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10 Best Colon Cleansers – 2018's Top Herbal Detox Supplements?


Our digestive tract goes through some rigorous testing every time we eat anything. It is easily one of the most important organ systems in our body. Everything we consume has to go through it and all of the energy and nutrients stored in the food we eat has to be extracted by our digestive system.

Our colon also plays a huge role, and it stores all the leftover stuff which can’t be digested and pushes it onwards toward excretion. Sometimes some of the things that get caught in our colon might cause discomfort and influence our health in a negative way, as well as possibly cause constipation.

Additionally, it is possible that the solids which are being stored in your colon could be toxic due to an irregular diet. When this happens, it is important to help your colon excrete this solid waste from your body.

In many cases, people often decide that mechanical colon cleansing is the best ways to help get rid of the stored waste in your colon. However, there have been incidents involving enema kits that can cause adverse effects which can potentially turn into serious issues.

Generally, a much safer option is to use a specifically designed supplement formula which contains ingredients designed to promote colon health and help push all the toxins and waste out of your body. The problem is that the ingredients found in these supplements are often tailored for specific types of colon cleansing and choosing the right one can be difficult.

Top 10 Colon Cleansers

Luckily, we have reviewed some of the best colon cleansing supplement products out there and have compiled a list of the most useful products for you to choose from. Remember that these products aren’t listed in any specific order, and this list simply offers various choices of cleansing products.

1. Kleen IQ Colon Detox & Cleanse

Laxative strength is one of the more important aspects of any colon cleansing product. Kleen IQ has decided to use senna leaf to provide the necessary laxative properties for their supplement. Making sure that your colon isn’t irritated, they have also chosen to add aloe vera gel and medium chain triglyceride oil, both of which soothe the lining of your colon and ensure that you feel ok while the waste is moving outward.

Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotics are also used in this supplement formula to ensure that your gut health is maintained after all of the good bacteria currently in your system get flushed out. Flaxseed and psyllium fiber are incorporated in the formula, as well.

Overall, this mixture of ingredients should supply everything that your colon could possibly need to ensure that your cleansing process is smooth and effective. The company does offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee if for some reason you are not satisfied with the results.

2. BioSchwartz Colon Detox & Cleanser

Herbal supplements are the key to this BioSchwartz’s cleansing supplement. It’s designed to help you cleanse your colon over a 15-day period through the use of some of the more well-known cleansing ingredients which are all 100 percent natural.

Just like many other cleansing products, BioSchwartz Colon Detox & Cleanser uses senna as the primary ingredient to give it laxative properties. The addition of aloe vera gel is also very much welcomed since it offers soothing for your colon as you go through the cleansing process.

Although these ingredients are staples which we commonly see in cleansing products, the rest of BioSchwartz’s ingredients which are found in the formula are hidden and labeled as a proprietary blend. This is a challenge for us because we can’t effectively evaluate these hidden ingredients and give proper feedback regarding their effectiveness as cleansing ingredients.

However, many customers who have used this product have reported that it is very effective and easy to use, so we find no reason why it shouldn’t be mentioned on our list.

3. Sculpt n’ Cleanse

The name of this product might be somewhat misleading. It actually doesn’t have much to do with weight loss at all. Instead, it’s actually more of a laxative with some herbal ingredients designed to improve your colon’s health.

Yet again, senna leaf is used for its primary laxative power, but unlike other supplements which usually stop there, Sculpt n’ Cleanse also has buckthorn extract in it which provides an additional laxative boost and offers herbal remedies that improve the condition of your colon. Aloe vera is also used to help soothe the lining of your colon, but there aren’t any additional ingredients which are known for restoring your gut’s health.

4. NutraTech Ultra Cleanse

There are some very high-quality ingredients that are a part of this cleansing supplement. The problem is that most of them are at the bottom of the list and aren’t used predominantly. While ingredients such as senna, flaxseed oil, and prune juice can do wonders for cleansing your colon, it’s hard to anticipate much benefit from these ingredients since they are being used in such low quantities.

