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Shilajit, sometimes called mineral pitch, is a mixture of Fulvic acid and several other minerals. It has many possible advantages. Using it as a supplement or powder can improve brain function, reduce the aging process, boost fertility, and much more.

Shilajit results from a lengthy process that breaks down mineral and plant matter. It's a sticky, black substance reminiscent of tar from rocks found in high-elevation mountains.

Shilajit was traditionally found in India and Tibet but is now available in several other countries.

Shilajit has been used for centuries in tradition-based Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and its components have been proven beneficial for a variety of ailments. This article will discuss this naturally occurring substance's benefits and potential adverse effects.

Shilajit has some benefits that could be derived from it.

If utilized correctly, the shilajit supplement can bring many advantages to your body. This could be due to the large amount of humic and fulvic acids and numerous minerals.

1. Function of the brain

Shilajit is a result of the inexplicably slow breakdown of plant matter. It is available as a supplement or powder. The many compounds in shilajit can improve brain function and even aid in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

A study published in The International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease found that shilajit is commonly utilized to prolong life and slow the aging process. The substances in it can aid in the treatment of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's.

Researchers have suggested that Shilajit may play a role in preventing cognitive disorders; however, further research is required to investigate these possibilities.

2. Aging

One study revealed that fulvic acid, one of the most essential compounds in shilajit, is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This means it can help reduce free radicals and cell damage within the body, two major factors contributing to aging.

A daily dose of shilajit can help improve overall vitality and slow the aging process in certain people.

3. Anemia

Anemia occurs when blood does not contain sufficient healthy hemoglobin or cells. There are a myriad of reasons for anemia, among them iron deficiency.

Anemia caused by iron deficiency can lead to various symptoms in the body, including

  • irregular heartbeat
  • tiredness and weakness
  • Cold hands and feet
  • headache

Shilajit is an excellent source of iron and humic acid, which can be beneficial in treating anemia caused by iron deficiency. It is crucial to investigate the possibility with a doctor before taking supplements.

4. Antiviral

The variety of minerals and compounds in shilajit can also help combat viruses. A study found that shilajit can fight and eliminate viruses in isolated environments, such as certain herpes viruses.

Researchers noted that, while it is beneficial, more research using live subjects is needed to confirm these claims.

5. Chronic fatigue

A study from 2012 released in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that Shilajit reduced the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome participants in the study.

Researchers found that shilajit may help improve cell function within the body. This implies it could decrease fatigue at the issue's root and boost energy naturally.

6. Altitude sickness

One of the assertions that traditional healers make is that shilajit could assist in relieving the symptoms of altitude sickness. The pressure changes at high altitudes could significantly affect specific individuals. The symptoms of altitude sickness range from body aches and fatigue to swollen lungs and a lack of oxygen levels in the brain.

Shilajit is a complex chemical containing more than 80 minerals and fulvic and humic acids. Due to its wide range of beneficial ingredients, it is believed that shilajit can help reduce symptoms of altitude sickness.

It can help enhance the brain's cognitive abilities, increase the immune system, and lessen inflammation, which could help reduce altitude sickness.

7. Liver cancer

Shilajit is also promising in fighting certain kinds of cancer cells. A study showed that it could trigger the removal of cancerous cells from the liver.

It also stopped cancer cells from growing. Researchers reported that their results indicate that shilajit may have an anti-cancer effect. However, further research is needed.

8. Heart health

Since it can reduce blood pressure, people suffering from hypotension or heart disease are not advised to take the shilajit.

Shilajit could also help protect and improve heart health. A recent study on rats showed its beneficial effects on the heart.

Animals that received the shilajit before injury to the heart were less damaged in the heart area than animals who did not receive shilajit.

It is crucial to remember that shilajit can lower blood pressure in a few situations but should never be used by those with active heart disease.

9. Obesity

Being overweight can exhaust the muscles and cause stress on bones. A study published in The Journal of Medicinal Food noted that obese people who consumed an oral supplement made of purified shilajit performed better when exercising than those who didn't.

Researchers found that shilajit appeared to stimulate genes within the body, which helped the muscles of the skeletal system quickly adapt to the new exercise. This could lead to less fatigue and increased power over time.

10. Testosterone and male fertility

Shilajit has also been researched to boost male fertility. In one study, 60 males who were infertile to shilajit once each day for 90 days.

Following the testing period, most men who had completed the treatment saw an increase in the total sperm count and motility of sperm, which is the quantity and quality of the sperm's migration toward the egg. Both of these can be considered factors in male fertility.

Another study examined the capacity of shilajit to boost hormone levels among healthy subjects. The participants, who were between 45 and 55, were treated with shilajit for 90 days. The researchers noticed significant rises in total testosterone levels when the time was up.


Shilajit powder can be consumed by dissolving it in milk or water.

Shilajit is available as a powder or supplement and can be dissolved in water or milk.

According to the directions on the packaging, a small amount of shilajit can be dissolved in a glass and consumed three times daily.

The suggested dose of the shilajit supplement is between 300 and 500 milligrams a day. It is vital to consult with a physician before taking any natural supplements.

Potential side effects

Studies suggest that shilajit is secure for use over the long term as a nutritional supplement. There are, however, possible adverse side effects associated with using shilajit.

Shilajit could decrease blood pressure. That could cause harm to people taking high blood pressure medication. Patients suffering from an active heart condition or a history of hypotension should be cautious about taking shilajit to avoid the possibility of dropping blood pressure.

It is important to note that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot regulate natural supplements; therefore, purchasing the product from a reliable source is crucial. Low-quality shilajit may be contaminated with heavy metals, free radicals, or even arsenic in certain instances.


Shilajit is a health supplement with numerous advantages. If used correctly, it is secure and effective. However, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor about the proper dosage in every case.

Directly speaking with a doctor will also allow a patient to be aware of any possible side consequences.

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