ScalpMED: Reviewing the Hair Regrowth Treatment Research

ScalpMED hair regrowth treatment for men and women goes to the root of hair loss by using FDA-approved active ingredients Vitadil and Nutrisol to reverse thinning scalp hair and alopecia.

Full Disclosure

ScalpMED is a hair growth system for men and women that claims to improve the health of your hair, helping it regrow.

Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss as they get older. Today, various clinical treatments can slow down the rate of hair loss.

ScalpMED claims to be one such treatment. ScalpMED doesn’t claim to cure hair loss, nor does it claim to re-grow hair in areas where you’ve lost it completely. However, it can strengthen hair follicles in areas where your hair is thinning, reducing the rate of hair loss in the area.

ScalpMED claims to have multiple patents. It also claims to be proven to work on over 2 million customers. Is ScalpMED legit? Will ScalpMED actually work as advertised to regrow hair? Let’s take a closer look at how ScalpMED works and what it is.


What is ScalpMED?

ScalpMED is a hair growth system consisting of supplements, shampoos, conditioners, and other products.

Some ScalpMED products are marketed as part of a “Hair Thickening System” package. Other ScalpMED products are marketed as part of a “Hair Regrowth System” package – so ScalpMED does claim to regrow hair. It doesn’t just support strong hair growth.

ScalpMED sells a separate Hair Regrowth System kit for men and women. However, other ScalpMED products, including the hair thickening system and hair growth supplements, are the same for both men and women.

You can buy ScalpMED products through

ScalpMED Features and Benefits

ScalpMED advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • FDA approved
  • 11 worldwide patents
  • Over 2 million customers
  • Works without hormones, surgery, toupees, wigs, or cover-ups
  • No sexual side effects
  • 96% success rate
  • 120 day money back guarantee

Because ScalpMED contains minoxidil, the company can claim that its products are approved by the FDA. The FDA has approved minoxidil to reduce hair loss in men and women.

ScalpMED Products

ScalpMED offers all of the following products:

Hair Regrowth System

Hair Regrowth System

ScalpMED sells two hair regrowth system kits, including one kit for men and another for women.

The men’s kit contains two bottles of Vitadil-5A, one bottle of Nutrisol-RM, and one bottle of Single-Step Application. You also get two bonus gifts, including Detox My Scalp and Grow My Hair.

The women’s system contains two bottles of Vitadil-2A, one bottle of Nutrisol-RM, and one bottle of Single-Step Application. You also get the same two bonus gifts, including Detox My Scalp and Grow MY Hair.

Both formulas claim to regrow hair naturally. The formula, according to ScalpMED, “expedites hair growth, stops thinning, and provides the essential nutrients that your hair craves.”


  • 2 Month Supply: $99.95
  • 4 Month Supply: $179.95
  • 6 Month Supply: $249.95

You can also subscribe to receive a two month supply every two months, which drops 10% off your order.

Hair Thickening System

Hair Thickening System

ScalpMED offers two hair thickening system kits, including one version for men and another for women. Both formulas claim to thicken your hair, making it appear fuller and reducing the appearance of baldness or thinning. The main difference between the men and women’s version of the formula is that the women’s version includes a product to repair your hair. The men’s version does not.

ScalpMED Essentials for Men includes one bottle of Amp Me Up (a thickening styling spray) and two bottles of Thicken My Hair (a thickening shampoo).

ScalpMED Essentials for Women includes one bottle of Amp Me Up (thickening styling spray), one bottle of Repair My Hair (thickening conditioner), and one bottle of Thicken My Hair (thickening shampoo).

  • Pricing: $59.95



ScalpMED offers two shampoos, including one shampoo for men and another for women. Both shampoos are marketed as daily cleansers. You apply the shampoo daily to “reverse” thinning hair.

ScalpMED claims most normal shampoos – even organic ones – contain harsh ingredients and chemicals. These ingredients can contribute to hair thinning and accelerate hair loss. ScalpMED claims their shampoo doesn’t just avoid this issue – it actually reverses the trend of hair loss and hair thinning caused by ordinary shampoos.

ScalpMED’s thickening shampoos get their power from a trademarked formula called Phyto-Pur, described as “the perfect daily cleanser for your thinning hair”. The formula uses plant-based cleansers and nutrients to clean your hair, restoring youthful shine and volume.

  • Pricing: $23.95 (8 fl oz / 240mL bottle)



ScalpMED also sells two conditioners, with one conditioner for men and another “super conditioner” for women.

Both conditioners claim to use plant extracts, amino acids, and minerals to repair your hair. By applying the conditioner daily, you can nourish your scalp with essential plant extracts and 22 key amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. There are no sulfates or parabens.

Key active ingredients in the formula include threonine, tyrosine, and vitamin D. Both the men’s and women’s ScalpMED conditioners make similar claims about their benefits and ingredients, so it’s unclear what makes them different.

  • Pricing: $25.95



ScalpMED sells a hair growth supplement for men and women. Men and women’s bodies need different nutrients in different dosages, which is why many hair growth supplements contain different ingredients for men and women.

ScalpMED’s hair growth supplement for men contains 5.1mg of riboflavin (300% of your Daily Value), 5mg of Niacin (25% DV), 900mcg of biotin (300% DV), 15mg of zinc (100% DV), and 50mcg of selenium (71% DV). There’s also 435mg of a PhytoComplex Blend containing saw palmetto extract, horsetail extract, turmeric extract, and other herbal extracts.

The women’s formula, oddly, is identical to the men’s formula. It uses the exact same dosages and ingredients. As far as we can tell, there’s no difference whatsoever between the men and women’s version of the ScalpMED Grow My Hair supplement.

