Unico Smartbrush: 3 Second Automated Teeth Brushing Mouthpiece?

The Unico Smartbrush is a toothbrush that does all the work for the consumers, without having to spend more than a few seconds using it. The toothbrush is presently only offered through Indiegogo, where the creators are having a crowdfunding campaign to raise resources to mass produce the product.

What Is Unico Smartbrush?

Getting ready every morning takes time, even if that individual is relatively low maintenance. However, in the middle of creating the perfect hairstyle and picking a good outfit, it is so easy to forget to brush their teeth. Bringing along disposable brushes in a purse or in the car just creates more trash, and no one wants to walk into the office with one of these brushes in their mouth. However, the Unico Smart brush helps consumers finish this simple hygienic step in a few seconds of time.

The Unico smartbrush helps consumers spend less time brushing their teeth each day, making the regimen simple and efficient. Most dentists’ advice their patients to spend about three minutes performing this task, but the creators appear to think that this is too much time to spend in the bathroom for brushing. Instead of spraying the teeth or just rinsing them, the device has a full jaw-shaped rack that has circular bristles to work the toothpaste over the surfaces of the visible teeth. The only downside is that this setup does not appear to adapt to consumers with crooked teeth.

Using Unico Smartbrush 3 Second Teeth Brushing Mouthpiece

When consumers want to brush their teeth, they need to first put the toothpaste into the power unit, preparing it to brush the user’s teeth. Then, consumers only need to double-tap the device to make it start working, keeping the front of the smartbrush in their mouth.

After three seconds, consumers can rinse out the toothpaste. This toothpaste is not as thick as regular formulas, due to the way that it can wash the teeth. However, if the user has any adverse reaction to the toothpaste, they should cease use at once.

Pricing For The Unico Smartbrush

While the retail value of the Unico smartbrush is expected to be around €200 for the complete set, consumers will not be able to purchase it right away. Instead, consumers will have an opportunity to contribute to this company’s effort through Indiegogo. There are multiple package options available, depending on how much the consumers is willing to invest and how soon they do so.

Choose from:

  • €119, for the Unico basic kit, which includes the power unit, two mouth units, a dock and charging station, and a toothpaste bottle
  • €149 for the family kit, which increases the kit to four mouth units and two toothpaste bottles
  • €229 for two basic kits
  • €279 for two family kits
  • €399 for four basic kits
  • €3333 for 33 basic kits

The shipments are expected to go out in August 2018. However, some of the larger orders qualify for shipping in June 2018.

Contacting The Creators Of Unico Smartbrush

Consumers will not be able to directly reach out to the customer service team via phone call or email. However, if there are questions that they have about this product, consumers can post a comment on the Indiegogo campaign to have their answer publicly posted.

Unico Smartbrush Conclusion

The Unico Smartbrush helps consumers to essentially waste time. The procedure takes very little time, though the cost is high. Even though this saves a few minutes each morning, it is doubtful that consumers will want to spend this much money on something that does not waste much time already. However, there may be some consumers that want to be part of the elite group that gets to buy this smartbrush.


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