TinniFix: Review the Natural Tinnitus Relief Aid Supplement

TinniFix is a natural tinnitus relief supplement by Serenity Bioceuticals that diminishes inner ear ringing, buzzing and whooshing sounds while supporting sensitivity issues and optimal hearing ability.

Full Disclosure

TinniFix is a nutritional supplement that claims to relieve the ringing in your ears using natural ingredients.

By helping to repair the auditory pathways in your brain and fighting inflammation, TinniFix claims to tone down symptoms of tinnitus, reduce sound sensitivity, and improve nerve health, among other benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at how TinniFix works to see if it really helps your tinnitus.


What is TinniFix?

TinniFix is a tinnitus supplement sold through The supplement is priced at $70 per bottle and comes with a 60 day refund policy.

The makers of TinniFix claim their formula “has proven effective in treating most tinnitus causes and symptoms.”

The company also claims that ear, nose, and throat doctors (ENTs) recommend taking the supplement for tinnitus.

By taking two capsules of TinniFix per day, you can purportedly use natural ingredients to support various benefits – from auditory response to ear ringing to nerve health.

TinniFix is one of a growing number of tinnitus supplements sold online today. Typically, doctors recommend treating tinnitus with physical treatments – like earwax removal or by repairing physical damage to the region. However, many supplements claim to offer a better, more natural solution, fixing tinnitus without intensive treatment.

Let’s take a closer look at how TinniFix works.

How Does TinniFix Work?

TinniFix is marketed towards the 50 million men and women in America who suffer from symptoms of tinnitus. Some people have a mild ringing in their ears. Others have a more severe ringing.

Tinnitus can lead to hearing issues, stress and anxiety, sleeping disorders, and mood swings. In some people, tinnitus is just annoying. In others, it’s a significant health risk.

The makers of TinniFix claim their formula can help with tinnitus by repairing and restoring damaged auditory pathways in your ear.

If your ear was physically damaged (say, by a blast, a single loud noise, or loud noises over time), then TinniFix claims to repair this damage, giving you a “blissful, ring-free life.”

Some of the specific advertised benefits of the formula include:

  • Fight the root cause of tinnitus
  • Help stop the ringing at the source
  • Completely natural with no side effects
  • Reduce ear ringing and reduce sound sensitivity
  • Improve nerve health and improve auditory response
  • Researched, proven, and recommended by ENT doctors

We’re reviewed plenty of tinnitus supplements, although few supplements make the same claims as TinniFix. Most supplements don’t claim to be recommended by ENTs, for example. Most supplements claim to support nerve health and auditory health – they don’t actually claim to improve nerve health.

Nevertheless, TinniFix claims to be a proven solution for tinnitus. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in TinniFix to determine how it works.

How TinniFix Repairs Tinnitus

TinniFix claims to fix tinnitus by giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair auditory pathways. This purportedly stops tinnitus at the source, stopping your tinnitus symptoms quickly and preventing symptoms from ever occurring again.

The makers of TinniFix claim their formula specifically fixes tinnitus using the following five processes:

Repairs auditory pathways in the ear and brain, establishing a clear path for audio signals to reach your brain without interference

Boosts neurotransmitter function, allowing your nerves and neurotransmitters to work at peak performance

Improves blood flow through the ears

Supplies the cochlea in your ears with important nutrients for healing

Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation within the auditory pathway, reducing free radical damage and protecting your ear from further damage

TinniFix even claims to provide benefits unrelated to the ringing in your ears. The supplement claims to elevate your mood, for example, by making you feel better about yourself.

TinniFix Ingredients

TinniFix contains vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and fruit extracts. Together, these ingredients purportedly fix tinnitus.

As the makers of TinniFix explain, these ingredients “work synergistically to not only stop the ear ringing but also prevent it from recurring.” In other words, you take TinniFix to stop tinnitus today, but you will also enjoy permanent relief from the condition.

The full list of ingredients includes:

Vitamins: TinniFix contains 200mg of vitamin C (333% DV), 100mg of vitamin B3 (500% DV), and 100mcg of vitamin B12 (1,667% DV).

Zinc: TinniFix contains 10mg of zinc (67% DV). The company claims zinc supports the function of neurotransmitters from your auditory system, leading to relief from tinnitus.

Hibiscus Flower Powder: As the first listed ingredient in the TinniFix proprietary formula, hibiscus flower powder is the biggest ingredient in the TinniFix formula. Oddly, the makers of TinniFix do not explain further information about how this hibiscus flower extract works or how it fixes tinnitus.

Hawthorne Extract: The hawthorne extract in TinniFix purportedly fights anxiety, insomnia, and stress associated with tinnitus pain.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract, like hawthorne extract, can help with anxiety, insomnia, and stress. These are all symptoms linked to tinnitus – although they’re not the root cause of tinnitus itself.