ScalpMED claims that by taking one capsule daily before breakfast, you can “start re-growing your own hair”. Your body uses the herbal extracts, vitamins, and nutrients to support healthy hair growth.

  • Pricing: $39.95 (60 capsules / 60 day supply)

Scalp Detox

Scalp Detox

ScalpMED offers two supplements in its Scalp Detox category, including Detox My Scalp for Men and Detox My Scalp for Women.

Detox My Scalp purportedly detoxifies your scalp, allowing your hair to naturally grow thick and strong. ScalpMED claims that “cholesterol and oils” are toxins that build up around your hair, making your scalp “a toxic waste dump” for nasty bacteria. Ordinary shampoos and conditioners do not remove this toxic waste. Detox My Scalp can remove years of buildup in seconds to keep your follicles clear.

ScalpMED hasn’t listed the ingredients in either the men’s or women’s formula, making it hard to compare the two. However, you apply the formula to your hair daily to cleanse it.

  • Pricing: $36.95

Does ScalpMED Really Work? Scientific Evidence for ScalpMED

ScalpMED makes big promises about its effectiveness. The company claims their products will not only help strengthen hair – they will actually help you regrow hair. That’s a claim few other companies can legitimately make.

So does ScalpMED really work? Is there any scientific evidence for ScalpMED? Has the company’s system gone through clinical trials?

Let’s dive into all available evidence for ScalpMED.

Scientific Evidence for Vitadil

First, ScalpMED uses a supplement called Vitadil to regrow hair in men and women. The men’s kit contains Vitadil-5A, while the women’s kit contains Vitadil-2A. Both formulas contain the same active ingredient: the men’s formula contains a 5% concentration of minoxidil, while the women’s formula contains a 2% concentration.

before and after scalpmed

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved compound that has been proven to re-grow hair for men and women. In this 2015 study, for example, topical treatments of minoxidil led to more hair regrowth after four months than a placebo.

The funny thing about minoxidil is that it appears to work as advertised to regrow hair – but we don’t really know how it works. Researchers believe it keeps the blood vessels in your scalp open, enlarging hair follicles and keeping them in the growing phase longer than usual, creating a clear pathway for oxygen and nutrients to get into the hair shaft.

Minoxidil regrows some types of hair but not others. It works best when applied to the crown of your head and the beginning of a receding hairline, for example. It doesn’t work well when applied to patchy hair loss spots or completely bald areas of your head.

ScalpMED cites an in vitro study as proof its system works. “In vitro” means the study was performed with test tubes and petri dishes in a lab – it wasn’t performed on humans. ScalpMED’s researchers found their minoxidil formula (Vitadil) remained on the skin longer than a typical minoxidil formula. It took 26 hours to reach peak absorption compared to just four hours for a competing supplement.

Ultimately, Vitadil is just minoxidil. It should work as advertised, and it may work better than other minoxidil formulas.

Scientific Evidence for NutriSol

Now, let’s look at NutriSol, the hair growth supplement offered by ScalpMED. The formula contains saw palmetto extract, B vitamins, and other nutrients to encourage hair growth.

One study found that men who applied saw palmetto topically for three months increased hair density by over a third. Other hair product manufacturers add saw palmetto extract to balance hormone levels and improve hair follicle health.

Biotin, meanwhile, is a B vitamin crucial for maintaining health. You can find biotin in organ meats, egg yolks, and other natural sources. There’s limited evidence that biotin impacts your hair when used topically, and there’s no evidence that taking a biotin supplement will encourage natural hair growth.

Ultimately, there are few supplements proven to regrow hair. NutriSol claims to support healthy hair growth by supporting your body with crucial nutrients.

Scientific Evidence for NutriSol

Other Evidence

ScalpMED also cites this “consumer study” involving both men and women. Based on the results of that study, ScalpMED concluded that the formula “was proven to retain and regrow hair”.

That study found:

  • 96% of consumers rated the ScalpMED system as easy to use
  • 96% of consumers rated ScalpMED’s hair growth as the “best ever or better than other products”
  • 96% of consumers agreed that ScalpMED grew their hair back

During the 6-month study, consumers were told to take NutriSol and Vitadil-5A or 2A daily. At the end of the study, most consumers agreed the system worked as advertised.

Scientific Evidence for Other ScalpMED Products

There’s plenty of scientific evidence showing that ScalpMED’s Vitadil works as advertised. It’s minoxidil, which is approved by the FDA to regrow hair in men and women.

However, the company provides limited evidence for its other supplements. We have no evidence that ScalpMED’s cleansing shampoos and conditioners can “cleanse toxins” from your hair more effectively than other formulas, for example.

ScalpMED Refund Policy

ScalpMED has a lengthy refund policy. You can return your ScalpMED products within 120 days of the date you received your order.

You will receive a refund on the cost of the item, although ScalpMED will subtract “applicable shipping and handling fees” from your refund.

About ScalpMED

ScalpMED is a subsidiary of Celmatrix Corporation, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based company. There’s limited information about that company available online, although it appears to be led by a man named Shane Malek, according to his LinkedIn profile.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Phone: (800) 351-6648
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 5131 S. Procyon St., Las Vegas, NV 89118

Final Word

ScalpMED is a hair regrowth system that claims to support healthy hair growth and regrow your hair. ScalpMED offers a handful of shampoos, conditioners, and supplements. The company’s most proven product is called Vitadil, which is just minoxidil. Minoxidil is a drug approved by the FDA to regrow hair in men and women – and it seems to work as advertised.

However, it’s unclear if other ScalpMED products work as advertised to cleanse toxins from your hair, regrow hair, and provide other benefits. There’s limited evidence they work, and ScalpMED provides no scientific evidence to support these benefits.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an effective minoxidil formula that’s proven to work, then ScalpMED’s Vitadil may be the right choice for you.

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