Tea of A Kind: Twist To Brew A Healthy Refreshing Drink?

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Tea of a Kind is a brand that develops drinks with their patented cap to preserve nutrients and reduce the amount of toxins in the body. The drinks are available in grocery stores or on Amazon.com, and all contain a rich number of antioxidants.

What Is Tea Of A Kind?

When looking for a good drink that is convenient and delicious, most people reach for their favorite brand of soda or other sugary drinks. In fact, sugar is an addictive substance, and the wrong choices can lead to weight gain and even diabetes. Finding a convenient drink that is equally satisfying is difficult, but it seems that Tea of a Kind may have some flavors that consumers can enjoy.

Tea of a Kind offers a small variety of teas with fruity and coffee flavors, depending on the item that the user selects. Most tea companies have traditional bottles, which end up losing the vital vitamins that consumers want. Even with better bottles, some consumers lose the antioxidants that can make a difference.

Tea of a Kind stands out with the patented Vessl cap. This cap keeps the ingredients preserved in their freshest state with pressurization. This pressure releases the tea and other flavors into purified water when the user twists the cap, delivering the vitamins and other nutrients that consumers want. Learn about the flavor options below.

Flavors Of Tea Of A Kind

Right now, there are several different flavors for consumers to choose from. There are no other products at this time, but consumers will get the choice of unique and refreshing tastes to give them.

The Peach Ginger Black Tea has a balance of sweet and spicy flavors. The recipe only has a little extra sweetening and is fresh brewed when the cap is twisted. This option contains 406mg of vitamin C and has no calories.

The Pomegranate Acai White Tea has a much different balance, involving notes that are crisp, sweet, sour, and somehow earthy still. This drink also has no calories, and 406mg of vitamin C.

The Unsweetened Black Tea just has pure black tea with some carbonation to get the sensation of soda without the calories. Just like the other options, there are no calories and 406mg of vitamin C.

The Citrus Mint Green Tea has a refreshing and crisp taste that many consumers enjoy about green tea. While it contains 0 calories like the blends before it, it actually offers 2,188 mg of vitamin C, which includes the highest number of antioxidants in the line of products.

The Yerba Mate drink has all the power that consumers want to get from coffee, but with the way that the body is nourished from tea. The blend tastes like chocolate and comes with a wide range of antioxidants, while the Vessl cap protects the flavor from being damaged during storage. It offers zero calories, but there is no information about exactly how much vitamin C is included.

Where To Buy Tea Of A Kind Products

Consumers have a few ways to get the Tea of a Kind drinks. If the user wants to have access to the drinks right away, they can use the store locator tool (https://www.teaofakind.com/locator) to find the nearest retailer.

For consumers that want to have the convenience of having the products shipped to their door, they can go to Amazon.com and place an order for a 12-pack of 16-ounce products. The packages start at $36.54.

Contacting Tea Of A Kind

Even though consumers are easily able to try out the drink for themselves from the grocery store, they can still speak with the customer service team to clear up any questions. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-855-45-GIZMO.

Tea Of A Kind Conclusion

Tea of a Kind is marketed to everyone. There is no age limit, and consumers will be able to get vitamins and minerals that other drinks simply cannot preserve during storage, shipment, and distribution. There are not any other brands with the same type of drinks offered, and the water is not even mixed with the tea and flavors until the moment that consumers open the bottle. If consumers enjoy tea, and they are willing to give up their soft drink, this could be a good brand to replace it with.

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