Additionally, they have what they call a “proprietary blend” of ingredients which we know little information about. So when everything is totaled out, unknown ingredients plus a low amount of beneficial ingredients doesn’t exactly paint the best picture for this supplement.

Nonetheless, it is a very widely used cleansing solution and many people swear by it. Because this cleansing solution does contain vital ingredients which are used amongst many colon cleansing products, we do have some faith in it. There is no reason not to give it a shot.

5. Colon Clenz

While this product does contain some of the key ingredients we frequently see used amongst colon cleansing supplements like aloe vera, buckthorn, and senna, the problem is that the rest of the ingredients we see listed in this specific cleanse are somewhat obscure.

Furthermore, the quantity of these other herbal extracted ingredients is limited. In other words, while this might be an effective laxative, this cleanser doesn’t seem to offer much more than that for your colon cleansing needs.

Although this cleanser doesn’t exactly contain any mind-blowing ingredients, the few ingredients that are being incorporated can actually offer some cleansing potential. So while we don’t think it’s the best product, there is a possibility that it will work for you.

If you have tried many of the other products on our list and find them to be somewhat overwhelming, perhaps this colon cleanse is what you are looking for.

6. Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse

This particular colon cleanse is one of the best formulas we have encountered. It contains a mixture of powerful ingredients which deliver excellent results in colon cleansing. The laxative power comes from the well-known senna leaf, while overall colon health is being promoted by both medium chain triglycerides and aloe vera gel, which can soothe and relax the lining of our colon.

The additions of fiber in this cleanse help with the production of stool. Furthermore, Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse also incorporates the use of probiotics to improve your gut health.

It seems that nearly the all bases are covered when it comes to Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse. It is for this reason that we think it’s easily one of the best colon cleanses on the market, and you should definitely give it a try.

7. Super Colon Cleanse

When it comes to herbal extracts, Super Colon Cleanse is definitely a super cleanser. This product was formulated heavily with a huge collection of herbal extracts which are designed to help your colon health and help you as you go through your cleanse. Ingredients like celery seed and rose hips are part of this truly unique cleansing formula. Its laxative capabilities come from the use of senna leaf.

All of these ingredients are designed to support various different factors which can, in turn, improve your digestive health. The only issue we have with this is that there hasn’t been much research done about most of these ingredients and verification of their benefits is lacking.

However, the use of some of the fibers which are included in the formula and probiotics leads to believe that this cleanse can indeed help you with your colon problems.

8. K Cleanse & Detox

No matter which supplements or cleanses you look at there will always be that one company which decides to use unconventional ingredients to achieve similar results to its competitors. This is definitely true when it comes to K Cleanse & Detox. The key acting ingredients in this cleans are juniper berry, dandelion extract, and acai fruit. This is certainly not a common list of ingredients we usually see among colon cleansing products.

The only ingredient which is part of this formula that can be found in many other cleanses is the senna leaf because of its powerful laxative capabilities. Otherwise, this cleanse is nothing like the others we have mentioned. If other products don’t work for you, then this one is definitely worth trying.

9. Naturo Sciences Colon Care

While this cleanser does have some of the more impressive ingredients we have seen in colon cleanses, the company behind it has decided to hide how much of each ingredient behind the frequently used “proprietary blend.”

So while we know that senna is in the blend, alongside acidophilus probiotic bacteria, flax, and prune juice, there is no way to tell if they are going to be effective because we can’t know the amount of each of the ingredients. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the product won’t work. All we are saying is that without trying it for yourself, we can’t guarantee that it will help you with your cleansing goals.

10. Health Plus Prime Natural Detox Cleanse

This is probably one of our least favorite cleanses on the list, though it does deserve to be here. It’s pretty much just a laxative. As far as most good colon cleansers go, this product is definitely somewhat lacking. Fructooligosaccarides are included on its ingredients list but, this prebiotic is far from what you need to promote a healthy gut.

Furthermore, there isn’t enough included to help you soothe your gut as you go through the cleanse. If you are looking for a simple laxative, feel free to use this product, otherwise, consider some of the other options on our list.