Pineapple Juice Powder: Pineapple juice powder is “a strong, natural anti-inflammatory,” according to the makers of TinniFix. The ingredient targets inflammation in the inner ear, brain, and body.

All of these ingredients are packaged into a vegetable capsule with maltodextrin.

Scientific Evidence

TinniFix has not completed any clinical trials to verify it fixes tinnitus, nor has the company conducted any scientific studies specifically on its formula.

In fact, the company doesn’t even cite third party studies on the individual ingredients within TinniFix. There’s no ‘References’ page at the official website, for example, which is something we see with other tinnitus supplements.

Despite the lack of any evidence, TinniFix claims to be “clinically proven” to work and “clinically tested” to verify it’s safe for anyone to use.

Let’s analyze the ingredients and dosages in TinniFix to see if the supplement really fixes tinnitus.

According to the British Tinnitus Association, some people take hibiscus orally or as a tea to help with tinnitus. These people claim to use hibiscus to reduce high blood pressure or high cholesterol that causes a ringing in the ears. Some studies show hibiscus has antibacterial, antioxidant, diuretic, and antihypertensive effects, although there are no studies analyzing how hibiscus impacts tinnitus.

People take hawthorne extract for similar reasons. Hawthorne extract could support blood flow and circulation, although no studies have analyzed the effects of hawthorn extract on tinnitus.

Some people take pineapple to decrease tinnitus. Pineapple could reduce inflammation throughout the body, including the inner ear. By reducing inflammation in the inner ear, it’s possible for pineapple to decrease tinnitus. Pineapple contains the active ingredient bromelain, which is linked with anti-inflammatory effects. Again, however, no formal studies have proven that pineapple permanently fixes tinnitus as advertised by the TinniFix team. It’s important to note that pineapple is the last listed ingredient in TinniFix, which means it has the lowest dosage.

Others take green tea extract for similar reasons. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that could support inflammation throughout your body – including the inner ear. However, tinnitus is actually a side effect of green tea: some people experience tinnitus after drinking green tea, while others experience worse symptoms of tinnitus from green tea.

TinniFix also claims that medical doctors recommend using the supplement to treat tinnitus, including ENTs. We can find no evidence of any board-certified ENT recommending TinniFix to treat tinnitus. Typically, doctors recommend other solutions.

Overall, the ingredients in TinniFix could support inflammation, which could help your inner ear. If your tinnitus is caused by inflammation in your inner ear, then the ingredients in TinniFix could help. However, the supplement is certainly not “clinically proven” to fix tinnitus, and there’s no evidence it could fix tinnitus long-term.

Although TinniFix is not backed by scientific evidence, the supplement is backed by a 60 day refund policy – something other tinnitus supplements may not have.

TinniFix Pricing

TinniFix is priced at $70 per bottle, making it one of the most expensive tinnitus supplements we have reviewed. However, the price drops as low as $40 per bottle when ordering multiple bottles at once.

  • 1 Bottle: $69.99
  • 2 Bottles: $119.99
  • 3 Bottles: $149.99
  • 5 Bottles: $199.99

All prices include shipping to the United States.

TinniFix Refund Policy

TinniFix comes with a 60 day refund policy. Contact the company’s customer service team to request a refund, then ship the bottle back to the company to complete the refund process.

If TinniFix does not permanently relieve your tinnitus within 60 days, then you are entitled to a refund.

Who’s Behind TinniFix?

TinniFix is made by an Ohio-based supplement company named Serenity Bioceuticals. The company manufactures TinniFix in the United States in an FDA-registered facility.

There’s limited information about Serenity Bioceuticals available online. The company makes just two other supplements, including Dream Ease (a sleep aid) and G+G Energy (an herbal supplement). It’s unclear what type of medical experience or nutritional qualifications the company has – if any.

You can contact the makers of TinniFix via the following:

Final Word

TinniFix is a nutritional supplement that claims to relieve tinnitus using natural ingredients. You take two capsules of TinniFix per day to reduce ear ringing, reduce sound sensitivity, and support better hearing, among other benefits.

Overall, there’s no evidence TinniFix can fix tinnitus permanently, although it’s possible the antioxidants in the supplement could support inflammation in your inner ear, which could provide short-term relief of tinnitus in some people.

The company also makes unusual claims about its formula, claiming it’s clinically proven, researched and recommended by ENT doctors – although we can’t find a single board-certified doctor who has studied or recommended the supplement for tinnitus.

Despite the limited evidence, TinniFix is backed by a 60 day refund policy. If the supplement doesn’t permanently relieve your tinnitus, you can request a complete refund within 60 days.

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