplements. Follow your doctor’s recommended advice, especially if they think you should consider taking traditional medications.

Q: How do high blood pressure drugs work?

A: High blood pressure drugs often thin your blood, making it easier for blood to flow through your arteries. Other drugs work as alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, or diuretics.

Q: What are the side effects of high blood pressure drugs?

A: Side effects of high blood pressure drugs include headache, weakness, swelling, constipation, decreased sexual ability, dizziness, and a reduced ability to form blood clots. Specific side effects should be clearly listed by your pharmaceutical and communicated by your doctor.

Q: What are the side effects of natural blood pressure supplements?

A: Most natural blood pressure supplements have no observed side effects in healthy adults when taken in the normal recommended dosage range. However, talk to your doctor before taking any supplement, including high blood pressure supplements.

Q: What type of diet should I follow if I have high blood pressure?

A: Doctors often recommend the DASH diet, which emphasizes a balanced diet and reduced salt intake. For most people, getting more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is an effective way to improve your diet. Some people should also eat less red meat and candy or reduce their alcohol consumption.

Q: What is hypertension?

A: Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. Hypertension comes with a number of negative effects.

Q: What’s the difference between hypertension and hypotension?

A: Hypertension refers to high blood pressure, while hypotension refers to abnormally low blood pressure.

Q: Is high blood pressure common?

A: Approximately 1 in 5 adults have high blood pressure. Certain people, however, are much more at risk. More than 60% of men and women over age 65, for example, have high blood pressure. Furthermore, more than 90% of Americans will develop high blood pressure at some point in their lifetime.

Q: Can supplements really lower your blood pressure?

A: Supplements cannot claim to lower your blood pressure (by law). However, certain ingredients in supplements have been shown to reduce blood pressure in some studies. No supplement has been shown to be an effective replacement for blood pressure drugs, although blood pressure supplements could complement a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Q: Can cocoa extract reduce blood pressure?

A: There’s some evidence that cocoa extract reduces blood pressure in people with mild high blood pressure, although this effect is not as significant in people with normal blood pressure.

Q: Can fish oil lower blood pressure?

A: Some doctors recommend fish oil or omega 3 fatty acids to lower blood pressure. Healthy fats appear to play a role in blood pressure, and you may benefit from having more healthy fats in your diet.

Q: Do doctors recommend blood pressure supplements?

A: Some of the supplements above claim to be “doctor recommended” and “doctor formulated”. Generally, doctors recommend healthy diet and exercise above all else. The AHA claims there “are no special pills, vitamins, or drinks that can substitute for prescription medications and lifestyle modifications”.

Q: Where can you buy blood pressure supplements?

A: Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Costco, and other major retailers should sell blood pressure supplements. These supplements may not be labeled as blood pressure supplements, so look for supplements containing garlic, fish oil, B vitamins, and other nutrients mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Blood pressure supplements can’t replace blood pressure drugs. However, when used in combination with healthy diet and exercise, blood pressure supplements may help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Today, many people use natural supplements to support their cardiovascular health. By choosing the right natural supplement, you can give your body a better chance of maintaining healthy blood pressure.

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