Benefits and Side Effects of Colon Cleansers

Using natural supplements and herbal extracts to cleanse your colon usually involved ingredients that can promote your gut health while providing laxative properties and soothing capabilities. The idea is to improve the frequency and the number of your bowel movements, which will hopefully remove the toxic waste from your colon.

After the waste is removed, it’s also a good idea to have a ready supply of probiotics that can put more good bacteria back into your gastrointestinal tract so that your gut health is back to normal. Simply put, you need to flush your system out and then renew the healthy elements which were present in it in the first place.

The research regarding colon cleansing is somewhat inadequate, but there are a few benefits which can be associated with flushing out the extra waste from your colon and replenishing the healthy bacteria locate there. Increasing the frequency of your bowel movements can also be beneficial for your body.


The first and primary reason why using an all natural, herbal-based colon cleanser can be beneficial is because the mechanical method can cause many risks and issues to surface. There are many medical case reports which strongly urge you not to partake in mechanical colon cleansing due to its high risk of causing irritation to the colon.

Doctors located at the Georgetown University School of Medicine have offered many cases as evidence of potential problems with mechanical colon cleanses. The results were serious negative side effects which caused harm to the patient’s body, and other issues also surfaced such as diarrhea, nausea, and cramping.

Because using supplement-based natural colon cleaners doesn’t require you to inject large amounts of solution into your colon, it is a much safer option than mechanical cleansing.

One of the key ingredients in many cleansing products is the senna leaf, which offers laxative capabilities. This is good news for those of you who are frequently constipated since it’s not just about how uncomfortable it can be but also about how unhealthy constipation can be.

The senna leaf found in these cleansing products can help with constipation and thus improve your overall health. Increasing your bowel movements and reducing your constipation can deter things like colon cancer and many other serious health problems.

The fact that patients who are frequently constipated have a higher chance of developing colon cancer leads us to believe that the toxic waste which sits around in our colon is most likely very harmful to our health. This is why it’s absolutely vital to remove this waste as soon as possible.

Many colon cleansers also use aloe vera gel as part of their ingredients. Research has verified that aloe vera can act as an anti-inflammatory in the cells which are located in the lining of our colon. Additional research has noted that the healing we observe when aloe vera is used on things like sunburns might potentially have similar effects internally. If this is the case, then aloe vera doesn’t just soothe the lining of our colon but also heals it.

Finally, the colon cleansers which contain probiotics are extremely helpful for our overall health. It is speculated that our gut’s health is directly related to nearly every other part of our body. Often our gut health is the reason why we experience other seemingly unrelated health problems. Reintroducing probiotics into our gut after a cleanse can revitalize our gastrointestinal tract. These probiotics help us digest food and control the overall health of our gut.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, there are some risks involved with using colon cleansers, even the herbal extract-based ones. The primary dilemma is relying on the laxative power of most cleansers to help you with your bowel movements. Your body becomes accustomed to the laxatives found in cleansers and if you stop taking the supplements that help with bowel movement there is a high risk that you will become constipated more frequently.

The only way to fight this potential risk is by using colon cleansers infrequently and for a short period of time. Don’t let your body become reliant on the laxative power of these cleansing products.

Other potential issues might arise from the reaction that your body can have when some of these herbal extracts are introduced into your gastrointestinal tract. Some of the ingredients used in these cleansers can be somewhat obscure and you might be sensitive to those remedies.

Again, the unfortunate part is that you can’t really determine which cleanse is unsafe for you until you try it because these reactions occur on a case by case basis. Each person is different in their own way and the effects that some of these ingredients will have on you are highly individualized and will vary from person to person. The only way to find out is to try the product and see how you feel.

10 Best Colon Cleansers Final Words

Cleansing your colon with the help of natural supplement-based cleansers is definitely the safest way to restore your colon’s health. Keep in mind that mechanical cleansing can often result in the development of other problems.

Additionally, each colon cleanser will have different ingredients which might have specific effects on each person, and you will have to discover how you react to these on your own. Finally, never continuously use a colon cleanser for a long period of time, as this can cause problems if your body becomes dependent on the laxative properties of the cleanser.

Always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or trying any cleansers. They have the most information needed to determine which products might work best for you or which products might be harmful to your body.

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